My MCV and Doomsday
401 Alien Plant Energy
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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401 Alien Plant Energy

Currently, Wang Xifu should probably feel like a lion watching two rabbits which were discussing how to eat the lion I front of them, fried or boiled.

Wang Xifu could no longer take it and burst into anger. "You're looking for death!" He screamed out of his throat in a voice that did not resemble a human's, and his neck swelled with green veins popping out of it.

Several of the surrounding paranormals slipped out of the trading hall.

Wang Xifu's body was covered with golden scales, and even his hair turned golden yellow. At the same time, his tough muscles bulged, and the clothes were ripped apart. Then, his shoulder blades and spine tilted and his feet trampled heavily on the marble ground, leaving cracks on it. His whole body had become double in size, and he seemed like a heavy artillery shell springing at Jiang Liushi.

"Zhang Hai!" Jiang Liushi shouted and then he jumped sideways immediately. Jiang Liushi's physique and reaction speed were all he needed to avoid the incoming attack.

Fortunately, Zhang Hai had prepared for it early. The density and strength of the finger muscles reached their peak, and he shouted as he intercepted Wang Xifu's attack. Zhang Hai felt only a surge of unstoppable force bombarding his body, and he only moved back a few steps, despite the huge impact. Every time he was forced back, the ground would crack apart, and thick lines would appear on it. He stepped back a total of five times to stop Wang Xifu's momentum, and the ground seemed to have been plowed by a beast. Although it was difficult, Zhang Hai finally stopped Wang Xifu.

Wang Xifu's subordinates also acted, but undoubtedly Jiang Liushi's actions were faster than them. He had already pulled his two Type 54 pistols and released a hail of bullets with lightning fast speed on them. He had aimed at the six people holding rifles first, and everything in his field of vision turned into slow motion.


At that moment, a man who had just lifted his rifle slammed on the ground. A bullet had been drilled into his temple and left a big hole!

The sound of gunfire resounded like crackling beans. After a few sonorous screams, Jiang Liushi had dealt with all six of them.

Many survivors standing outside had already found the chance to escape, while others had ducked on the ground, hugging their heads. None of them had thought that the ordinary harmless-looking young man could be that powerful. Especially his marksmanship was god-like accurate and terrifying; he could complete a 180-degree attack like it was nothing.

The strong man holding the torture instruments was annoyed, and then his lips split apart, revealing a row of steel teeth. Suddenly, he shot his tongue, which was surprisingly long and green, toward Jiang Liushi. His tongue exuded a strong and corrosive odor, which was obviously poisonous.

At such a close range, Jiang Liushi could only rush to turn over and escape the long tongue's attack. A white mark appeared after the corrosive fluid struck on where Jiang Liushi had just stood.

At this time, a lean figure, with fine steel needles on his back, hugged the guy holding the torture instruments and rolled on the ground. It was Yang Tianzhao. Suddenly, dense steel needles penetrated the torturer's body, and he screamed in pain. However, he still had the power to strike with his tongue at Yang Tianhao's body. White smoke came from Yang Tianzhao's body, and his clothes were rapidly being corroded, and holes appeared on them. Moreover, the blood flowing from the torturer's body was poisonous. 

At that moment, a pretty figure landed next to them and then she stomped on the torturer's skull. Cracking noises sounded from his dense cranium under her foot's pressure. What followed next was a whip-like kick, which sent flying him flying.

"D*mn woman!" The paranormal felt a sharp pain from his arms as if they had been broken. That woman was a paranormal!


Before he could even stand up, a bullet hole appeared between his eyebrows! He was unwilling to die and tried to rely on his resilient vitality to struggle, but he finally fell to the ground.

At that moment, suddenly a figure flashed. Zhu Youcong, holding two curved daggers, rushed toward Jiang Liushi. His whole body was aquamarine, and on his forehead densely-packed eyes had appeared. He had completely transformed and was jumping like a cheetah.

Even Jiang Liushi thought that Zhu Youcong's speed was quite fast. He tried his best to capture Zhu Youcong's movements and shot in the next instant. However, Zhu Youcong made a zigzag maneuver, which was out of Jiang Liushi's expectations.

"Good marksmanship, but it's useless when fighting against me. My power is similar to that of insects!" Zhu Youcong laughed. Not only he had a fast speed, but he also could slow down every action thanks to his compound eyes.

The fly's compound eyes contained 4,000 single-imaged monocular eyes. It could see objects of almost 360 degrees. How could he miss Jiang Liushi's actions?

However, just at that moment, a ghostly figure appeared behind him suddenly, and a sharp dagger struck toward his neck. Noticing the wind, Zhu Youcong turned around immediately. And then he was almost scared to death by Ling. He lifted his curved daggers quickly to protect his neck. He hurriedly blocked the fatal blow, and a violent collision followed. However, the military-grade dagger suppressed his weapons. Although Zhu Youcong was an agile paranormal, his strength was weak.

Suddenly, he heard a gunshot again.

"Terrible!" Zhu Youcong felt dread flood his heart. He wanted to escape, but a sharp pain came from his chest. He looked down and suddenly saw a large hole in his chest, where his heart was located. Right after, he slammed on the ground lifelessly.

Jiang Liushi was double-wielding the two Type 54 pistols while standing in the middle of the hall. No matter who his target was, his bullets would find them. Currently, nine corpses were lying on the floor, while some paranormals had been forced to hide behind the wall to protect themselves.

"Zhu Youcong!" Wang Xifu was infuriated when he saw Zhu Youcong's lifeless body. Zhang Hai, who had been tightly restraining Wang Xifu, suddenly felt a great deal of pressure.

'He is much stronger than that Duan guy!' Zhang Hai thought.

When they had fought against Yang Feng in northern Jiangsu, Zhang Hai had been under the impression that Duan had been the strongest person, in terms of physical strength, they had met. But, this time, he clearly felt that Wang Xifu far surpassed him

Wang Xifu's arm muscles suddenly swelled again, and his golden skin gave off a mysterious light. Under this power, Zhang Hai's body was suppressed, and he constantly retreated.

"Domain?" Zhang Hai was slightly surprised, and instantly understood. It seemed that Wang Xifu had also mastered his power's "domain," but he only used it now.

"Get away from me!" Wang Xifu suddenly grabbed Zhang Hai and threw him in the air.

Zhang Hai was confused when he was thrown in the air. Fortunately, he gritted his teeth, and before he was sent flying, he grabbed Wang Xifu's arms. At the same time, Ying jumped and landed on Wang Xifu's head and stomped on him. If that were not enough, Ling simultaneously appeared behind Wang Xifu and kicked at his legs.

However, Wang Xifu stayed unmovable like a mountain. When Ying stomped on his head, he just grinned and pulled Zhang Hai back, throwing him at Ying. The two immediately collided with each other and a few buzzing sounds followed. Zhang Hai could clearly hear his ribs breaking, before crashing against the wall with Ying.

Ying was specialized in strength, but her physique was far less powerful than it should be. At that point, Ling's dagger had already pierced into Wang Xifu's back, but only about a half-finger depth. Her dagger had been blocked by his tough skin. Wang Xifu waved his hand, Ling didn't have any time to react, and then she was sent flying too.


 At that moment, two bullets landed on Wang Xifu's chest. He was slightly stunned, but he immediately smiled at Jiang Liushi.

The place where he was shot had become dark as the two bullets were lying inside. However, when Wang Xifu jerked his body, the two bullets fell off. And then he shouted and rushed toward Jiang Liushi.

'The Type 54 bullet's penetrating power is devastating. Why wasn't he killed?' Jiang Liushi wondered. At that time, Wang Xifu had already stretched his hands to grab Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi quickly receded. During the whole process, he was agile and retreated to another place quickly. He kicked on the ground, and a gun lying on the floor came into his hands. It was a shotgun. Jiang Liushi, whose brain region had been activated to the max, could see everything in the battlefield. He could observe every movement to respond accordingly.

He immediately pointed the shotgun at Wang Xifu. "I do not believe you are not afraid of this gun." Jiang Liushi's response was indeed fast.

Wang Xifu was shocked by the shotgun, and then a horrible expression appeared on his face. He just wanted to run, but the shotgun in Jiang Liushi's hand had already spewed a tongue of fire.


Numerous powerful bullets landed on Wang Xifu's body, and he was blown10 meters away while screaming. Finally, he was slammed on the wall and slowly slid down on the ground.

"Thought so. You could not defend against it," Jiang Liushi looked at Wang Xifu's body and said.

The trading hall was ghostly silent. Several members from the Battle Union, who had been hiding behind the walls, started running far away. Jiang Liushi approached Wang Xifu and kicked at him. Then, he looked at his heart. With a close look, he could better see that a dark metal-like thing was sticking out of Wang Xifu's heart and it was attached to his skin.

'Detected faint alien plant energy...' After getting that metal-like black thing, Jiang Liushi heard Starseed's notification.

Jiang Liushi was stunned. It was also a coincidence that this thing was actually in Wang Xifu's heart. Touching that thing carefully, Jiang Liushi felt a cold sensation going through his body. He could not help but shake his head. It was no wonder that Wang Xifu was still dressed in warm clothes on this hot day. Jiang Liushi carefully collected that thing and picked up a pistol. Then, he shot three times at a certain direction.

Originally Old Qin had shrunk his head and tried to sneak outside.

'I can't be seen…can't be seen…' He walked silently and chanted in his heart. Old Qin was ghastly pale from fright, as that group of people was able to kill Wang Xifu.

Suddenly, just as Old Qin had lifted his foot, a gunshot sounded, and three bullets blocked his advance.

Old Qin stopped and tried to explain, "This excellent…little brother. Forgive me…I failed to recognize you…" Old Qin stammered.

Jiang Liushi said lightly, "I want to find someone who is called Ran Yunsha." Hearing this question, old Qin was shocked.

"Ran Yunsha? I know her. She belongs to my nephew's faction," Old Qin said quickly in a low voice.

"Who is your nephew?" Jiang Liushi's brows were slightly wrinkled.

"Battle Union's leading figure, Chang Shengkai." Old Qin looked up, showing a proud smile.

However, he didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would give a simple, "oh."

Then, a cold shotgun barrel appeared in front of him and-


Old Qin's body was completely smashed.

Jiang Liushi very calmly put the shotgun to his back. He was a person who always distinguished good from bad. No matter who he or she was, Jiang Liushi would judge them accordingly. At the same time, Jiang Liushi was thinking about Ran Yunsha's safety. Today's event would inevitably reach Chang Shengkai's ears. However, Old Qin was the only one who knew that they were looking for Ran Yunsha. As a result, as long as they killed Old Qin, nobody would know.

"Search Old Qin's body and pick up all the guns on the ground. Let's go!" Jiang Liushi ordered.

When Jiang Liushi spoke, his eyes swept slowly from the crowd outside. The survivors, who had run outside, stayed far away. Jiang Liushi had dared to kill Wang Xifu and Old Qin, so nobody dared to bother him anymore. In their eyes, Jiang Liushi was a God of Death.

A crowd of people of Huyang People's Front hurriedly rushed over with reinforces. There were more than a dozen paranormals inside.

'How dare you kill people here?' A voice suddenly rang in Jiang Liushi's mind.


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