My MCV and Doomsday
630 Celebration Party
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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630 Celebration Party

Ran Xiyu didn't give an immediate response to Abbott's invitation. Instead, she looked at Jiang Liushi.

He looked at her with a smile and said, "It's not easy to meet an acquaintance in this chaotic world we live in. If you want to go, we will follow you." Jiang Liushi was aware that Ran Xiyu was too shy to refuse her former classmate's invitation.

Ran Xiyu nodded, and then she looked at Abbott. "Thank you for your invitation, we'll be there."

Suddenly, Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind. 'We might find a few people selling mutant nuclei to that party."

Jiang Liushi smiled. 'Xiyu, it's a really good plan!"

They had yet to find someone that specialized in selling mutant nuclei, especially level-2 ones and above.

Ran Xiyu smiled, and then she told to Abbott, "Abbott when it's time please contact us. We live in a motor home, so it's easy to find us."

Observing Ran Xiyu carefully, Abbott felt surprised. He looked at Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu from time to time. In his mind, although Ran Xiyu was a polite and gentle girl, she was quite proud of herself, which made it challenging to pursue her. But it was obvious that Ran Xiyu was close with Jiang Liushi. Another reason that he felt surprised was that he could vaguely feel Ran Xiyu's energy fluctuations. It seemed that the Ran Xiyu he knew had changed, which caused him to wonder what she had experienced until now.

After Ran Xiyu and the others left, Abbott mumbled, "Motor home?" It may be enjoyable to travel around in a motor home, but it was also quite dangerous. Thus, Abbott decided to warn Ran Xiyu next time. 

Jiang Liushi was elated with his purchases, and he couldn't wait to put them to use. After buying what he wanted, Jiang Liushi lost his interest in the market, so he returned to the tour bus.

The parked tour bus was quite eye-catching, and many passersby stopped to look at it. Unfortunately, they could not see what its interior looked like. Nobody could imagine that it was as luxurious as a villa.

On the next evening, somebody knocked on the tour bus' door. Ran Xiyu had long felt Abbott's presence heading their way, so she opened the door quickly.

"We should be going, the celebration party is about to begin- Oh, My God!" exclaimed Abbott. His jaw almost got dislocated when he saw the tour bus' interior. It was indescribably luxurious!

As for his speech to try and persuade Ran Xiyu not to endanger herself, he discarded it immediately. He had to admit that living in such a motor home was indeed enjoyable. 

"Abbott!" Ran Xiyu's calling brought him back to reality.

"It's so beautiful! I was mesmerized," said Abbott, laughingly. "Let's go. Do you wanna drive your tour bus there? I'm worried it will be too crowded to park it."

"You don't need to worry about this," said Jiang Liushi.

Although they were in a US military base and didn't know where the party was held, Jiang Liushi didn't want to leave the tour bus too far away. The primal goal of attending the party may be to find mutant nuclei sellers, but Jiang Liushi also wanted for his teammates to relax. Since the virus outbreak, they had no chance to take a breather. Only Jiang Zhuying could relax by watching anime. Of course, they didn't want to make any further contact with the Americans, but they could at least eat nice food and walk around. 

"Hey, look! So many people!" exclaimed Jiang Zhuying.

Not far from them, they saw lots of people heading toward a tall building. As for the parking lot ahead, it was almost full.

The sky was not completely dark, but the building was already brightly lit with bright neon lights. Even the street lights were all lit up. Although they knew that everything was powered by the aircraft carrier, they still felt it was extravagant.

"It's normal that so many people have gathered. This time, Major General Jonathan killed a level-2 mutant beast, which was near to breaking through to level-3, that climbed ashore almost on his own. The whole base is celebrating for Major General Jonathan's feat. With his prestige and strength, he will surely become the next four-star or even five-star General in the base.

Out of consideration for Ran Xiyu, Jiang Liushi had allowed Abbott to get on the tour bus. Thus, when Abbott heard Jiang Zhuying's words, he immediately explained in excitement. It seemed that he also had a basic knowledge of the Chinese language.

Jiang Liushi knew that five-star general belonged to America's military system. In peacetime, there was no five-star general. It would only be awarded up to five army officials in wartime, and that title was known as General of the Army. After doomsday, the five-star general here was, naturally, granted by the military base. Reaching that rank was considered as being one of the top figures in the base. But, of course, they were still worlds apart from Genesis' top brass.

Jiang Liushi just nodded. In the eyes of Jiang Zhuying and the others, the most powerful person currently in the base should be Jiang Liushi. As for whether others were powerful or not, it was none of their business. Thus, they just listened without commenting, which made Abbott feel embarrassed and kind of awkward. 

Abbott turned to look at Ran Xiyu and said suddenly, "Ran Xiyu, I will give you a surprise in a while."

Ran Xiyu looked at him doubtfully.

At this moment, horn sounds came from behind the tour bus. Obviously, the tour bus was too big, and the people in front and behind it felt it was blocking the way. Many of them even cursed.

"Don't mind them. I can still see a few open spots at the parking lot. Ying, step on it!" There was still some distance from the parking lot. If not for the people cursing at them, Jiang Liushi would have given the order to park it beside the road. Unfortunately, he changed his mind.

Abbott was rendered speechless, wondering how the tour bus could reach the parking lot. However, at that moment, he felt the tour bus accelerating. Not only that but also seemed like a fish swimming between the crowds and vehicles. Many times, Abbott felt that they were about to crash, but nothing happened. They were moving forward steadily and fast. At the same time, screams could be heard from the bypassed vehicles. The drivers could only step on the brakes or take the initiative and make way. As for the tour bus and Jiang Liushi,, it was as if it had nothing to do with them.

In the end, they actually stopped inside the parking lot. As Abbott was getting down from the tour bus, he felt utterly embarrassed. What's worse, when he discovered that the driver was actually a girl, he felt as if someone was playing a joke on him.

'Impossible!' In his mind, the tour bus' driver should be an internationally known master Formula-1 racer. Once again, his world outlook had been overturned.


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