My MCV and Doomsday
505 Looming Danger
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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505 Looming Danger

Chapter 505: Looming Danger
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

On the map was marked the area in which the two helicopters had fallen. It was located near a commercial street in the center of Jiangning City. As the convoy was gradually approaching the city center, the pressure was also rapidly increasing.

After doomsday, Jiang Liushi had never treaded into the center of a city. Abandoned and destroyed vehicles could be seen everywhere, while the roads were full of zombies. Even the transparent elevators in the shopping malls were covered with layers of hardened blood. Inside them, a few corpses could faintly be seen. They belonged to people that had been trapped in due to the power outage after the virus outbreak. It was the same for other places.


Bloodcurdling sounds echoed.

"They are mutant zombies," said Ling while looking outside.

At that moment, a zombie rushed at the windows of the minibus. A young woman's face pressed against the window, and her bloody eyes almost came out, staring inside the minibus. Fortunately, the minibus shook it off at once.

"Grrr! Grrr!"

More and more mutant zombies started appearing from other streets and buildings, pouncing at them.

The Panther Squad's members were feeling nervous as some zombies were climbing on their cars. And it seemed that bullets were useless against them. Even if they were hit, the zombies would still climb into the compartment crazily, which gave them a lot of pressure.

Suddenly, the foremost Roarer issued a thunderous engine sound. Thicker black smoke billowed out from the exhaust stacks. And then, accompanied by a loud sound, a hot flame swept out of its exhaust pipe. The Roarer seemed as if it was bathed in flame.

Bai Jiayan held the steering wheel tightly with both hands. He stepped on its throttle to the end, so the Roarer sprinted to the dense group of zombies like a crazy dog, tearing those zombies apart.

"Cool! No wonder it is called Roarer," shouted Captain Guan excitedly.

"Fierce! It's amazing! The zombies' group couldn't stop the Roarer at all," Zhang Haojing also exclaimed loudly. And then he turned to look at Jiang Liushi's minibus which was at the far end of the convoy. Immediately after, he felt dejected as it seemed they were quite comfortable. If things were to go on like that, his plan to drive a wedge between Ran Xiyu and her team would end up in failure.

Jiang Liushu had meticulously been observing everything from his minibus. He confirmed that the Roarer was an imitation of the Shockwave and that its speed could reach far less than 600 kilometers per hour. In other words, the Roarer's speed was way inferior to the minibus when the Accelerate function was activated.


Under the leadership of the Roarer, the convoy quickly rushed through the zombie-infested section and stopped at a relatively calm place.

"Take a break. We can't stay here for a long time," shouted Captain Guan immediately.

The Panther Squad's members jumped out immediately out of their vehicles. Then, they spread out and secured the perimeter.

"Thank you, Captain Bai!" Zhang Haojing smiled and complimented him.

Bai Jiayan just nodded without saying anything. He and his partner remained in the truck and ate some food.

"We protected them the whole way, but they don't even have the courtesy to thank you," complained Zhang Haojing while looking at Jiang Liushi's minibus.

Bai Jiayan also looked at it. In his mind, that minibus was stronger than he had imagined. Although countless zombies had attacked them on the way, the minibus was still intact.

"They don't need to thank us. After all, we asked to come with you and lead the way," said Bai Jiayan said casually. He wasn't willing to pay more attention to Jiang Liushi's minibus.

He was the one who had designed the Roarer. After being refitted many times, it had become extremely powerful. Ordinary vehicles couldn't be compared with his Roarer at all.

From Jiang Liushi's standpoint, he didn't have to get off to express his appreciation. Jiang Liushi and his teammates could have easily completed their task on their own. Only Zhang Haojing felt that Jiang Liushi had profited at their expense.

"Xiyu, you should scan the surrounding area carefully," ordered Jiang Liushi. After all, it was the center of the city. He disagreed with the idea of resting there, but the Roared couldn't maintain its high speed all the way.

"No problem," said Ran Xiyu and her eyes shined like stars.

"I also have an ominous feeling about something extremely dangerous. However, I can't sense the exact source of that danger. I'm trying my best to sense..." Ran Xiyu added. She scanned far and wide, searching for the source of danger.

After listening to Ran Xiyu, Jiang Liushi decided that they could no longer stay there."

Jiang Liushi rolled down the window and shouted, "Zhang Haojing."

Zhang Haojing looked over, but he was annoyed by Jiang Liushi's calling. He was an official member of the government, which meant that he held a certain amount of power. He could even decide the death of others. That's why most people respected him. Jiang Liushi had already pressed a gun against his head once, so how could he dare not to respond most amicably?

"Captain Jiang, what's the matter?" asked Zhang Haojing while walking toward the minibus slowly.

Currently, he was not afraid of Jiang Liushi attacking him as Bai Jiayan, and Captain Guan were present.

"We've already rested for five minutes. That should be enough. Please tell Captain Guan that we should set off." This time Jiang Liushi was polite.

"Captain Jiang, you don't need to worry. Captain Guan can make his own decisions," replied Zhang Haojing.

Captain Guan looked their way as he heard their conversation.

"This is the center of the city. Moreover, Xiyu has sensed something dangerous lurking around," explained Jiang Liushi.

Around their encampment, not many sounds could be heard. However, it was the eerily quiet environment that led Jiang Liushi to feel something was wrong.

"Captain Jiang, it is quite normal to have an ominous feeling about this place. But you can rest assured that as long as Captain Bai is here, you'll be safe," said Zhang Haojing. It was evident that he wanted to undermine Jiang Liushi.

"This kind of danger is inexplicable. We should be careful and leave this place as soon as possible," explained Jiang Liushi patiently.

The unknown source of danger gave Jiang Liushi a nervous feeling. He couldn't help thinking about Starssed's warning. He had the same feeling as in the morning, so they had to pay attention and stay vigilant. Although Jiang Liushi disliked Zhang Haojing, he still informed him patiently.

Zhang Haojing smiled. "Captain Jiang, don't be so nervous. It may be just your imagination. You can't possibly think that we'll leave based on a mere hunch." He was treating Jiang Liushi like a fool.

Jiang Liushi stared at him and then he looked at Bai Jiayan, as well as Captain Guan, who were amusing themselves by watching Jiang Liushi's act.

"Well, I've warned. Since you treat this matter lightly, we'll go our separate ways here," said Jiang Liushi. He had decided that his team would complete the task alone. If they were to stay with them, his team would face grave consequences.

At that moment, Captain Guan finally reacted and asked, "Captain Jiang, what are you doing?" His team's primary mission was to escort the Shi Ying Squad safely to their destination, If Jiang Liushi were to leave, Captain Guan didn't know how to explain it to his higher-ups.

"You may have forgotten it, but we're not obliged to follow you. Not to mention that our tasks are different. That being the case, we don't need your permission to leave, right? If anyone asks, you can tell them the truth," said Jiang Liushi lightly.

After that, Jiang Liushi closed his window at once. And then his minibus issued low humming sounds, leaving this parking lot.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun followed behind with their car. When they passed by, they stared at Zhang Haojing and Captain Guan while sneering. "You're really confident in yourselves, ain't ya? We wholeheartedly wish you good luck!" And then, they sped up, driving away quickly.

"F*ckers!" Zhang Haojing cursed.

"They regarded our kind intentions as malicious…" Captain Guan was also annoyed. He wanted to persuade Jiang Liushi to stay with them, but the latter simply disregarded them and left.

Fortunately, Captain Guan only needed to lead the way for Jiang Liushi rather than protect his team. Since Jiang Liushi wanted to leave, he couldn't stop him.

"We're leaving in 10 minutes!" Captain Guan shouted.

He was also aware that they shouldn't stay there for a long time, but 10 more minutes was nothing. They had many soldiers that could fight against a large number of zombies.

Captain Guan looked at the Shi Ying Squad's departing cars. They had already left their encampment.

However, just at that moment, a shrill cry sounded.

In the northeast, a member of the Panther Squad responsible for alerting the others was suddenly thrown up high. And then a black figure flashed quickly. The unlucky member burst apart, turning into a fog of blood at once.

Captain Guan was horrified by that scene, and then he shouted urgently, "Ready to fight!"

'What was that black ghost? How was that unlucky fellow sent high and then struck without the slightest chance of fighting back?' thought Bai Jiayan and immediately launched his Roarer.

At that moment, everyone stared at Jiang Liushi's minibus and Zhang Hai's vehicle, which had reached an open area; they were completely exposed! Not only were they not turning around, but they were also moving forward fast.

"The speed of that shadow is extremely fast! How can they possibly run away from it?" Captain Guan exclaimed. In his mind, Jiang Liushi had led his team to run forward because he was quite confident in his minibus.

"They are a bunch of fools. What did you expect from a team of survivors? They all lack in judgment," said Bai Jiayan. That black figure had actually instilled fear in him.

A shrill cry sounded again. Suddenly, another black figure emerged from a high building, dashing toward Jiang Liushi's minibus.

"It is a huge mutant bird!" someone shouted.

The black figure turned out to be a huge mutant bird. Its wings spread a few meters wide. Its long beak was like a steel cone. Its two claws were shinning in the sun.

'Kra! Kra!'

Suddenly, more huge mutant birds appeared. In the blink of an eye, they were all hovering around the minibus.

"So many!?" Captain Guan's expression changed dramatically. Never had he imagined that such humongous birds would appear out of a sudden and attack them.


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