My MCV and Doomsday
568 A Man Plans to Search for One Piece
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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568 A Man Plans to Search for One Piece

Chapter 568: A Man Plans to Search for One Piece
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Brother Qin, you are too kind. Please, lend me a hand later too," said Jiang Liushi with a smile.

Jiang Liushi weak and timid façade fooled Qin Hongfang completely. Thus, he started forming a plan on how to milk the fat sheep before him dry. He thought that it was difficult to find such a naïve fellow again, so Qin Hongfeng decided to use Jiang Liushi as a stable source of income.

After that, Qin Hongfang said to the guards' captain from earlier that he'd like to lead Jiang Liushi to meet Luo Jiafeng.

Upon listening to his request, the guards' captain felt embarrassed as he was the one who had ordered for Jiang Liushi's arrest. Moreover, at that time, Jiang Liushi had refused to hand over that tank to the military. How could the guards' captain trust Jiang Liushi? The guards' captain had been under the impression that he would be rewarded as he was the one that had reported about the tank. He was a crafty individual, so how could he not imagine what would happen if Qin Hongfang were to lead that team to meet General Luo? He would lose his reward and benefits.

"That...Brother Qin, since we were the ones that reported that team, we should follow. You can meet General Luo, but after that, we'll send them to the military's headquarters," said the guards' captain while laughing.

He planned to personally hand them over to the military to highlight his contribution.

The support team's leader also approached and said while looking at Jiang Liushi, "Brother Qin, nobody knows who they are. This is the military area, so we'd better follow to protect you."

Qin Hongfang was quite a smart man, so he understood their intentions. The two men were ordinary officials, so they seldom had the chance to meet the higher-ups. Finally, they had the chance to gain some benefits, so how could they waste it?

Qin Hongfang replied, "Well, we can go together." He didn't care about this at all. Moreover, he believed they deserved some rewards.

They all headed to the headquarters, which was located in the central part of the military area. It was a villa area. Luo Jiafeng's villa was not far from the headquarters. The villa was sumptuously decorated, with a large tarmac in front of the house.

Coincidentally, when they arrived at the villa, a helicopter was slowly landing on the tarmac. The high winds of the helicopter rotor made many soldiers close their eyes.

Struggling to see the helicopter, Qin Hongfang was totally shocked. It had five rotors, more than a dozen meters long, and its hard body was pretty attracting. It was a WH-10 helicopter. As one the most excellent domestic helicopters before doomsday, their numbers were few.

'How could such a helicopter have landed there? Who is coming?' Qin Hongfang felt it was strange.

After landing, the helicopter's door was opened, and a bald man with a pair of glasses and a gray leather suit stepped out of it. The bald man, who was about 1.9 meters high, was extremely strong. His muscles seemed as if they would burst his clothes open. Behind his ears, a long deep scar could be seen. Whether he was paranormal wasn't important, because his figure had surpassed many people.

However, the bald man wasn't the leader at all. After getting down, he stood on the side respectfully as a man in his thirties stepped out of the helicopter right after. The man had bronzed skin. He wasn't tall at all, but his eyes were as sharp as a hawk. He was missing his left arm from below the elbow, which had been replaced by a metallic prosthetic arm. Instead of a palm, there was a heavy and sharp axe-head.

The one-armed man perceived the people such as Qn Hngfang, but he merely glanced at them. At that moment, the door of the villa opened, and a middle-aged man of an extraordinary bearing, wearing a military uniform, walked out. The man was Luo Jiafeng.

"I never expected that Brother Li would come to visit. It's my great honor," Luo Jiafeng exchanged a handshake with the one-armed man. Although they were wearing military uniforms, they disregarded the military's etiquette and informally greeted each other.

"Brother Luo, you are too polite." The one-armed man was a person of few words.

Qin Hongfang's eyes shined after the brief exchange. At first, he was quite confused, but he recognized the one-armed man immediately/ He was one of the Xiayuan Safety Island's important figures, the God of War – Li Yinqiang!

The man was extremely famous. Before doomsday, he was an excellent official, and after the virus outbreak, his reputation and status skyrocketed as he obtained a powerful special ability. Qin Hongfang wanted to meet and get to know such a person no matter what happened.

"General Li, I've heard a lot about you. I'm Qin Hongfang. It's my honor to meet you. I'm so lucky…"

Li Yinqiang just nodded. He had come just for that 'weapon.' Naturally, he wasn't interested in Qin Hongfang at all.

Inadvertently, Li Yinqiang noticed a tour bus behind Qin Hongfang. That tour bus was accompanied by several military vehicles. It was a strange sight. Li Yinqiang didn't want to pay any heed to it, but he got a familiar feeling from the tour bus.

Currently, Jiang Liushi was sitting inside, staring at Li Yinqiang. Due to the reflective windshield, Li Yinqiang couldn't see Jiang Liushi's face clearly as it was covered by the shadow.

'Enemies meet on a narrow path,' thought Jiang Liushi while touching his chin.

When they had been in the Xiayuan Safety Island, Li Yinqiang had invited Jiang Liushi to join his team, but the latter had refused. As such, Li Yinqiang had wanted to use the Shi Ying Squad as bait and sacrifice it to attack the parasite-infested Beast Nest. Jiang Liushi had noticed this, so he got his revenge not long after, leading Li Yinqiang to lose his arm. How important was an arm for a paranormal?

Jiang Liushi hadn't expected that Li Yinqiang and Luo Jiangfeng would know each other. But it was not so strange either.

"Which team is behind you?" asked Li Yinqiang. As a level-2 paranormal, Li Yinqiang was sensitive, and he couldn't ignore such a familiar feeling.

"Oh, it's a survivors' squad. They picked a Type 99 tank and want to hand it to the military. I wanted to report it to Commander Luo," said Qin Hongfang. He was pretty happy as in his mind Li Yinqiang would appreciate him due to finding the tank.

"Is that squad on the tour bus?"

"Yes, it's just an ordinary team. They were lucky to pick up one tank," said Qin Hongfang. It was his judgment, but he thought it was definitely true.

Unexpectedly, Li Yinqiang walked toward that tour bus, which shocked Qin Hongfang. He wondered why Li Yinqiang was so interested in this team.

Li Yinqiang came to the front of the tour bus and saw the man sitting inside opening the window slowly. Then, the man leaned on the window with a satisfied posture and beckoned to Li Yinqiang, "Long time no see, Brother Yinqiang. Your new style is pretty good. Are you planning to search for One Piece?" said Jiang Liushi happily.

"You! Jiang Liushi, it's you!" Li Yinqing was clenched his fist in anger. How could he have forgotten that face?

"What? Jiang Liushi?" Luo Jiafeng was stunned after hearing that name. How could it be possible? How could he unexpectedly have moved so deep into this area? Did he intend to kill himself in the military area?

In Luo Jiafeng's mind, Jiang Liushi should escape or hide forever. But it was a quite strange thing that he could appear in front of him so fast. Just because of that reason, Jiang Liushi had won. Luo Jiafeng suddenly felt a chill running down his spine, and he reached for his weapon. "Why did you come here?"

"Didn't you hear that I picked up one tank. Originally, I wanted to drive that tank for several days, but as soon as we entered the gate, we were stopped and led here by your members," said Jiang Liushi.

Upon hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Luo Jiafeng looked at the flabbergasted Qin Hongfang at once.

'Jiang Liushi? Really? Isn't that the man, who killed that Black Hole alone? But where is his minibus?' Qin Hongfang turned to look at that tour bus behind him slowly as if his neck was broken. It was a nightmare for him. How foolish was he!? How ridiculous were his previous thoughts!?

He inadvertently saw Jiang Liushi's face, which was smiling like a devil.

Not only Qin Hongfang, but also the support team's leader and the guards' captain were all shocked this time. They had indeed stopped Jiang Liushi and led him to the headquarters directly. They had brought a killer to their home!


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