My MCV and Doomsday
363 Sweet Kiss
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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363 Sweet Kiss

Washing his hands with disinfectant, Jiang Liushi took a deep breath and then began to deal with Xiang Xuehai's wound. Li Yuxin by his side was guiding him through the process. Thankfully, Li Yuxin had cleaned the wound's surface professionally, so Jiang Liushi just needed to remove the withered parts from inside. Because of Jiang Liushi's brain domain, he could see clearly every tiny blood vessel and granulation tissue.

Jiang Liushi's arms were remarkably stable, and he could remove the dead rhizomes quickly. Li Yuxin gasped in admiration. She thought it was no wonder that Jiang Liushi's sharpshooting skills were exceptional.

"Huh?" With long lashes covering her eyelids, Xiang Xuehai couldn't help but tremble slightly and groan in pain. On Xiang Xuehai's forehead, a layer of sweat glistened. Even in a comatose state, she still suffered from unspeakable pain.

Even though Jiang Liushi was quite gentle, the dead rhizomes were intertwined with flesh and blood vessels, and a lot of pain nerves. In this terrible world, it was impossible for them to find sedatives for such emergency treatment. Under such circumstances, they could only limit the hard metal medical pliers' movement inside her body. An ordinary person could not bear that kind of pain.

Hearing Xiang Xuehai groan in pain, Jiang Liushi paused slightly, and then he sped up. Jiang Liushi believed as long as his action was fast and accurate, Xiang Xuehai could suffer less. In order to pick out a relatively large rhizome fragment, Jiang Liushi had to use a little more power, which agitated Xiang Xuehai. And then Jiang Liushi had to give up his medical pliers and cling Xiang Xuehai's thighs tightly.

"Don't touch me..." Xiang Xuehai suddenly whispered vaguely. On her calm face, a faint look also appeared. At this moment, Xiang Xuehai seemed to show her soft feelings.

Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment, and then he released his hands at once. After that, Jiang Liuishi touched Xiang Xuehai's head softly. "Take it easy. Don't worry. Yang Feng is dead…" Jiang Liushi comforted Xiang Xuehai.

It seemed that Xuehai heard Jiang Liushi's words and calmed down at once. Actually, Xiang Xuehai was already awake. After she heard Jiang Liushi's voice, she returned to her groggy state. But she soon noticed something strange about her body. She was naked on her thighs. She was wearing only a pair of underwear. Jiang Liushi was still standing in front of her with medical pliers in his hands. As a result, Xiang Xuehai didn't dare to open her eyes.

She also heard every word of Jiang Liushi. Originally, she thought that Jiang Liushi was indifferent to her but just then… he was gentle and warm. Although she was in immense pain when she awoke, she clenched her teeth, and nobody noticed that she was awake. Only Li Yuxin took a look at her. In fact, her medical ability was strong enough to perceive Xiang Xuehai's state. However, since Xiang Xuehai pretended to be asleep, Li Yuxin didn't say anything.

"Yuxin, take care of the wound here, it's still bleeding."

"... well, here I am."

The conversation between Li Yuxin and Jiang Liushi was very gentle, but Xiang Xuehai could hear everything clearly. Xiang Xuehai could not help but slightly open her eyes a little. Jiang Liushi's serious expression was quite cool in Xiang Xuehai's eyes. Jiang Liushi was kind and concentrated without any other thoughts. Xiang Xuehai still remembered the scene that she was rescued by Jiang Liushi from Yang Feng's hands. It brought her warmness, security, and comfort. Before the terrible doomsday, she was surrounded by many men, no matter who they were, they all had dark desires for her. Xiang Xuehai was extremely disgusted with those people.

After doomsday, the warlords in the northern part of Jiangsu were even scarier. No man could give Xiang Xuehai such a sense of security. Jiang Liushi was the only one that had achieved to make her feel so secure. Even the pain was lowered…

Jiang Liushi was so concentrated that unconsciously a layer of sweat occurred on his forehead. "I'm almost done." Jiang Liushi wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a deep breath. He felt a little exhausted. He had never expected how difficult it was to clean a wound.

"You were very careful. It's okay now!" Li Yuxin praised.

"Brother and Sister Yuxin sister, did you feel hungry or tired? We are eating, so would you like to join us?" Jiang Zhuying asked loudly. Although she was wrapped like a mummy, she still ran to eat. 

Jiang Liushi didn't know how to evaluate his own sister…

"You eat first. I should check her wound once again," Jiang Liushi answered. He was still a little bit worried.

For his carefulness, Li Yuxin was not surprised at all. From their encounter, she knew clearly that Jiang Liushi was a careful man. "Well, I'll bring some meat here, and you can eat it after you check on her…" Li Yuxin said and then she got off.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi suddenly felt a strange motion behind the sofa. He looked back and saw that Xiang Xuehai had opened her pair of beautiful eyes, and was staring at him.

"Thank you," Xiang Xuehai said word by word.

"Er, you're welcome," Jiang Liushi was stunned, but he responded immediately. Xiang Xuehai's thighs were still naked, wearing only a sexy pair of white underwear. This encounter was indeed embarrassing.

Suddenly, Xiang Xuehai leaned over and covered Jiang Liushi's shoulders with her silky cheek, and then she gave Jiang Liushi a sweet kiss. In a flash, Jiang Liushi's body turned stiff, and it was if his brain had gone blank. He held his hands slightly open and motionless for a few seconds. He felt something hot and sweet like a fish into his mouth and touched his teeth. When he recovered, he smelled the taste of mutant meat. At that moment, Xiang Xuehai sat again on the sofa with her weak eyes. It was just like a dream.

"Boss Xiang is awake." Ying came inside with a dish filled with delicious barbecued meat.

"Brother Jiang, Yuxin told us you wanted to check her wound once again, finished?" Ying asked.

"I…I should continue…" Jiang Liushi hesitated to answer. He thought it was embarrassing. Thankfully, Ying, who didn't have any feelings, was the one who had come. 

"Okay! There no problem here. Yuxin should be able to deal with everything else," Jiang Liushi said and went out immediately.

Lying on the sofa, Xiang Xuehai looked tired. She felt that her ears were hot, and she could still feel the burning sensation on her soft lips…


Going outside, Jiang Liushi found that the rain was not as intense as before. Under the temporary shed, used tires and wood were piled up and burned. The blazing flames illuminated the surroundings.

"Brother, Ling is quite good at barbecuing!" Jiang Zhuying said happily.

Currently, Ling was cutting mutant meat into slices. And then she coated the slices with spices.

The old water conservancy expert, Sun Changxin was eating silently. He hadn't eaten for a long time. At the same time, he was sorrowful.

After doomsday, it was nice to have a meal. Not to mention the fact that there were still so many grilled slices of meat and so many seasonings. As a result, he remembered some beautiful memories…

'…delicious…if this terrible catastrophe hadn't occurred, my little granddaughter should also be able to eat this delicious…' Sun Changxin shook his head.

"Barbecued..." Jiang Zhuying stared at Ran Xiyu's plate, showing a smile as she was about to be fed.

Jiang Liushi came and picked up the fork with a piece of meat. "Open your mouth," said Jiang Liushi.

"Ah..." Jiang Zhuying skillfully opened her mouth into an O-shape.

After a while, Sun Changxin finished eating and went to the side to observe. Suddenly he was shocked and shouted, "The water is coming!"

What? What is the meaning of that? Zhang Hai and others who were still eating didn't react at all.

"Water... Come quickly!" Sun Changxin was trembling as he kept staring at one direction covered in darkness.

Following his gaze, everyone saw that there was a mighty stream of water flowing over. Wan Shou County would be gradually swallowed by water.

"The Fuyang River must have overblown as the water is coming from its direction!" Sun Changxin became gloomy. He deeply felt his own weakness. As a water conservancy expert, he knew that it was likely for the embankment to break, but in such a post-apocalyptic world they could do nothing to prevent it. They could only watch nature take its course.

"Ah, a big flood is on its way? Ling, help me store the barbecued meat. I haven't eaten yet," Jiang Zhuying said. In front of the floods, everyone knew the situation was serious!

"We can't stay here. This area is ideal for landslides. We won't even have the chance to run," Sun Changxin said anxiously.

Xiang Xuehai also saw the flood from the car window. She heard Sun Changxin's words and quickly struggled to open the window and stretched out her head to say, "Is it true that we can't return to my county?"

"Maybe," said Zhang Hai, scratching his head.

Suddenly Xiang Xuehai's countenance changed as a hint of sorrow appeared in her eyes. "I have taken in a lot of ordinary people... Although I can't fully protect them, at least they can live as safely as possible. But now..."

Sun Changxin asked, "County? Which county?"

"It is in the west side, Wu Shui County," said Xiang Xuehai.

Sun Changxin nodded. After a few seconds, he suddenly slapped his thigh. "Oh! That area is relatively higher to North Jiangsu so we can go back there first…"

"Are you sure?" Xiang Xuehai's eyes lit up, and she hurriedly looked at Jiang Liushi, but she didn't know what to say.

She had just... kissed Jiang Liushi, who had also saved her. How could she once again ask Jiang Liushi to take her back? She still did not know what was on Jiang Liushi's mind. That kiss…

However, Xiang Xuehai had established her own forces after the catastrophe. Xiang Xuehai did not regret it.

"We can't stay here. We have to go to a safe place. Wu Shui County is okay. If it doesn't work, we can continue to evacuate to other places," said Jiang Liushi.

Xiang Xuehai suddenly showed a grateful look. Regardless of Jiang Lishi's considerations, she was very grateful.


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