My MCV and Doomsday
578 Group of Zombies
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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578 Group of Zombies

In the next morning, Jiang Liushi woke up, but he was still immersed in the sweet dreams of the previous night. But that did not last long as he saw a group of soldiers coming to the villa. Jiang Liushi felt puzzled, as all the soldiers were dressed in uniforms with badges and insignia, and the lowest rank amongst them was the Colonel.

They stood in a neat row, and the moment they saw Jiang Liushi getting down from the tour bus with a toothbrush, they saluted him at once.

Upon seeing that, Jiang Liushi was stunned and at a loss. 'What happened?'

After a while, Jiang Liushi understood the purpose of the group's visit. They had come to express their gratitude once again and ask for the Shi Ying Squad to stay in Qionghai City, protecting it with them. Although most of the soldiers were honorable and responsible, it could not be avoided that someone had to replace Luo Jiafeng. In other words, killing Luo Jiafeng couldn't help them to solve any actual problem.

In their minds, Jiang Liushi was a relatively trustworthy individual. Jiang Liushi was not only powerful but also held a lot of prestige. After all, he had led his team alone to kill the Black Hole. Just that point was enough for them to regard Jiang Liushi as a hero. In this treacherous world, a hero was more admired than military or government officials. 

Unsurprisingly, Jiang Liushi wasn't interested in staying and protecting the Qionghai City. Thus, he rejected their offer.

After thinking through things carefully, Jiang Liushi believed that he was not good at leading others other than his team. Moreover, he disliked balancing the factions' internal power struggle. He was more suitable to drive his own car, leading his own team, and wander in the world. What was better than beautiful women, freedom, adventures and a happy life?

"You can ask Commander Wu to come back. You'd better inform him through the radio. I guess the cleansed Qionghai City won't let him down," suggested Jiang Liushi.

As the Storm Squad's leader, Commander Wu was more than qualified to represent Qionghai City. No matter if it were strength, character or prestige, he lacked none of them.

"Peach, Xie Shasha, and Wei Feifei, you'd better stay here." Jiang Liushi turned to say to them. He believed that Commander Wu could take good care of them.

Xie Shasha was very reluctant, but she had to give up as Jiang Liushi was out of her reach.

At the same night, the Storm Squad appeared on the far side of the horizon, Wei Feifei stood on the wall and saw Jiang Liushi's team also set off with a Type 99 tank. When they met, Jiang Liushi jumped on Commander Wu's tank. They patted each other on the shoulder and exchanged a few words.

Qionghai City was now Commander Wu's responsibility. As for Jiang Liushi, he would bring his members to explore the whole world.

Wei Feifei watched that scene silently, immersed in her own thoughts…

Three days later, the Shi Ying Squad arrived at Su Bei. The destination of Jiang Liushi was Shenhai Island. But on the way from Qionghai City to Shenhai Island, they had to pass through Su Bei.

Jiang Liushi could send Xiang Xuehai back on his way. Xiang Xuehai's teammates were following the tour bus on an SUV, while Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were driving the battle tank behind them. Luo Jiafeng was also a passenger on the tank, but a tightly tied one.

Along the road, other than zombies and mutant beasts, they had not seen any other living being. It had already been more than a year after the virus outbreak. Usually, people would love to express their complex feelings about transitional periods, but in this post-apocalyptic transition, they had suffered too much. Recalling the days before doomsday, felt like reading about a utopia or paradise recorded in a fantasy novel.

"Xu Zhong City, which has already been affected, is ahead," said Xiang Xuehai.

Although she had expressed her feelings to Jiang Liushi, she wasn't shy in the least when talking to him. Instead, she was elaborately dressed up. Just as that old saying went, "A girl will doll herself up for the person she loves."

When meeting difficulties, Xiang Xuehai could immediately enter a special state to show the character of a leader. Northern Jiangsu was the hometown of Xiang Xuehai. Even if her hometown was poor after doomsday, Xiang Xuehai loved it very much. She hoped that everyone in her hometown was well. After a while, Jiang Liushi saw a road sign, on which some words were written. "Xu Zhong, 20km."

The road sign was almost knocked to the ground by a car with blood, which had turned black after the passage of time, covering part of it.

"Why do I feel that there are a lot fewer zombies around here?" said Ran Xiyu suddenly.

Then, she activated and extend the radius of her mental power, observing carefully. Unexpectedly, the closer they got to Xu Zhong City, the more the number of zombies plunged; it was ¼ less than it ought to be.

"Xu Zhong was a big city in the Northern Jiangsu. Although its economy was relatively average, the population of the whole city reached near 9 million. What's going on?" Jiang Liushi felt confused.

"Brother Jiang, look!" shouted Ran Xiyu.

Jiang Liushi turned around and saw lots of dashing figures, which were wearing tattered clothes. Upon seeing that, Jiang Liushi frowned.

"Group of zombies!" shouted Jiang Liushi.

While he shouted, it didn't mean that they posed a threat to the Shi Ying Squad. Soon, Jiang Zhuying had jumped to the war room. "Brother, don't worry! They are a small piece of cake for me. I will electrocute and burn them all."

However, Jiang Liushi waved and said, "Wait! They are not rushing toward us. They are faster than the average zombies, and their direction…Uh!? They bypassed us? Something is chasing after them!"


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