My MCV and Doomsday
379 Strengthen Ability
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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379 Strengthen Ability

"You- you want to kill that mutant pufferfish?" After hearing Jiang Liushi's answer, Xiang Xuehai opened her mouth in amazement. She even suspected that she had heard wrong. As a paranormal, Xiang Xuehai knew how powerful that mutant pufferfish was. She believed that nobody in this world could fight against it directly. However, she could feel Jiang Liushi's confidence.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Liushi's decision was completely out of the expectation of Xiang Xuehai. "

"Does he want to do this…just because of …me?' Xiang Xuehai thought while looking at Jiang Liushi. But then she felt it was too narcissistic. In her eyes, Jiang Liushi wasn't that kind of person who would do something for the sake of someone else.

"I want something from the pufferfish! I really need it," Jiang Liushi said quietly.

"Captain Jiang, you should give it some more thought. If you really want to kill that mutant pufferfish, you will help everyone in Wu Shui County…I also want to join you. If you have any requests, please just tell me!" Xiang Xuehai was silent for a while and then looked up at Jiang Liushi sincerely.

Although she had only been in contact with Jiang Liushi for little time, she knew that Jiang Liushi was cautious and calm. As a result, Xiang Xuehai chose to believe and support Jiang Liushi.

"Wonderful! I need lots of diesel! The more, the better," Jiang Liushi said happily. He had already checked all the data Starseed had given him. The amphibious vehicle would consume a lot of diesel. Moreover, he didn't know how long it would take him to kill the pufferfish, so he had to be fully prepared. In any case, increasing his diesel reserve was imperative.

"No problem!" Xiang Xuehai answered him without asking any other questions. She was 100% confident in the man in front of her. At least, that man had demonstrated how trustworthy he was. She only needed to help Jiang Liushi as much as she could. If Jiang Liushi succeeded, Wu Shui County would be saved.

Jiang Liushi walked back to his minibus and shared his thoughts with his team members.

"What? Really?" Zhang Hai shouted.

That water monster had stopped them from getting out of the area, but Jiang Liushi intended to kill it. That was indeed wonderful! Zhang Hai and Sun Kun felt excited.

"You two will stay here. I'll take some people with me," Jiang Liushi said to Zhang Hai and Sun Kun.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, both Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were stunned. Jiang Liushi explained then, "In order to complete this task, we can only rely on the minibus, and I bring too many people with me… Wu Shui County also needs our help, so you'll stay here to support them." Jiang Liushi thought that Zhang Hai and Sun Kun could help Xiang Xuehai.

Zhang Hai scratched his head and seemed as if he wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, he slapped his chest and promised, "No problem! You can rest assured! Focus on completing the task!" Jiang Liushi smiled.

"Dear brother, I will come with you…Look! I have recovered. I'm quite good at fighting in water," Jiang Zhuying said urgently.

The atmosphere outside was macabre, but in Jiang Liushi's minibus laughter prevailed. They could do so as they were confident in their strength.

"Take it easy. I will try my best to help her recover faster," Li Yuxin said quickly. After discovering that Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu were looking at her, she suddenly blushed.

"That's okay," Jiang Liushi said.

Jiang Zhuying secretly made the victory sign with her fingers.

"I would like to go, too." Another voice came. Jiang Luishi looked toward Ling, who was staring at them.

Originally, Ling and Shi Ying Squad's partnership had ended when they arrived at Jiangsu Province's northern part. However, it seemed that Ling wanted to join Jiang Liushi's team permanently.

Since she wanted to go, Jiang Liushi nodded. They had old to take Old Sun with them as he was familiar with the area.

Xiang Xuehai was exceptionally vigorous in everything. She had brought diesel from each warehouse.

Jiang Liushi told the others to rest. He stayed in the minibus to check its condition.

'Examine the MCV thoroughly.'

'Following the host's instructions. Initiating scan,' Starseed's cold voice echoed in Jiang Liushi's mind. That cold voice actually gave Jiang Liushi a warm feeling. The MCV was his greatest assurance for survival.

On the panel, the MCV's basic information appeared.

Model: MCV

Space configuration: Upgraded bedroom x1, kitchen x1, bathroom x1, small living room x1, and primary gunner room x1.

Weapons: primary compressed air cannon, primary collision ram, and compressed flamethrower.

Energy Lab's progress: 30%

Below it was a list with the name 'Scan's results.'

Tires: Damaged. The middle left reinforced tire airbag has received 10% damage. The right middle tire 2%...

Fuel tank: Needs 300L of diesel.

Windows: Level-1 damage. Right side needs repair…

Jiang Liushi's paid attention to the Energy Lab's progress, and then he shifted his attention to the scan results.

The materials needed to repair the minibus included steel, chromium and other metals, oils, etc. Jiang Liushi had plenty of them in the storage space, so he quickly ordered Starseed to fix the minibus. It needed several minutes before it returned to its peak state.


Suddenly, a light curtain emerged in front of Jiang Liushi's eyes, revealing several upgrade options. Last time, before they left Star Base City, he had upgraded and strengthened the MCV in one go. Surprisingly, that choice proved to be really helpful.

Presently, he had twelve mutant nuclei, but he didn't know how many would be needed to for the MCV's third form.

Jiang Liushi's aim was the biological lab. He had already evolved his brain and strengthened his agility. And he had also awakened his blood's hidden potential. Those abilities had saved him and the others again and again. However, when he fought against Yang Feng, Jiang Liushi realized that he needed to strengthen himself yet again.

After carefully considering his options, he decided on strengthening his defensive attributes, as it would give him greater chances to survive. Although the genetic fluid, which could enhance his defense to level-1, was far from enough to allow him to withstand bullets, it would help him a lot in case of an unpredictable situation. He decided on that one.

After summoning the biological lab panel, Jiang Liushi saw a variety of options.

"First option: Evolve defensive attributes! Let the muscles, skin, and blood become tough and powerful that can withstand sword attacks. After the second evolution, the enhancement can block pistol and even rifle bullets."

To generate the liquid he had to spend one mutant nucleus. After waiting for a while, Jiang Liushi got a bottle of green liquid and drank it. Immediately after, his body got hot. Jiang Liushi had already experienced the potency of the liquids, so he recovered faster than last time. Ten minutes later, he stood up. As soon as he did, something felt different. Currently, his skin was more delicate than in the past. Other than his skin, he felt more powerful and comfortable.

"Zhuying, come here," Jiang Liushi suddenly called his sister from outside.

"Brother, what happened?" When Jiang Zhuying got on, she immediately noticed her brother's differences.

"Hit me with an electric attack!"

"What? What do you want to do?"Jiang Zhuying asked strangely.

"Do as I said."

She didn't speak and put her hand on Jiang Liushi's arm. A subtle current flashed. Jiang Liushi's face suddenly changed when the electricity ran through his body, but then he grinned.


"Brother, no!" When Jiang Zhuying saw Jiang Liushi's grin after being hit by her electricity, she looked at him exaggeratedly. "Are you an impostor? Where is my real brother!?"

Jiang Liushi just smiled but didn't answer. His heart secretly rejoiced because his defensive ability was really strengthened.


A few hours later, outside his MCV, Xiang Xuehai had sent people to transport several barrels of diesel oil. In order to find those barrels, Xiang Xuehai had indeed expended a lot of energy and manpower. Thankfully, the foreign survivors had brought many trucks. Naturally, those survivors were more than willing to contribute the fuel as they were grateful to Shi Ying Squad. They had all helped to find diesel, especially when they heard that Jiang Liushi wanted to kill the water monster.

"Captain Jiang, it's not farfetched to say that all of the county's diesel is in your hands. I couldn't find any more than that," Xiang Xuehai wiped the sweat from her forehead and apologized to Jiang Liushi. Her hand was black due to carrying diesel oil.

"Enough, it's enough." Jiang Liushi nodded seriously. He roughly estimated that the amount of diesel contained in the barrels and even the worn-out ones were more than a thousand liters.

"Ah, I also pulled the mutant wild dog you killed." Xiang Xuehai waved at Luo Junjiang.

"It was preserved very well…" Xiang Xuehai smiled.

"I will take the mutant nucleus. You can share the mutant meat," said Jiang Liushi loudly.

Xiang Xuehai didn't react at all when Jiang Liushi shouted at the survivors.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, the survivors were stunned for a moment, and then cheers broke out in the crowd.

A dark-eyed dirty-faced girl suddenly ran forward and said to Jiang Liushi, "Thank you, big brother!"

Without waiting for Jiang Liushi to speak, she shouted, "Mom! Mom! Big brother gave us meat!"


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