My MCV and Doomsday
554 Stop!
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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554 Stop!

Chapter 554: Stop!
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The engine of the tour bus released a roaring sound, which stunned Ah Dong and the others. They felt as if a train was about to collide with them.

After the upgrade, the MCV was running on a mixture between Black Light Energy and fuel. The Black Light Energy was so potent that it could convert all creatures into a part of it. One could imagine how terrifying a vessel supplied by such a potent power could be. Unfortunately, how could Ah Dong and the others that the vehicle before them was using that certain power?

In Jiang Liushi's mind, those people were like frogs at the bottom of a well. Today, he wanted to show them how vast the world was.

Suddenly, the tour bus dashed like a raging beast. Everyone was desperately shooting at it, but to no avail; they couldn't damage its exterior. Upon seeing that the tour bus was getting closer, everyone felt apprehensive and scared.

"Run!" Someone shouted, and they all dashed to different directions.

At that moment, the tour bus crashed a row of parked trucks. An unlucky fellow, who was running for his life, was next to the trucks and was swept by them the moment of the collision. In the blink of an eye, the trucks were deformed and sent flying before crashing against the ground with earth-shattering sounds.

As for the people inside and the unlucky fellow, they were dead. Their bodies had become one with the metal frames, just like a squeezed patty. The aftermath of the collision even spread to other trucks in the vicinity as the ground was trembling violently. It was like a big earthquake.

"F*ck," cursed Ah Dong, staring at the tour bus. In his mind, it was no longer a tour bus but a giant, while the trucks were its toys to play.

After the collision, the tour bus didn't stop, but moved forward, sweeping everything and everyone in its path. Bullets could not stop it, let alone humans. Soon, the ones shooting lost their courage and stopped. It was useless to continue. They only wished to have two more legs to run.

Currently, Wang Laosan had recovered some of his strength, but he was still in a miserable state as the bullets were stuck in his muscles. His wounds were not fatal. Upon seeing the tour bus' wild stampede, Wang Laosan was driven mad. Initially, he had regarded the Shi Ying Squad as a fish on his chopping board but never had he expected that Jiang Liushi would dare to be arrogant in his territory.

"Laosan, let's cooperate to stop the bus!" shouted Xie Feng.

"Good!" Wang Laosan shouted back and jumped up with his ax.

Xie Feng and Wang Laosan were like two fierce wolves as they were rushing to stop the bus.

Xie Feng's body started expanding, and his bulging muscles blasted open his clothes. At the same time, his skin became so hard that it could block bullets while sharp claws appeared on his hands and feet. If he were to throw a punch, he could smash a car directly.

Wang Laosan started rotating his ax to gain momentum, which he'd then use to help him cut the bus open. He believed that his ax could split the bus apart.

"The two of them are enough to deal with this. They could have died more peacefully, but now we have to make them suffer…" whispered Chen Biexue while playing with his bracelet.

Xie Shasha was horrified when she heard that. When she witnessed the bus hitting the trucks, Xie Shasha felt hopeful. But now, Chen Biexue's words shattered all hope in her heart. It seemed that Che Biexue were looking down on the tour bus as its strength could not match their absolute strength.

"Since you can run that fast, I will rip apart your tires!" Xie Feng accelerated and pounced at the tour bus from the side. Then, he stretched his hands, striking the tires with his claws. To his surprise, the tires were unscathed, and he was the one suffering from severe pain after trying to scratch them. Xie Feng felt that his fingers were broken!

'What kind of tires are these? Why are they so hard?' In the past, Xie Feng had smashed a moving car, but this time, he could not even deal with a single tire.

Suddenly, Xie Feng felt dizzy and got an ominous feeling. He almost instinctively jumped to the side, but he still felt a burning pain from his shoulder and a hot stream of blood oozing out from it. Xie Feng looked up, and he saw a pair of cold eyes staring at him. Those cold eyes belonged to a 17-year-old girl, and she had a tail, holding her out of the window. The girl was looking at him with a dagger in her hand.

"Are you that level-2 paranormal?" asked Xie Feng. He had learned from Ah Dong that a short-haired girl in the team was a level-2 paranormal.

"You chose the right time to come! I will kill you first!" roared Xie Feng.

A wisp of killing intent flashed in Ling's eyes. Then, she retracted her tail from the window, and she jumped, attacking Xie Feng.

On the other side, Wang Laosan had arrived. "F*cking guys! I will kill you!" The rotating ax in Wang Laosan's hands was about to be thrown out. He believed even if the shell of the car was as hard as a turtle's shell, his ax could split it open.

Moreover, the seemingly level-2 paranormal was entangled in a battle with Xie Feng so no one could stop him. Despite his calculations, a destructive electrical current surged out from the tour bus, enveloping Wang Laosan. His speed may be extremely fast, but there was no way to outrun the speed of lightning. Moreover, it was not just one lightning bolt. In the blink of an eye, countless lighting bolts had struck Wang Laosan. He could withstand one, but it was impossible to withstand the barrage of attacks.

Wang Laosan's hair was burnt, while smoke was coming out of his body. His arms were trembling so much that he couldn't even hold the ax. Then, the ax fell on the concrete floor, creating a big hole. What was even more hateful was that he heard a girl's delicate laughter. She seemed to be very happy!

Wang Laosan was shackled on the ground. Parts of his body were charred, and he cursed in his mind, 'Why was I attacked!? How could there be another level-2 paranormal in this car?'

According to the intel they got, they only knew that the opponent was extremely powerful and had a fierce minibus. However, facts spoke louder than words.

Wang Laosan felt that the strength of their opponent was indeed powerful. Both times he tried to strike, Wang Laosan suffered greatly. This outcome was the exact opposite of his expectations!

On the other side, Xie Feng was also in a tough spot. Ling was faster than him, and she appeared and disappeared like a shadow. Whenever she hit, a new wound would appear on Xie Feng's body, but he could not even touch her clothes.

'How is this possible?' Xie Feng had used lots of resources to attain the current level of his strength so he couldn't understand how Ling was more powerful than him. How could he know that the Shi Ying Squad was never short on resources and that MCV could produce evolutionary crystals better than the military?

Ling and Jiang Zhuying had already ushered in the outbreak of strength, so it was quite easy for them to fight against Xie Feng and Wang Laosan.

Chen Biexue's smile was gone after witnessing everything. Ah Dong felt it was impossible and thought that there something wrong with his eyes. How could the enemy deal with Xie Feng and Wang Laosan that easily?

'It seems that only Chen Biexue can stop them,' thought Ah Dong. He turned to look at Chen Biexue and calmed down.

Although Xie Feng and Wang Laosan were strong enough, they couldn't be compared with Chen Biexue. But, this time, Ah Dong was unsure of what was going to happen. Originally, he thought that he had brought a stupid fat sheep back, but now he felt that he had brought a fierce dragon instead. Thinking about this, Ah Dong felt his body became cold.

"I'll fight!" Chen Biexue suddenly said. Then, he put his bracelet on and stepped forward. Suddenly, his whole presence and breathing change.

Standing behind him, Ah Dong, Xie Shasha, and others, almost had an uncontrolled heartbeat acceleration. In their eyes, Chen Biexue resembled a mutant beast in a human form. Every step he took, left a faint footprint on the ground. As he was accelerating, they could even hear the rumble of thunder coming from the ground!

"Rawr!" Chen Biexue looked up and shouted. His voice was so loud that it could hurt one's eardrums. He rushed directly in front of the minibus, pushing his hands forward. Chen Biexue wanted to stop the tour bus!

Chen Biexue's rooted his feet in the concrete floor, and his stout muscles ripped apart his suit as his terrifying power was coursing through his blood vessels. He looked at the tour bus in front of him, and his eyes were full of confidence. In his mind, the moment he stopped the bus, he would pry open the tough shell and take out Jiang Liushi and his teammates. He wanted to tear them apart. Chen Biexue seemed like another person; fierce and terrible.

"Boss Biexue can do it! I've watched him tearing apart another person like his was made of tofu. He has never given up on a target," said Ah Dong excitedly.

In Ah Dong's eyes, Chen Biexue was the most powerful amongst the three bosses. Xie Shasha was so anxious that her hands had turned white from how tightly she was clenching her fists.

The tour bus was about to collide with Chen Biexue. At that moment, he screamed, "Stop!"


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