My MCV and Doomsday
408 Swollen with Arrogance
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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408 Swollen with Arrogance


'Evolutionary Crystals are ready!' Starseed notified.

Jiang Liushi had placed the three level-1 mutant nuclei he had gotten from Old Qin's corpse, as well as the mutant dog's nucleus, to the energy lab, and he got four evolutionary crystals in return. As for the mutant dog's meat, he had put it in the storage space.

Jiang Liushi snapped his fingers. Compared to mutant nuclei, evolutionary crystals could bring paranormals real benefits. For Jiang Liushi, the more, the better.

"Start off!" After preparing all the things they needed, Jiang Liushi said quietly.

At that moment, Yang Tianzhao, Zhang Hai, and Sun Kun had already filled up the large hole in the playground with earth, covering their tracks. Then, they climbed onto the mining truck's roof.

Yang Tianzhao was holding a Type 95 automatic rifle, while Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were armed with a shotgun. They seemed majestic as they stood on the mining truck.

It was daytime, and the road was a lively scene. From time to time, armed SUVs thundered into the streets of the city and unloaded items ranging from compressed biscuits to large mutant beasts. Compared to the strict security measures of the Huyang People's Front, this place was laxer. However, all the tall buildings in CBD's area were tightly protected.

Between the buildings, in places where the vines were entangled, the space above them was actually made into a vine-wound bridge. There were also people who bought and sold on it. There were various locomotives, off-road vehicles, and trucks on the streets. People would come and go. But the old shops were occupied and turned into places where goods were spread. In some shops' display cabinets, some sexy women were standing naked, pretending to pose in order to attract men. However, the liveliest place was still that War League Market.

The market was in the middle of the street, with armored vehicles, off-road vehicles, and trucks in front of its huge streets. Teams, after teams were coming in, removing various materials, looted or collected and trading in the market.


A fleet of fully modified motorcycles with harsh engine crossed the streets arrogantly. The last four motorcycles were dragging four huge mutant beasts' carcasses. After entering the street, they did not reduce their speed at all. Many survivors fled in a hurry to evade and fled to both sides. On the motorcycle, there was a bald-headed man with a pair of rifle bullet chains on his body. Behind him was a flag bearing a vulture. He grinned coldly when looking at the people he had knocked on the ground.

After seeing the flag, the survivors' displeased expression disappeared and they shut their mouths.

"Vulture Squad..." A young man hidden in the corner gritted his teeth.

"Hey, keep your voice down. These guys are very vindictive. The last time someone cursed at them, they caught them on the outskirts of the city and killed the whole team." The young man who was about to curse was stopped by his partner. 

 This arrogant team drove all the way to the War League Market's gate quickly.

"Lame Wei, don't be so arrogant every time you come in. Be careful not to be shot outside!" At the market entrance, a middle-aged man rushed out. Although he cursed at him, his eyes betrayed how greedy he was.

"Who dares to shoot at me? I'll kill him!" The bald man grinned and sat on his motorcycle, patting the middle-aged man's shoulders.

"Glib Shan, I've brought exceptional goods today."

"Four mutant beasts. In order to get them, I had to spend half a month's time. Several team members lost their lives, so you'd better give me a good price."

Hearing his words, Glib Shan became quite happy. "No problem! Lame Wei."

"I am afraid that you will occupy the second position in the trading chart this week!" Glib Shan said.

Hearing this answer, Lame Wei's eyes showed his satisfaction. Flattered by Glib Shan, who was the War League Market's director, Lame Wei was quite happy. Moreover, once he could be ranked in second place, he would obtain the full trading rights. That meant he would be able to trade any item in the market. But, there was a flaw in the deed—He was not the first one.

"Who is the first person on the trading chart?" Lame Wei asked with his artificial leg knocking on the ground.

"Wild Pythons Squad. They found Qi County's equipment warehouse, so they got their hands on many things…" Glib Shan whispered. \

Hearing that name, Lame Wei calmed down. "Tch, beginner's luck."

Suddenly, noisy sounds came from the corner. Many survivors rushed out of the corner and hurried to the shops on either side.

Lame Wei heard the terrible sounds and cursed, "F*ck, which team?"

Although Battle Union's management was not as strict as Huyang People's Front, nobody could bear such a kind of thing.

Glib Shan had already decided to kill them as a warning to others.

At that moment, a huge outline appeared at the corner of the street. As soon as it appeared, a small car parked in front of the street was directly pushed away relentlessly, like a toy.

"This...mining truck?!" After seeing the car, Glib Shan was totally shocked.

Big Mac of mining trucks.

"D*mn, how did such a large mining truck come in? Why didn't the guards inform me?" Glib Shan was annoyed.

When Shi Ying Squad's mining truck got into the street, the ground seemed to shake slightly. Yang Tianzhao stood on top of the mining truck and felt both his legs trembling.

'Too cool!'

But he also felt scared. After all, he was a wanted man. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, compared to him, looked very sturdy. Suddenly, Zhang Hai pulled the shotgun's trigger and shot at a signboard.

On the mining truck's front, some plaques and torn banners were hanging; apparently, some of them were signs. After a turn, Jiang Liushi's mining truck was suddenly accelerated. Its motor, with a power of up to 1743k, was deafening. More than one hundred tons of mining truck was driven at high speed all the way to the entrance of War League Market.


Several modified motorcycles with vulture flags were unfortunately hit by Jiang Liushi's mining truck. Fortunately, several motorcycle drivers responded quickly and jumped.

"F*ck!" Lame Wei was furious. Each of those refitted motorcycles had cost him a lot of resources and effort. Looking at the Big Mac in front of him, he just cursed but didn't dare to do anything. 'Who are they?' Lame Wei thought in his mind.

At that moment, several people jumped out of the mining truck. Jiang Liushi was holding a submachine gun, leading all his members. Ying followed him closely, while Ling was playing with her dagger. Sun Kun, Zhang Hai as well as Yang Tianzhao jumped to the ground.

Although Lame Wei was arrogant, he didn't dare to say anything.

"I... I'm Zhang Shan, the director of War League Market. Others also call me Glib Shan. Who are you and where are you from?" Zhang Shan smiled and said. As the director of this market, he had a pair of vicious eyes. However, he didn't recognize them at all. Not to mention that he had never heard or seen such a giant mining truck.

"We're from a faraway place!" Jiang Liushi said coldly.

Zhang Shan felt annoyed by that answer, but he kept smiling. He knew clearly that they're just like eggs hurled against a stone, so Zhang Shan calmed down.

Jiang Liushi raised his eyelids and swept Zhang Shan. "You are in charge of the trading market? We want to come in and do some business."

"Of course, welcome, what are you trading? We have all sorts of weapons, mutant nuclei, mutant beasts, beauties... whatever you want, you can find it here." Zhang Shan smiled. He quickly led Jiang Liushi and the others to the market.

Jiang Liushi took a look at Zhang Shan without saying anything.

"Are you the Battle Union's leader? Who is your boss? Only he is qualified to talk with Brother Jiang," Sun Kun said.

Jiang Liushi smiled and looked at Sun Kun.

"What things do you have? Our boss is very busy. He doesn't have time to deal with you. If you are here for small transactions, then I am enough to make decisions." Zhang Shan endured the anger.

Lame Wei did not walk away, but he just listened carefully. He was quite curious about this group of people. He wondered why this group of people would like to meet Chang Shengkai.

"We have 20 guns," Zhang Hai said.

'20 guns?' Zhang Shan's eyelids jumped. However, it was still not enough for them to be so arrogant.

"Haha, who did you take us for? 20 guns are nothing special. Did you seriously believe that 20 guns would be enough for you to meet his Excellency Kai?" Lame Wei said and began to laugh.

Zhang Shan was also annoyed. With a mere of 20 guns, that strange group wanted a face-to-face deal? It was impossible! He must take the edge off this enemy's spirit.


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