My MCV and Doomsday
587 Bitter Enough
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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587 Bitter Enough

Upon hearing Xiang Xuehai's words, Xu Li fell into despair. He knew it was useless to try and beg Xiang Xuehai. As for begging Jiang Liushi? It was simply a joke.

"If you need my help, I will try my best to help you!" screamed Xu Li.

Initially, Jiang Liushi was planning to kill Xu Li, but after some thought, he changed his mind.

"Well, I will let you live for now," said Jiang Liushi with a smile.

Xu Li was pleased with the outcome. However, while he was feeling happy that he had kept his life, a strong current enveloped his body.

"Aaah!" Xu Li screamed in anguish.

All his hair stood erect, while his muscles spasmed crazily. In the next moment, he lost his balance, collapsing on the ground. Every inch of his body was in great pain.

"Well, do you know now how real current feels like?" asked Jiang Zhuying with a grin as she stared at Xu Li. Her hands were still releasing violent currents, and the members behind Xu Li were almost scared to death. As they all witnessed Xu Li's tragic fate, none of them dared to try and stand up for him.

Xu Li was crying on the ground.

Then, Jiang Liushi began to ask, "From now on, no matter what I ask you, you should answer immediately. Otherwise, you will suffer a lot. Do you understand?"

Xu Li nodded as soon as possible. How would he dare to hesitate? It was obvious that the girl in front of him was quite powerful and eager to torment him.

Song Helu was also astounded by the scene. She had guessed that Jiang Zhuying's team was strong, but she had never thought that they would be that strong. They did not only possess a tank, but also several mighty paranormals. Even Shen Hai's members were not their match.

"How many members does Shen Hai have? For how long has it been established?" asked Jiang Liushi.

"Shen Hai is composed of many independent teams. Ordinary paranormals, like me, can lead a team alone. Stronger ones can do anything on their own, so I'm not privy to such information. But I know that Shen Hai was actually established by a man. It's a pity that I've never seen him," explained Xu Li immediately.

"Really?" Jiang Liushi was interested in the unknown man. He had to pay more attention to strong individuals. However, why had nobody met him? Who was he?

Ran Xiyu nodded, which showed that Xu Li wasn't lying. At least, he wasn't a fool. Jiang Zhuying was still playing with her current on the side.

"Shen Hai was established several weeks ago. As far as I know, the organization collects mutant nuclei all the time by using all kinds of methods. However, what is strange is that they don't expand their scope. It's impossible to know what the leader is thinking." Xu Li told everything he knew as soon as possible.

As an ordinary survivor, his allegiance to the team would crumble in the face of death. Between preserving his life or selling out the organization, he chose the first option without a second thought.

"Do you have the diesel?" asked Jiang Liushi again.

"Of course, after Shen Hai was established, we were ordered to collect all the resources around. We've searched every corner of Jinling. Then, we used a special area to store fuel. You can find everything there," explained Xu Li.

"Good! Well, what do you know about the plague?" asked Jiang Liushi suddenly.

Xu Li was momentarily stunned. Then, he answered, "Well, I've only heard rumors about it. It's probably a mutated zombie virus or a variant of rabies. It's normal for the rabies virus to have mutated."

Noticing Xu Li's expression, Jiang Liushi knew his answer was useless. It was obvious that Xu Li didn't know the reason for the plague at all.

'But that blue liquid...' Jiang Liushi suddenly remembered the blue liquid that Luoluo had consumed.

Xu Li waited for a moment, and upon seeing Jiang Liushi not asking further, he said timidly, "I have told you all that I know..."

"Are you in a hurry to leave?" Jiang Liushi said, "You should follow us back and lead the way for us. We'd like to go to Shen Hai's headquarters." Since he was determined to go there, he did not want to let Xu Li leave and go report in advance.

Xu Li squeezed out a bitter smile, which was uglier than crying. Of course, he knew Jiang Liushi's meaning, but he was not qualified to refuse.

At this time, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also came out of their tank. Although they had been severely injured by Xu Li's attacks, they were amused when they saw him. Jiang Zhuying had tortured the poor fellow to the point his looks had turned ugly. When Xu Li noticed Zhang Hai and Sun Kun's expressions, he felt annoyed.

"Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, you should let Yuxin help you. Go and get healed as soon as possible," ordered Jiang Liushi.

"Don't worry Brother Jiang, we are okay," said Zhang Hai, patting his chest heavily.

However, he showed a miserable expression in the next moment. It was obvious that he was suffering. Jiang Liushi estimated that as long as Li Yuxin helped them, they could be turned back to their valiant and strong selves again.

Unexpectedly, Xiang Xuehai walked toward them. "I'm really sorry for this. Captain Jiang, I feel sad about this matter. I never expected that my members could do something like that..."

"Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault," said Jiang Liushi.

"As long as you don't mind, I feel relieved." Xiang Xuehai smiled.

She was a woman with a carefree and easygoing personality. Since Jiang Liushi said that he did not mind, she would let go of the matter immediately.

"But actually, I hope I can have a chance to make it up to you," said Xiang Xuehai suddenly, her eyes betraying a tender glint.

Jiang Liushi was momentarily stunned. He analyzed her choice of words feverishly, even though he was uncertain if she had used them on purpose or not…


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