My MCV and Doomsday
425 Underground Trading Marke
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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425 Underground Trading Marke

Little Seven's complexion turned ghastly pale, and his neck became stiff as he didn't dare to make the slightest movement. He just glanced upward and then saw a man who was standing on the wall in a ninety-degree angle. It seemed as if the man's feet were glued to the wall while he was aiming at Little Seven's head with a rifle.

Little Seven raised his hand and smiled. "Big brother, you gave me a big fright. I'm really sorry. I failed to recognize your team's greatness. Boss Feng sent me this time to tell you something important.

"What's that?" Jiang Liushi asked lightly.

"Black Water is furious because you shot Huang Haihu's leg. They have posted a reward for anyone who can capture and bring your team to the 5th Channel," Little Seven said seriously. However, he couldn't find any trace of fear in Jiang Liushi's face.

"What is the 5th Channel?" Jiang Liushi asked. Actually, he was not worried about Black Water's revenge, but he was quite curious about the so-called 5th Channel.

"The 5th Channel is in the underground drainage system of Xiayuan Island. It's a crisscross circulation network. However, it has been turned into a paradise for underground trading and many survivors visit it. Things that cannot be dealt with by the government could be bought and sold inside…" Little Seven answered and looked at Jiang Liushi. "You...are you really not worried about Black Water's revenge?" Little Seven asked.

Jiang Liushi gave him a strange look and said, "It seems that you are quite afraid of this organization."

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Little Seven became unnatural. "No…not quite…Our team is backed by another organization, which may not be on par with Black Water, but they don't dare to bully us either."

Despite what Little Sven was saying, Jiang Liushi had already found some clues from his cowering eyes.

"That Black Water organization seems to be powerful enough in Xiayuan Island, right?" Jiang Liushi asked casually. He remembered the soldier from earlier mentioning something about the Black Water Club.

"The Black Water organization is probably one of the most powerful organizations in 5th Channel. It's consisted of more than 20 elite survivors' teams, and they have gotten some fame for themselves." Little Seven tried his best to conceal his fear. However, Jiang Liushi had seen through his little facade.

"F*ckers! How dare they fight us?" Sun Kun said happily.

'…Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers…' Little Seven thought.

"Brother Jiang, you came to Xiayuan Island to find shelter, right? After all, Safety Areas are rare. However, Xiayuan Island's situation is very complicated. If you don't mind, our organization will be glad to accept you," Little Seven said while staring at Jiang Liushi kindly. He had even started referring to Jiang Liushi as 'Brother Jiang.'

Jiang Liushi just smiled as he knew Little Seven's real thoughts. After all, manpower was limited in this terrible post-apocalyptic world. Nobody would believe their stories that they were relying on a single minibus to rush between cities in this awful world.

"Is Ling Feng the one who created your organization?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"No, our organization is called 'Doom Walker.' Ling Feng Squad is only one of the squads that belong to Doom Walker."

"What are the benefits of joining you?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Our leader could give you direct access to the highest authorities of Xiayuan Security Island. Many things can't be acquired by ordinary elite survivors' squads, but our boss can get those things. Although you offended Black Water, as long as you join us, within the sphere of our influence, you will be safe," Little Seven introduced proudly. Obviously, he was proud to have joined this organization. 

"Well, I'll follow you, and we'll see," Jiang Liushi said.

As for the threat of Black Water, Jiang Liushi didn't mind at all. He just wanted to get some information from Doom Walker's leader.

"Brother Jiang, you promise? Well, I will lead you right away. Our leader is also a just person. If he agrees to say a few good words for you, you will be okay," Little Seven said excitedly.

"I'll just come to take a look," Jiang Liushi said.

"It's okay. No problem," Little Seven answered. Actually, his task was just to bring them with him. Whatever happened later was none of his business.

Following Little Seven, Jiang Liushi and Sun Kun soon entered the shantytown area. As they approached the squatter area, they could see several deep wheel marks on the gray concrete floor. At the forefront of the wheel, prints were many vehicles parked, and there was a huge entrance for the underground passage. The underground passage was dark and moist. It was a large-scale project which had taken a hundred years to be completed.

In the past, the government had once hoped that it could become a key part of the complex urban drainage system. Unfortunately, soon after it had established, doomsday came, and then it became a place for survivors to live.

Many of the survivors were either plundering or hunting outside to live. If they could not go to the exchange areas, they would come to this place to barter and do some shady deals.

Finally, a name appeared in their field of vision, 5th Channel. There were some unspoken rules of self-containment that did not affect the lives of ordinary people on the ground. Therefore, the government was also turning a blind eye.

Little Seven led them into a narrow and dark path. After more than a dozen minutes' of continuous walking, they finally arrived at a relatively large road junction. In front of them, suddenly some lights appeared, and noisy voices also followed. As they got closer, they could see some shops and stalls on both sides with bloody mutant beasts as well as many sundries on the ground.

Seeing that scene, Jiang Liushi compared them with the black market that he had encountered before. It was clear that the underground trading market in the 5th Channel was complex with large daily transactions.

When Jiang Liushi appeared, many people stared at him but then looked away. Some people were constantly talking to Little Seven passionately.

"Brother Jiang, did you see? Actually, they had never greeted me before. But now, they are afraid of the leader of Doom Walker," Little Seven explained to Jiang Liushi.

Sun Kun rolled his eyes and wondered why Little Seven was still afraid of Black Water since Doom Walker was so powerful.

Finally, Little Seven stopped in front of an iron gate that was cut in the wall of the water passage. After entering the door, the space inside was very narrow, and there was an incandescent lamp lighting it.

Jiang Liushi was a bit surprised because he saw a wall-mounted TV, but there was no show on it. Instead, a small security area of Xiayuan was monitored. Obviously, someone had installed a wired camera outside. Although the picture was rather vague, they could still see something. In the room, eight people were sitting lazily, and Ling Feng was one of them.

When he saw Jiang Liushi and Sun Kun, Ling Feng opened his eyes. "You've finally come? Wonderful! Sit for a while. Little Seven, hurry to pour hot water," Ling Feng quickly said. Some of the men looked at Jiang Liushi and Sun Kun reprovingly.

"Oh, Ling Feng, are they people that you recently absorbed in your team? You even let ordinary people join! Beggars cannot be choosers. I heard that you've offended Huang Haihu. However, you should choose your men carefully." Someone smiled at Ling Feng with his eyes exuding undisguised mockery was shown in his eyes.

Before the man's voice had faded, his mouth was stuffed with a black object. It was the Type 54 pistol's muzzle! Jiang Liushi had become a lot stronger after consuming the evolutionary crystal, and he could act more swiftly than before.

The man was immediately drenched in cold sweat. And the moment Jiang Liushi moved his finger slightly, the man was so scared that he kneeled on the ground. Everyone could feel Jiang Liushi's intention.

"Xing Bupo, how are you feeling? It must be thrilling and exciting, right?" Ling Feng asked.

"Hahaha! Xing Bupo, you barked at the wrong tree. Although Boss Jiang is young, he is not my member. He is the captain of an elite team. His team's rank is level C. However, your team is level C too," Ling Feng said and suddenly threw a piece of paper.

Jiang Liushi glanced at it, and then he saw all the information clearly.

There was a C symbol in red above Shi Ying Squad's name, and there was also a row of words below. The source of information had directly come from the government!

'This piece of paper was leaked by the government?' Jiang Liushi was shocked. He suddenly remembered Officer Qin's odd eyes and speculated that he was the one who had recorded their information.

"Why don't you take me to see your leader?" Jiang Liushi asked and took his gun out of Xing Bupo's mouth.

Ling Feng's face suddenly became awkward. At this time, Xing Bupo stood up from the ground and rubbed his cheeks. Although he did not dare to look at Jiang Liushi anymore, he said, "Level C? It's just a casual assessment made by the government. Moreover, our leader is negotiating in the inner house. They are discussing with a level B team. This level C team has to wait…"

Hearing his words, Jiang Liushi frowned. He didn't have the patience to wait.

"This meeting happened out of a sudden, and we didn't expect the Black Water would try to approach the team too. Moreover, our rivalry with Black Water is a long-lasting one. Please wait for a bit, our leader is interested in you," Ling Feng explained apologetically.

Jiang Liushi faintly smiled. It was Doom Walker's turf, but Balck Water had dared to try and poach a team they had on their sights. Jiang Liushi was now sure that Black Water was stronger than Doom Walker. If he didn't want to ask for information, he would have already left.


Suddenly Jiang Liushi heard a dull roar. Even his skeleton could feel the shockwave.

'Warning: Unknown strong energy source is approaching!' Starseed transmitted.

Jiang Liushi immediately reacted and tightened his muscles. He could imagine how terrible this sound wave was. At that moment, Jiang Liushi saw a huge figure appearing in the monitor. That huge figure spread out its overwhelming wings, which were about ten meters long. It was a huge bird, and its beak was like a sharp jib while its claws resembled long blades.

The huge bird rushed over to Xiayuan Island. It was a dinosaur-like devil! A sharp siren suddenly sounded in the city.

Jiang Liushi had a gut feeling that the huge bird was even stronger than the mutant pufferfish. From the television monitor, Jiang Liushi found that the huge bird was familiar with Xiayuan Island, as it rushed to densely populated shantytowns directly.



At the same time, the antiaircraft machine gun began to smash. Although the bird escaped fast enough, it was still hit because of its huge body. Blood was scattering from its wound as it was flying in the distance.

Jiang Liushi was flabbergasted. Fortunately, it was a large security island. Otherwise, this huge bird would have ruined half of the city.

"Oh, my God! Fortunately, only one came this time..." Little Seven shouted.

"Little Seven, has Xiayuan Island always been attacked by this kind of mutant birds?" Jiang Liushi asked urgently.

"Yes, you are right." Little Seven sighed, "One time, Xiayuan Island had been attacked by this kind of mutant bird twice. Last time, they were three of them. One was shot down, but the other two escaped. Nobody expected that this one would come again," Little Seven explained.

"Twice?" Jiang Liushi was shocked by this piece of information, but at the same time, he was also glad about Xiayuan Island's defensive capabilities.

'Um, where is Luoluo?' Suddenly, Jiang Liushi found that his pocket had become light. Then he saw a cute round figure jumping and rushing toward the iron door.

'What does the little fellow want to do?' Jiang Liushi was shocked.


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