My MCV and Doomsday
385 Pincer Attack
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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385 Pincer Attack

For this stealth missile boat, Jiang Liushi used 11 mutant nuclei up. His heart was bleeding as he was left with only two mutant nuclei, but he had to use them too. The stealth missile boat was in lack of a crucial thing, collision rams! Unfortunately, that function could not be shared as there was a considerable size difference between the minibus and the boat.

Relying on the holographic image of the ship's bow, Jiang Liushi made some calculations first and immediately designed V-shaped naval rams for the missile boat. Just like that, the last two level-1 mutant nuclei disappeared into thin air. The naval rams would automatically appear after initiating the Collision function. 

'Remaining progress: 90%...' Starseed's cold reminder sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind.

The reconstruction process of any function needed about 34 minutes. The specific time depended on the difficulty of the transformation. Jiang Liushi estimated that this time it would take at least half an hour. During this time, he continued to study the missile boat. In the darkness, the missile boat looked like a beast made of steel on the river's surging waves. 

"Please, fasten your seat belts. I want to test the missile boat's power." Jiang Liushi's voice was transmitted through the ship's loudspeakers to the trunks of the rear cabin.

Sun Changxin, Jiang Zhuying, and the others did not dare to delay. They quickly tied their seat belts, and at the same time, they all showed their excitement and expectations. Nobody knew what kind of power the missile boat had.

Because of Starseed's existence, Jiang Liushi could fully grasp every area and function of the missile boat. However, he was unclear of how mighty the missile boat really was. He was very eager to test it.

'Activate the Acceleration function!' Jiang Liushi said in his mind.


The MCV shook, and the SII water jet propeller below the missile boat suddenly ejected two intense water columns.

'50 knots!'

'65 knots!'

'80 knots!'

Ying transmitted everything to Jiang Liushi's mind. 80 knots was the maximum limit of the missile's power. It could only reach that level after the power system's strengthening. In the sprint state, the diesel engine roared madly, propelling the missile boat into waves on the river. It was as if a steel monster was going to fly. The entire hull was buzzing under the impact of high-speed water.

'Make a sudden turn of 90 degrees!' Jiang Liushi gave the second command. If any Navy officers, or sailors, were on the boat, they would have definitely scolded him. How could he make such a huge ship complete a 90-degree turn? It was an extremely dangerous maneuver, and almost impossible to be completed with an approximately 42-meter hull.

However, this missile boat accomplished it. Starseed could perfectly integrate every part of machinery in general, thus forming a perfect mechanical structure. Thanks to Starseed's calculations, Jiang Liushi could control every aspect of the vessel as he wished. 

The entire missile boat moved horizontally by 90 degrees. The huge fan-shaped hull, sweeping right, produced a colossal 78-meter wave. The bow, cabin, aft and other parts shook due to the strain of a 90-degree turn. But the sharp maneuver was completed successfully.

Jiang Liushi secretly clenched his fist and was very satisfied with the performance of his new stealth missile boat. All those actions fully demonstrated the powerful performance of the missile boat. Only such a flexible missile boat could fight against that level 2+ mutant monster.


The floodwater outside of Wu Shui County had indeed increased a little bit, as Sun Changxin had predicted. Now the floodwater was submerging the walls of the city. With the rise of water, various types of monsters lurking in the water had gotten closer to Wu Shui County's survivors. Fortunately, that mutant pufferfish, which had already tried eight times to attack the survivors, had failed and left. Although it had not eaten any survivors, solely its existence and the uncountable underwater monsters had been exerting tremendous psychological pressure on Wu Shui County's survivors.

Moreover, the city's food reserves were already inadequate. More than 10,000 survivors were currently taking refuge in the city. In other words, there were more than 10,000 mouths that had to be fed. 

Xiang Xuehai had done her best to make meticulous calculations. Their every meal was a pot of porridge with many kinds of wild herbs such as alfalfa and other grains collected by survivors, and it was made as thick as possible. Even so, it was still far from enough. Xiang Xuehai had estimated that it would their supplies would only last them for three more days…

If the mutant pufferfish had truly left, then she could find a boat and go to the nearest northern suburbs and other villages to search for food. Unfortunately, the reality was cruel.

'Jiang Liushi, when will you come back?' Xiang Xuehai frowned. Only Jiang Liushi could get them out of this predicament.

Suddenly, she heard a scream coming from the east side of the hill. She saw a number of panic-stricken survivors rushing out from a hut. Xiang Xuehai had used a primary school on the hillside as a temporary command center. Most of the moats were situated there, and the floodwater could not reach it.

"Luo Junjiang, what happened?" Xiang Xuehai asked when she saw Luo Junjiang followed by several members.

Luo Junjiang had become thinner with dark circles under his eyes the past few days. "Boss Xiang, the eastern side of the wooden fence has been breached, and many zombies are climbing up from the back of the hill. I have sent a group of paranormals to stop them, but I'm afraid they'll need your help. There… are too many." Luo Junjiang felt ashamed. He was in charge of the city's security, but he hadn't performed well. At many critical moments, he had to ask Xiang Xuehai for help. She had not been able to close her eyes for more the four days.

Hearing Luo Junjiang's words, Xiang Xuehai's heart sank. If seven or eight paranormals could not stand their ground, it only meant that the number of zombies had reached a terrible level.

"Impossible. The mountains on the east side are so high with steep cliffs. At most one or two zombies could climb up." Xiang Xuehai frowned and was surprised.

"There were too many floods these days. We cut a lot of trees from the eastern hills and made huts. Plus, many mudslides were caused yesterday, and many zombies came down with the mud. In the morning, the guards fell asleep again, so they didn't spot the zombies rushing at us. When they spotted them, it was already too late." Luo Junjiang was pale.

"Okay, let's hurry. Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, come with me!" Xiang Xuehai said.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun hurriedly grabbed their Type 95 shotguns and tried to keep up. They remembered Jiang Liushi's words. They had to protect Xiang Xuehai, who was the survivors' spiritual pillar. If anything were to happen to Xiang Xuehai, the county would be completely paralyzed.

Before they even arrived, they could hear fierce and endless gunshots. "How could it be that so many zombies came from this direction?" When looking at the hundreds of zombies, Xiang Xuehai wondered.

"Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, go and assist the others. I'll go up and check!" Xiang Xuehai said.

Without waiting for their reactions, Xiang Xuehai had already rushed to the top of the hill. She looked down, and suddenly a terrified expression appeared on her face. From that place, she could look all the way to the submerged urban areas of northern Jiangsu. Before doomsday, that was an area bustling with life, but after the virus outbreak, it had become the zombies' paradise. If those zombies continued to move forward, they would reach the flooded area where the mutant pufferfish and large monsters were located.

At the foot of the mudslides, she could clearly see a reddish female zombie with skin peeling off its body. It gave off peculiar sounds, and every zombie walking by it would go in the direction of the hill. 

'Another mutant zombie!?' Xiang Xuehai vaguely understood what was going on.

After doomsday, she had fought against zombies too many times. As a result, she was quite familiar with them. It was obvious that new mutant zombie had a special ability which could control other zombies.

Too dangerous! They had to face two enemies from two sides now!

Xiang Xuehai could not help but think about the young man who had repeatedly helped her. 'Jiang Liushi, where are you now?'


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