My MCV and Doomsday
569 Old Accoun
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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569 Old Accoun

Chapter 569: Old Account
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Qin Hongfang was as dumb as a piece of wood after hearing their conversation. No matter what the outcome would be, he had gotten into serious trouble.

Upon realizing what was happening, the support team's leader hurried to pick up his walkie-talkie. However, a flash of electricity suddenly hit his walkie-talkie, destroying it. And he let out an anguished scream.

Jiang Liushi glanced at them coldly. Since they were there, he couldn't give them any chance to call for backup. Of course, the loud noises would attract the attention of the people in the military area, but Jiang Liushi had already a contingency plan.

"Jiang Liushi, you wish to kill me in the headquarters? You are crazy!" said Luo Jiafeng coldly after staring at Qin Hongfang.

"Did you think that I'd be afraid of you just because you snuck in? Keep dreaming! This place will be your grave!" said Luo Jiafeng while counting his members secretly.

In addition to his personal guards, there were several of the guards and the support team present. Moreover, he and Li Yinqiang were there. Thus, he wasn't afraid of Jiang Liushi at all.

"Brother Yinqiang, do you know Jiang Liushi?" asked Luo Jiafeng.

"Well, it's far more than just knowing him…" answered Li Yinqiang.

"It seems that you two are not in good terms. That's also good. We can share the benefits together," added Luo Jiafeng.

"Good idea! I can get rid both of you together. Up 'til now, I've been killing small fry. It's time to go for the big kill!" said Jiang Liushi with a smile. "Did you decide which one should die first?"

"It is you who will be dying! How could think that you'd be able to kill me in my turf? F*cker!" Luo Jiafeng shouted.

However, just at that moment, he felt a strong sense of crisis and jumped to the side without thinking.

Right after, a devastating air stream burst out from the tour bus' front. It grazed past Luo Jiafeng and destroyed the villa's door behind him. Then, countless explosions came from the villa. All the glass ornaments, lamps, and furniture in the house were torn apart by the air stream. In the blink of an eye, the entire villa was ruined from inside to outside.

Upon seeing that scene, Luo Jiafeng was angered. From the establishment of Qionghai City, that was his private residence, symbolizing his status. No one dared to bother him there, but Jiang Liushi had ruined it just like that.

All of a sudden, Li Yinqiang roared and pounced at the tour bus. Compared to Luo Jiafeng, Li Yinqiang hoped more than anyone to see Jiang Liushi dead. As a paranormal, the loss of an arm made him suffer a lot. Although his arm wasn't severed by Jiang Liushi, he still blamed him.

Li Yinqiang was like a tiger rushing down from the mountain. His figure appeared in front of Jiang Liushi's tour bus suddenly. Then, he rushed to hit Jiang Liushi behind the windshield. Before his fist punched that windshield, Ying stepped on the gas made a maneuver, so instead of hitting the windshield, Ly Yinqing's fist hit the tour bus' body.

After that punch, a print was left on the tour bus. Even Jiang Liushi frowned. He didn't expect that Li Yinqiang could be that powerful.

Li Yinqing felt dejected as he thought that his fist would at least break apart the tour bus.

"Shoot! Shoot!" shouted Qin Hongfang immediately.

Actually, he didn't need to shout at all. That guards' captain and that leader all knew what they should do. Soon, they found that their bullets were useless against the tour bus. They all wondered why the tour bus had such a tough exterior. The front was 700 mm thick, making it look thin.

Suddenly, an electric net enveloped the tour bus. Then, the tour bus started fighting back, smashing everything in its path and killing or injuring heavily whoever was close to it.

Standing in the war room, Jiang Zhuying was releasing her electricity almost at will, engulfing the entire tour bus in her electric net. A sweet smile was on her lovely face as she was enjoyed the process. But considering those screams, she no longer resembled a cute angel; she was more like little demon disguised as an angel.

Even the strongest ones, such as Li Yinqiang, Luo Jiafeng, and that bald man, they couldn't hurt Jiang Liushi's tour bus. If they were not present, the others would already have been killed.

"It's too bad for our side. We, a group of people, are on the losing end!" Qin Hongfang said anxiously.

Li Qianqian in his car was scared to death as she had never witnessed such a terrible scene.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi suddenly thought about something. He looked outside and up to the sky.

Li Yinqiang jumped back suddenly, staring at Jiang Liushi coldly. Jiang Liushi noticed that the helicopter was about to fly. Li Yinqiang and the others were apparently stalling time for the helicopter.

"Jiang Liushi, your car is strong, but it can only move on the ground. In front of our helicopter, it is just a stationary target," said Li Yinqing, while the 23mm automatic cannon at the front of the helicopter was aimed at the tour bus. The angle of that automatic cannon had reached 130 degrees, and it was impossible for the tour bus to escape from it.

Moreover, it carried six anti-tank missiles and 36 rockets. Even if the shell of Jiang Liushi's tour bus was hard enough, it was impossible for it to withstand those weapons.

Just thinking that Jiang Liushi's car would be bombarded to a waste, Li Yinqiang became quite happy. Luo Jiafeng also trod on air. In his mind, Jiang Liushi was may be powerful, but he was also too arrogant.

"That's wonderful! We have a helicopter! We don't need to be afraid anymore," exclaimed Qin Hongfang.

"Could that helicopter be so powerful that it can kill them?" asked Li Qianqian.

"Of course, If the ground troops face the air force without anti-air weapons, they will be crushed completely," replied Qin Hongfang confidently. Qin Hongfang couldn't find any other ways for them except running away as soon as possible. As a survivors' team, how could they have anti-air weapons?

Unexpectedly, another tube was stretched out from Jiang Liushi's war room. The silver barrel was so thin that it did not seem like anything special. Qin Hongfang thought that Jiang Liushi was going to bombard that helicopter, but he noticed that the tube was too short. How could he bombard the helicopter with that?

Presently, the pilot inside the helicopter was ready to fire. "Ready..."

Suddenly the crowd heard a sharp sound, and they all felt as if their hearts were being ripped out of their chests. At the same time, the silver tube gave a sharp flicker. It was like a flash of lightning rushed out from it.

"What's that strange tube?"

"What do they want to do?" Qin Hongfang and the others felt confused as the silver tube shined several times instead of releasing some destructive force or something.

"Well, isn't it dumb? But why is Jiang Liushi still laughing? Is he crazy?" shouted Li Yinqiang.

Suddenly, Li Yinqiang heard from above the helicopter getting closer and closer. He looked up, and his facial expression changed immediately! His helicopter was trembling violently as it had lost its balance and it was getting closer to the ground.


It fell down to the ground. The rotating propeller scooped up all the turf on the lawn. Then, the propeller broke, and the helicopter burst into flames and black smoke. Most of them didn't have enough time to dodge at all. That guards' captain was killed at once. Even Li Yinqiang and Luo Jiafeng couldn't dodge completely.

Li Yinqiang fell to the ground, and his body was covered with soil and grass shavings. But he didn't have time to notice that at all. He just wondered what had happened and why his helicopter had fallen so suddenly.

Not even a shot had been fired!

Li Yinqiang then remembered about that strange tube in front of Jiang Liushi's tour bus again. It was obvious that it wasn't an ordinary tube at all. It was that tube that had shot his helicopter down.

"The function of this electromagnetic pulse projectile was indeed pretty good," said Jiang Liushi with a satisfied smile.

The moment he launched his electromagnetic pulse projectile, all the functions of that helicopter had been shut down. It's no wonder that helicopter fell to the ground immediately. It was quite ridiculous that Luo Jiafeng and Li Yinqiang had underestimated Jiang Liushi. They had limited knowledge of their enemy.

Before they could recover from their shock, two strong mental attacks, in the shape of needles, attacked Li Yinqiang and Luo Jiafeng.

The two attacks landed a heavy blow on them. Immediately after that, a few figures rushed out from Jiang Liushi's tour bus toward them quickly.


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