My MCV and Doomsday
609 Jiang Cheng
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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609 Jiang Cheng

Jiang Liushi kept looking at the girl, who had yet to utter a single word. If it continued like that, it would be difficult for Jiang Liushi to get any useful information from her.

 "Since you're unwilling to even tell me your name, I'll call you Daylily," said Jiang Liushi angrily.

Ran Xiyu, who was interpreting for him could not help but smile. Of course, she interpreted everything he said.

Unexpectedly, after hearing the name, the girl started to speak. Her voice was dry. "Daylily…what's that?"

"Eh?" Jiang Liushi was surprised as he didn't expect that the girl would ask them a question. He almost thought she was a deaf or mute person.

"It's a kind of plant with beautiful yellow flowers. It's also called Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus," explained Jiang Liushi. Ran Xiyu didn't know how to translate Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus, but she could try to describe the plant.

After listening to Ran Xiyu's explanation, the girl fell into a daze. "Daylily…this name seems quite good.

"Oh..." Jiang Liushi felt confused. Initially, he called her like that as a joke, but never did he expect that she'd take it so seriously. It seemed that she was very fond of the name.

While Jiang Liushi was pondering, Ran Xiyu's voice sounded, "Brother Jiang, a group of people is approaching us."

"Oh?" Jiang Liushi turned his head and saw the group of people getting closer to them. On the leading car was a flag, waving fast due to the high speed. Jiang Liushi's eyesight was beyond normal, so he saw the flag's emblem clearly; it was a golden five-clawed dragon. Almost instantly, a name popped up in his mind – Long Teng!

When they were less than 100 away from each other, the group of people stopped and got off their vehicles. Then, a young dark-skinned man, almost in his 30s, stepped forward and shouted in Chinese, "Friends, are you Chinese? We are Long Teng's members, so may we talk to each other?"

The man who shouted was of average height, almost 1,7 meters tall, but his body was robust. He seemed like an agile leopard that was full of explosive power. He was dressed in military uniform, whose color had nearly faded, and his composure betrayed his military training. 

Jiang Liushi nodded. After being allowed, the man in his thirties brought two people and walked toward them. To Jiang Liushi's surprise, they had left all their weapons behind. In this treacherous world, nobody would fully trust another person from their first encounter. Thus, Jiang Liushi was slightly moved by their sincere intentions, and he also jumped down from his MCV. 

"I'm Jiang Cheng. How should I call you, little brother?" The man in military uniform stretched his hands.

Jiang Liushi looked at the man's hands that were full of calluses, which were guns by holding guns at all times.

"I'm Jiang Liushi. My family name stands for river," replied Jiang Liushi.

"Oh, nice to meet you. Had you not explained, I'd think we were related. We just got the news that you exchanged three mutant nuclei for several girls. The price you paid is far beyond than what it should be. Although I don't know why you did that, I came here to discuss with you. Is it possible that you can allow them to come back with us?" said Jiang Cheng while taking out three mutant nuclei. 

Jiang Liushi glanced at the three mutant nuclei in Jiang Chen's hands. The energy contained in them was not enough, and moreover, fresh blood was still dripping from one of them.

When Jiang Cheng noticed that Jiang Liushi's eyes were fixed on the bloody nucleus, he smiled and explained, "Don't mind this. We had already formed a rescue plan, but you beat us to it. I know that our mutant nuclei can't be compared with yours, but these are all we have. If you're not satisfied, we can add 200 kg of mutant meat. That's the best we can offer." Then, Jiang Chen waved his hand, and an SUV was driven where they were. 

"No, there's no need for that. Your daily life is already hard as it is," said Jiang Liushi.

He estimated that the Long Teng's members were under heavy pressure as the Sword Club posed a great threat to them, so they needed every mutant nucleus they had to improve their abilities by purchasing evolution crystals. This time around, they had to go over their limits and find enough mutant nuclei to back their compatriots. Of course, what they did showcased that they were still humans. The fact that they had were still humane, not succumbing to the dark side, could also be regarded as the main reason why they had survived this far. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to survive in a foreign country. 

Jiang Liushi added, "I bought these girls to save them. I had no plans on keeping them. Since you came to take them back, I have no objections. As for the mutant nuclei, I don't need them. If you want to repay me, then I'd appreciate it if you could help me with a certain matter. If possible, help me inquire about an organization in Japan as well as information on…" Jiang Liushi wrote two names in Jiang Cheng's hands – one was Genesis while the other was Weapon. 

"The former is a dangerous organization, while the latter is one of the things they're searching. It's as if the so-called Weapon is extremely powerful. That's all we know, so I'd like you to help me."

"Really?" Jiang Cheng felt confused because the two names were too vague. Jiang Cheng could clearly tell that both matters were very important. "No problem. We will try our best to help you. But I don't know whether we can find useful information for you...actually, we could ask for help from the Long Teng situated in Tokyo."

 "Oh? Long Teng also has branches?" Jiang Liushi asked in surprise.

"Well, we can't really be regarded as branches. We are four separate organizations located in four different locations, and we contact each other through a radio station. In actuality, it was a measure to survive." 

"Oh, I see." Jiang Liusih nodded.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi heard Ran Xiyu's voice in his mind. 'Brother Jiang, you wrote the Genesis and Weapon down, right? When you wrote them, I noticed the girl's energy fluctuations becoming hectic!"


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