My MCV and Doomsday
640 Level-3 Mutant Zombie
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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640 Level-3 Mutant Zombie

"Boss Shen Kui was successful!" Although the heavily injured Xue Sha was trembling unstoppably due to the hideous sound, he still stared at Jiang Liushi vengefully. Jiang Liushi had destroyed his Sword Club, his very foundation, as well as crippled his leg. Xue Sha bore a deep grudge against Jiang Liushi, and Shen Kui caused his seed for revenge to grow.

Jiang Liushi looked around, searching for the sound's source as he sensed danger.

As the howl kept getting stronger, everyone's expression turned unsightly. They were so scared that they no longer bothered with the Shi Ying Squad. Some of them couldn't help but point their guns behind them. Only Angelica still stood there quietly and with a wisp of excitement at that.

Suddenly, a stout yet ruined body was thrown in front of everyone. The body was torn open, with an ugly hole on its chest, while its internal organs, or what remained of them, and blood stained the ground. Fear and pain were still engraved on the poor fellow's face. Though everyone was pretty much used to such gory scenes, their hair still stood on end after witnessing that.

"Heeeeeelp!" One of the paranormals standing guard behind the manor ran for his life, but he was suddenly thrown to the ground by a blurry figure. He struggled to look up, but the blurry figure stepped on his head heavily.

Everyone heard the blood-curdling sound of the unlucky man's head bursting open like a watermelon. In a mere instant, he lost his life.

Cold sweat drenched the spectators' backs, while their eyes almost popped out of their heads as they tried to look at the blurry figure. They all felt that if they were in his shoes, their outcome would not be any better. It was not difficult to kill a person, but they had never witnessed a paranormal losing his life so easily. It was as if the other party had just stepped on a powerless worm. 

Soon, the blurry figure stopped, and they all clearly saw what it was – a female zombie! She licked her scarlet lips, while her scarlet eyes swept through the courtyard.

"How embarrassing! We just merged, so I counted suppress all her urges in time. But I have to admit, this kind of controlling and speed are intoxicating!" The female zombie licked her lips, issuing sharp sounds from its sharp-fang-filled mouth. The sound it produced was like someone was rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together.

"What? The zombie spoke!?" exclaimed someone in utter disbelief.

The strange scene left everyone astounded. They had never heard of zombies using human speech before. Even the most advanced zombies they had encountered could only produce clear growling sounds.

However, the female zombie before them was completely different. Although it seemed as its voice was forcibly squeezed out of the throat, hoarse and ugly, they could all clearly hear its every word.

Even Xue Sha felt surprised by the talking zombie. Angelica was the only that kept smiling as the results were better than she expected.

Jiang Liushi sneered. "Shen Kui, is that your trump card? A zombie, really now? Compared to your previous toys, this zombie's appearance is disgusting."

In Jiang Liushi's mind, the appearances of the pangolin and the bats that Shen Kui manipulated were way cooler. In contrast, the female zombie looked too plain. Of course, Jiang Liushi said that to taunt Shen Kui. He was vigilant against the zombie as he could feel how dangerous it was. 

'Starseed, scan the mutant zombie's energy level,' ordered Jiang Liushi. Soon, Starseed transmitted back, 'Level-3 mutant zombie.'

'A level-3 zombie!?' Jiang Liushi had never encountered one before. Level-2 ones were already challenging to deal with, not to mention a level-3 one.

The female zombie may be stronger than what he had ever faced, but according to Starseed's analysis, it had not broken through to level-3 naturally; external factors had been used to stimulate its evolution.

Jiang Liushi speculated that it was originally at the peak of level-2, and Shen Kui used some method to force its evolution. Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi was clearly aware that the potency of the female zombie's virus had increased, and its strength was not to be trifled with.

"Jiang Liushi!" The female zombie, or better say Shen Kui, suddenly locked on Jiang Liushi with a burning gaze.

"We meet again! It's good you're here. I can't help but wonder where you found the guts to appear here after destroying my beloved puppets. Now that you're here in Chukyo Base, I'm afraid that you'll never leave this place again. Surround him immediately! Today, not even a fly is allowed to escape from here!"

Jiang Liushi interrupted him with a cold smile hanging on his face. "First of all, it seems you've made a mistake. I'm here to hunt you down, not the other way around. Secondly, what about your subordinates? You must have spent a lot of resources on raising your puppets, right? Resources that could have been used for the development of your subordinates…"

Many members revealed skeptical looks after hearing that. About half of Xue Sha's loyal members had lost their lives in Jiang Liushi's hands. As for the rest, they belonged to Chukyo Base, and they were not loyal to Shen Kui.

Jiang Liushi's reminder caused everyone to feel disgusted. None of them was willing to sacrifice their lives for such an ungrateful and devious person. Therefore, none of them obeyed Shen Kui's order. 

Shen Kui swept around with a murderous gaze, and then he asked coldly, "Angelica, why are your members defying my orders?"

Apparently, after fusing his consciousness with the female zombie, he had become more aggressive. His hatred for Jiang Liushi was also a factor that affected his current state of mind. Jiang Liushi had only killed his puppets, but he had also chased them all the way to Chukyo.

When Jiang Liushi heard the name Angelica, he recalled she was the girl Tomiko had been talking about. However, Tomiko obviously did not know her 'friend'. From Shen Kui's tone, it was obvious that Angelica was Chukyo Base's leader.

Jiang Liushi glanced at the girl, who stood there quietly. He had not paid her any heed earlier, but after observing her carefully, he noticed that she was in no way simple. In Jiang Liushi's mind, she did not resemble a living person, but instead, a refined, sculpted figure.


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