My MCV and Doomsday
579 Infected People
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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579 Infected People

Jiang Liushi was not the only one who found the scene strange, Ran Xiyu had also noticed the peculiarity. They could see a man and a woman chasing after the group of zombies. They were both haggard, but they did not look like ordinary zombies. Surprisingly, their eyes were not blood red, but instead, they were pitch black, emitting killing intent. As for their skin, it was not pale with bulging veins, but it was more similar to humans' with the exception of star-like blue spots all over the skin. If not for those obvious signs, they looked like humans. Unfortunately, they had lost their sanity, turning into zombie-like lunatics. That's also the reason they were chasing after the group of zombies like mad dogs; they were the pair's prey! 

The group of zombies was running as fast as possible, but the pair was running faster than them. They had already caught up with the last two zombies.

Suddenly, they struck one of the zombies, sending it flying straight to a lamppost. The steel lamppost trembled violently, while the zombie's spine broke in half.

"Great strength!" shouted Jiang Liushi in surprise.

Shortly after, the pair rushed further into the group of zombies like two fierce tigers. Their prime target was the two zombies leading the group. The pair roared like mad beasts, pouncing at the two zombies and throwing them to the ground. Then, they clenched their throats, snapping them apart.

The other zombies were running away as far as possible.

After snapping one of the zombies' neck, the woman raised her hand and struck it at the zombie's chest. Her hand was like a sharp knife, splitting the chest apart and grabbing at its heart.

Blood oozed out like a geyser from the would while the woman grabbed a semi-translucent bead from inside. Then, she stuffed it in her mouth!

"Blood nucleus?" Jiang Liushi's eyesight was extremely good. Therefore, he could see it clearly from such a distance. But soon, he shook his head as the semi-translucent bead was not a fully formed blood nucleus. It was smaller than an ordinary blood nucleus, and not crimson red. At the same time, the two zombies that died were ordinary ones; they had yet to transform into mutant ones.

"Can even ordinary zombies produce a nucleus?" Jiang Liushi was curious.

Truth be told, it was pretty natural as every living organism had experienced evolution. However, the pair was quite strange.

At that moment, Xiang Xuehai spoke in a solemn tone. "Captain Jiang! If I'm not wrong, that pair must have been infected by the plague."

"Oh? Are they really infected?" asked Jiang Liushi urgently. He was quite shocked.

"That should be the case. The star-like blue spots on their bodies are signs of the infection. What more, theirs are bigger and more aggressive than the ones I've seen 'til now. That's also why they are more powerful than other infected people," explained Xiang Xuehai. In other words, the infected people could also evolve!

After listening to Xiang Xuehai's explanation, Jiang Liushi sighed. The infected people were way more terrifying than zombies! They even knew how to hunt cooperatively, and they could gobble up mutant nuclei to grow.

Humans could also evolve by relying on the mutant nuclei of mutant beasts, but they had to be processed first. Although the infected seemed like humans, they had lost every sliver of humanity. They were killing machines.

While Jiang Liushi was pondering over the immensity of that discovery, the pair was devouring the zombies happily, roaring in excitement. Suddenly, their skins turned red and hot, and even their eyes were filled with a hue of red. However, what happened next was simply unimaginable. The pair started hugging each other, and then the man slightly pulled his pants, rubbing against the woman's body. Soon, the started having sex in broad daylight!

As the girls in Jiang Liushi's tour bus saw that, they turned back quickly. Covering their eyes.

"They seem like people that have consumed aphrodisiacs," exclaimed Jiang Liushi.

He had once heard from the news that some people that consumed aphrodisiacs or similar narcotics would enter into an excited state, unable to control their desires. It was dangerous to have sex people that had consumed such substances. They could have sex with multiple sex partners, disregarding any feeling whatsoever. Fulfilling their carnal desires was of utmost importance. 

After some time, the infected couple finished their lovemaking session. Then, the infected male looked at Jiang Liushi's way and roared. He was staring at Jiang Liushi, who was about 100 meters away from them.

Jiang Liushi noticed that though their eyes were black, they were not similar to human beings' eyes at all. Instead, they now looked like a snake's eyes.

Suddenly, the infected couple dashed toward Jiang Liushi's tour bus as fast as possible, but they came to an abrupt stop about 10 meters away from it as an electrical net engulfed them immediately.

The two infected struggled fiercely to break out of the electrical net. They forcefully steeped forward, but after seven meters they collapsed to the ground due to the intensity of Jiang Zhuying's power.

Jiang Zhuying stopped channeling her power, but the two infected's bodies kept convulsing violently. Surprisingly, their resistance abilities were far more powerful than ordinary zombies'.

Jiang Liushi, holding the AMR-2 sniper rifle, jumped out of the tour bus. As the two infected were slowly dying, the star-like spots started turning dimmer. When they left their last breaths, the star-like spots changed slowly.

"Captain Jiang, you should be extra careful. Stay away from them!" shouted Xiang Xuehai.

Jiang Liushi nodded. He also wondered about the plague's origins and what it was, but he didn't dare to risk his life. At the same time, he thought about the sudden emergence of the Black Hole, and he came to the conclusion that the situation was more complex than he thought. They were missing crucial information!


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