My MCV and Doomsday
582 Shen Hai
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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582 Shen Hai

In this vicious world, the Grim Reaper's scythe could harvest one's life in the next instant. However, sometimes, death was also more preferable than living in this dangerous world. Several days ago, a girl had committed suicide while bed-ridden. She had not the mental fortitude to keep living, nor the physical capacity to do so. Some times, she felt so weak that she could not even get out of her bed. As such, she tied two bricks together with a rope, strangling herself while lying on her bed. The girl was He Lu's best friend.

Witnessing her struggle, He Lu came to understand and see the world's true face.

He Lu calmed herself down, trying not to feel sad. She thought that it would not be long before she met with her friend again. Ever since the virus outbreak, He Lu had been living in that camp. At first, there were plenty of paranormals and ordinary people in that camp. Chores like cooking and washing were split accordingly amongst the ordinary people. Although they were plenty occasions that they had been hungry, at least, they had survived through it.

Unfortunately, the camp's paranormals had started to diminish as other teams started to appear while they were out hunting, which would attack at first sight for the resources. As such, only two paranormals remained now. Naturally, the camp was weakened and became poor.

If that were not enough, the plague also struck the camp, leading to the death of many people. Many people had fled, while the current group of people, which was the weakest one, remained there. Initially, they all thought that they would have to slowly wait to meet their maker, but a month ago, they were filled with hope again. A powerful team, whose abilities were far superior to what they could imagine, visited their camp.

The people in the camp had discussed with them, hoping to get away from there. The powerful team was named Shen Hai, and it was not only trying to rescue their camp, but also unite the other teams around. After that, its influence reached almost all of Jinling. It was said that Shen Hai was about to set up a country.

What was the concept of setting up a country in the post-apocalyptic?

He Lu felt it was difficult to imagine, but she was quite clear that a lot of time was needed to establish a new country. It sounded a little bit impossible.

Shen Hai was powerful, at least, any of its members were more powerful than He Lu's father. In fact, they could only meet those who were running errands for the team. How powerful were Shen Hai's core members?

Of course, the so-called attachment was serious. Once one group was affiliated with Shen Hai, it needed to hand food. Shen Hai had cleared some areas in Jinling City, so it had become easier for them to search for food. But they had to hand out lots of food.

At first, He Lu couldn't understand the reason why Shen Hai would like for them to collect food. After some time, she got to know the reason. Shen Hai wanted to collect mutant nuclei. They ranked all the mutant nuclei. As long as a camp could find a mutant nucleus, the camp would get lots of food as a reward. However, He Lu's camp was too weak. They couldn't get much food at all, let alone mutant nucleus.

"Aunt Zhang, please take good care of He Lu. I'll go out. If I'm lucky enough, I will find a mutant nucleus. Then, we will have food that will last us for a month. Even more, we can eat some meat," said the middle-aged man hopefully. He hadn't eaten meat for about a half year. At most, he could eat some ham sausages.

The middle-aged woman was about to cry. She just nodded without saying anything. Every time the middle-aged man went out, she felt nervous. But this time, it was especially intense.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to fight against those zombies. I will just search for dead ones. Maybe I can find its nucleus..." The middle-aged man said while opening the door and walking out.

Outside the door, it was a bloody and rotting ruin...

After such a long time, some zombies were indeed dead. But it was impossible for them to find a nucleus from their dead bodies. However, the middle-aged man had to try.

As soon as he jumped out of the tall wall, the middle-aged man was scared totally. He saw three men in ragged clothes running toward him. He noticed their fast speed and their fierce expression. It was no doubt that they were infected people!

The middle-aged man knew how powerful the infected the infected people were. One infected person could even fight against several zombies. Let alone, there were three infected people. Moreover, infected people had high intelligence. While the zombies had a hard time finding people that were in hiding, the infected did not. They could find anyone no matter they were.

Due to that reason, the middle-aged man was very careful every time he went out. But this time, it was too late for him to hide. He was not afraid about dying but afraid about the camp's fate. Once the infected found the camp behind him, they would kill all the people inside after killing him. In this terrible world, losing hope was the most desperate thing. The only support of the middle-aged man was his family. As a result, he made a decision without any hesitation.

'I'll lead them away!' He knew his speed was way inferior to the infected people's, but he still tried to run as fast as he could. He wanted to lure them as far as possible.

He burst out of the wall and ran away from the camp. But while he was running, the middle-aged man was surprised to find that the three infected people's attention was not on him at all. They were totally ignoring him, which shocked the middle-aged man. They should be pouncing like wolves that had met their prey. How could they ignore him?

At that moment, he heard a loud engine sound. Then, he saw a tour bus rushing toward them quickly. The tour bus made a perfect drifting maneuver on the narrow one-way road, and he saw something spinning on its top before a dark barrel was stuck out.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Three successive shots followed, and the three infected people were suddenly struck with blood splashing everywhere.

The middle-aged man astounded. What a shot!? What's more, the middle-aged man knew that infected people had a strong defense. It was obvious that they were killed by a sniper rifle. It's almost an illusion!


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