My MCV and Doomsday
592 Burning
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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592 Burning

When the blue cluster of light appeared, all light around it was distorted. Maybe it was spatial distortion as all light seemed to pass through it like there was an entrance, entering another dimension.

"Jiang Liushi, you will become one of my kids and help me greatly on a critical part of my plan!" said Shen Hai.

After that, his body emitted bright rays of light, which then covered his whole body. His hair stood up, and a third eye appeared between his eyebrows. Once that eye opened, it poured out a vast amount of mental energy.

Ran Xiyu was the first one to get affected, and her body trembled involuntarily. Then, her pupils almost lost their luster. Ran Xiyu let out a cry as she felt her body and energy almost getting separated. She could not withstand Shen Hai's psychic attack.

Her teammates did not fare any better as they were engulfed by the powerful mental energy. Moreover, their minds were trapped, which was a terrible and painful feeling. No matter what happened around them, they couldn't control their bodies at all. Therefore, they could only watch what was happening in front of them helplessly.

"You're all in great shape! Being my kids is a blessing for you all. I'll start with you!" said Shen Hai. The first one he chose was naturally Jiang Liushi. In his mind, Jiang Liushi was the core of the team. Once he controlled him, his teammates would fall in despair, making their minds fragile, and thus easier to control.

Shen Hai pushed his hands, and the cluster of blue light shot directly at Jiang Liushi. At the critical moment, Luoluo roared and pounced at the cluster of blue light!

Luoluo was a mutant beast, and its mental wavelength was different from humans. Although it had also fallen under Shen Hai's control, it broke free and could move again. However, Luoluo couldn't fly, so it could only pounce at the cluster of blue light.

'Luoluo!' Jiang Liushi felt guilty when he saw Luoluo's desperate attempt. Although it could consume the blue liquid, the cluster of blue light was the blue sprites' progenitor, the queen. Jiang Liushi didn't think Luoluo could fight against the cluster of blue light. If it rushed toward it like that, it would likely to get killed.

"I don't want you, so scram!" As Luoluo was about to hit the cluster of blue light, Shen Hai waved his hand. A huge, heavy piece of rock flew in the air and hit Luoluo. That action proved Shen Hai's immense mental energy. He could keep flying while using other things to attack Luoluo!

The heavy rock fell down along with Luoluo's body. However, at that moment, Luoluo inhaled deeply, transforming into a huge balloon. Due to the rock's weight, Luoluo's body was distorted, but it bit its fangs, using its last ounce of strength, and bounced the rock back!

"Oh?" Shen Hai was surprised. It was out of his expectation that such a tiny beast would erupt with such power.

'Well, it's useless now,' thought Shen Hai. Then, he ordered his five remaining members to attack Luoluo. They were all powerful, and since they attacked together, Luoluo stood no chances of fighting against them.

After a barrage of attacks, Luoluo was sent flying, its body crashing against a high building. Its wall crumbled apart, turning into debris. By that time, Luoluo had used up all of its energy.

"Luoluo!" Jiang Liushi was anxious about the little fellow. Unfortunately, he could do nothing.

"Are you still worried about your pet? You'd better be worried about yourself!" shouted Shen Hai.

Then, the cluster of blue light floated above Jiang Liushi's head. Jiang Liushi shouted from pain in his heart. No matter what he did, Jiang Liushi could not get rid of Shen Hai's mental energy.

Suddenly, the cluster of blue light slammed Jiang Liushi's chest, and his whole body convulsed violently. Jiang Liushi was lying on the ground, feeling as if the fierce cluster of blue light would burn his body.

"Brother Jiang!" Seeing that scene, Ran Xiyu struggled to fight. She couldn't allow Jiang Liushi to suffer in front of her. However, she didn't know what to do.

Ran Xiyu bit her tongue in despair. "Ah!" The great pain made Ran Xiyu recover! She felt her mental force burning again!

"Break!" screamed Ran Xiyu. Her hysterical cry was heard clearly. At that moment, Ran Xiyu's body ignited a flame, which was not a real flame. It was a manifestation of her mental energy. Her scorching hot mental power even affected the human senses, so to those around her, Ran Xiyu seemed to be engulfed by a strange flame.

In the midst of the flames, Ran Xiyu's long hair danced. Her gray eyes sparkled as she stared coldly at Shen Hai.

"Uh?" Shen Hai, who originally underestimated Ran Xiyu's power, was startled. 'How could she possess such horrible energy?'

'Is she burning her soul essence?' Shen Hai was astounded. Ran Xiyu's potential was far beyond his imagination!


Suddenly, Shen Hai's domain exploded!

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying got rid of the mental shackles. Seeing her brother in pain and steams coming out from his burning body, Jiang Zhuying's eyes became bloodshot.

"Brother!!!" For Jiang Zhuying, Jiang Liushi was her whole world.

"I will f*cking kill you!" shouted Jiang Zhuying, and her body was enshrouded by violent electric currents. She pulled her longsword and her volatile power wrapped around it like a bloodthirsty python, releasing crackling sounds.

Like a bolt of lightning, Jiang Zhuying charged at Shen Hai!


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