My MCV and Doomsday
368 Cooperation
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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368 Cooperation

While Yuan Hongliang was looking at Jiang Liushi and the others, Ran Xiyu also stared at him.

'This person's emotions are dark and disgusting,' Ran Xiyu's voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Liushi mind. Ran Xiyu could feel that when Yuan Hongliang looked at them, he was scheming some terrible things. In fact, not only Yuan Hongliang but many of the strange faces around them were all hostile to them.

Although Jiang Liushi had been silent all this time, he had already obtained a basic judgment for Wu Shui County's situation. The big flood had forced a group of hungry wolves into Wu Shui County.

When Xiang Xuehai returned, in order to safeguard her interests, she was bound to come in conflict with foreign elite survivors. As a result, Shi Ying Squad had also been regarded as enemies. Moreover, those outsiders were also likely to fight against each other in order to seek more benefits for themselves.

Reducing the number of competitors, the fewer, the better.

Xiang Xuehai had myriad of thought, but eventually, she suppressed her anger. She must also look at the situation and then take the next step.

"Boss Yuan, you are all guests here. I will host a banquet for you later. I also need you to inform the other survivors. We will gather in the Qin House. at17:30," Xiang Xuehai said to Yuan calmly. She decided to see those outsiders first.

"Of course!" Yuan Hongliang's eyes lit.

"Since Boss Xiang is back, naturally, Wu Shui County will be under your control again. I will go to inform them," Yuan Hongliang said gently. It seemed that he didn't dare to provoke Xiang Xuehai.

But the more he did, the more murderous intentions Xiang Xuehai harbored in her mind. She knew that fatty Yuan was a typical smiling tiger.

"Captain Jiang, let me be straightforward with you. Wu Shui County is in a mess, so I'll give you your rewards first..." Xiang Xuehai said to Jiang Liushi after the fatty left.

She knew clearly that once a fight broke out, Shi Ying Squad would be her main support. Although Xiang Xuehai had confidence in her own strength, she was severely wounded by Yang Feng, and her body had yet to recover. At most, she could only exert one-third of her strength, and the duration of her abilities should be greatly reduced. Fighting against other survivors' squads would be difficult. As a result, she wanted to continue cooperating with Shi Ying Squad. Giving benefits was undoubtedly the best way.

"Rewards? Boss Xiang, you are polite. In fact, we have obtained what we needed from Yang Feng, and we also have Ran Yunsha's whereabouts. You don't need to give us anything else," Jiang Liushi said.

Of course, Jiang Liushi intended to stay here. He wanted to go to Panzhu City, but Wu Shui County was temporarily a safe place.

Xiang Xuehai didn't immediately speak but only took a serious look at Jiang Liushi. She looked very deep into his eyes as if she were going to drift into the heart of Jiang Liushi. A hint of worry appeared on her face.

At that moment, her temperament changed. It was as if she had become a gentle woman, who needed protection.

"Captain Jiang, I want to give you in advance the protection fee. I want you to help me deal with the outsiders who have invaded Wu Shui County."

Xiang Xuehai's eyes emitted thick killing intent as she said that. She not only wanted to guarantee her own safety, but she also wanted to take the initiative and strike them.

Jiang Liushi suddenly understood.

Boss Xiang was still so decisive. It seemed that she was very clear about the situation. Forced by the floods, the group of foreign elite survivors who broke into Wu Shui County, were apparently terrible guys. They were just like a group of hungry wolves. When they came to Wu Shui County, they had the intention to swallow Xiang Xuehai. Otherwise, they could not survive.

Xiang Xuehai naturally could not accept this kind of situation. In this terrible world, the battle for land and interests followed the strict law of the jungle. If Xiang Xuehai didn't kill them, then others would kill her.

Jiang Liushi looked at Yuan Hongliang's back. He would not let poisonous snakes lurk beside him.

"Okay, we accept this task." Jiang Liushi nodded. Of course, to tell the truth, Jiang Liushi didn't want Xiang Xuehai to be killed in this battle. Jiang Liushi suddenly remembered that kiss…it was his secret.

Luo Junjiang secretly clenched his fist- EXCELLENT!

He was very impressed with Shi Ying Squad's strength. In this case, Hui Ming's death would be dealt with.

"Boss Xiang, where are the members of Poisonous Wolf Squad?" Luo Junjiang thought of this problem and asked seriously.

Xiang Xuehai's eyes flashed strangely when Luo Junjiang asked. They are all dead," said Xiang Xuehai.

"Dead..." Luo Junjiang already had a guess in his heart, but when he heard the answer, he still couldn't believe it.

Even these two strong teams had fallen… What about Yang Feng...?

It seemed that Jiang Liushi had read Luo Junjiang's mind. He said lightly, "Yang Feng is dead."

"What?!" The explosive news came one after the other.

"Yes, it's all thanks to Shi Ying Squad. Captain Jiang was the one who killed Yang Feng," said Xiang Xuehai.

Luo Junjiang did not doubt them in the least. Xiang Xuehai had come back alive, which was the best proof. If they were to pass the news, every resident in Wu Shui County would be inspired.

At that moment, Luo Junjiang believed that his encounter with Shi Ying Squad and his decision to lead them to Boss Xiang was the best one in his entire life.


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