My MCV and Doomsday
465 Suffering Wrongly
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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465 Suffering Wrongly

Chapter 465: Suffering Wrongly
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Brother Jiang…"Li Yuxin caught Jiang Liushi's arms directly with her eyes full of worry and hope. Jiang Liushi had once rescued her family members, who were trapped at the nuclear power station, together with other soldiers in Shenhai Island. Li Yuxin was embarrassed to plead to Jiang Liushi again to help her rescue her grandfather and mother. Moreover, Area A was too dangerous now, so the military would not allow them to pass. However, Li Yuxin, she couldn't give up. She could only helplessly grasp Jiang Liushi's arms, but she did not know what to say.

Looking at Li Yuxin's eyes and feeling her slightly trembling hands, Jiang Liushi stretched his hands out, patting Li Yuxin on her shoulder.

"Yuxin, don't worry! We will find your family members," Jiang Liushi said. He had already decided to enter Area A because of the serum. Moreover, during these days, Li Yuxin had paid much attention to his sister in every possible way. While Jiang Zhuying was asleep, Li Yuxin had been monitoring her body's condition regularly to the point she had sometimes omitted sleeping or eating. Jiang Liushi couldn't fold his arms and look on while knowing all these.

In Jiang Liushi's mind, this campus belle had dedicated herself to Shi Ying Squad just like a quiet, delicate lily. She came from a prosperous family, but she did almost all the chores on her own initiative. At the same time, she still felt that her role on the team was secondary, so she had refused, but to no avail, the evolutionary crystals that Jiang Liushi had given her. However, Jiang Liushi appreciated her and thought she was indispensable. As the team doctor, she could play an important role at any critical moment.

"Yuxin, stop over-thinking all the time. You have rejected two safe areas in order to join us. Since we are teammates, why do you still have so many worries?" Jiang Liushi sighed and shook his head.

Li Yuxin stared at Jiang Liushi blankly, and then her tears rolled down her face. She was like a little kid who had been suffering from her pent-up feelings. She bit her lips, restrained from crying, and nodded.

"It would be impossible for us to enter from the main entrance, but we can find a place to sneak in," Jiang Liushi turned around and said.

Actually, the main firepower of those troops was concentrated on the densely populated areas. From the point where several infected people were running out, it could be seen that the military could not take care of every corner.


At this time, the intensive gunfire sounded again. Farther, Jiang Liushi saw more than a dozen figures rushing out from Area A. They were dashing toward the soldiers directly. Some of them were wearing military uniforms, but others were general survivors. They were all similar to Commander Wang, ultimately losing their rationality and madness taking over.

Jiang Liushi turned to look at Ran Xiyu. "Xiyu, please scan the area."

"Okay!" Ran Xiyu opened her spiritual vision at once and spread it around all the way silently.

Areas A and B were entirely separated by barbed wire and fences. Ran Xiyu's spiritual vision was extended along the wall, and many glimmering dots appeared in her spiritual vision. The place with the least glimmering dots was the place where the defense was the weakest, and it also meant that the number of infected people was relatively small. Soon, Ran Xiyu's eyes seemed to be taken back from far away. "I have found the nearest possible place," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi nodded approvingly. "Ying, set off," Jiang Liushi ordered. And then, Ying launched the minibus, driving to another road without disturbing any soldiers.

Currently, in area A, the formerly peaceful street seemed to have experienced another eruption of doomsday. It was full of traces of chaos and destruction.


An infected person's mouth let out low roars, squatting on the street. In front of him was a building. In that building were a dozen hidden people who were under the protection of a small troop. One of them was afraid and uneasy. He couldn't help but sneak up a little gap in the curtains to see that close-in infected person.

Just at that moment, the infected man suddenly raised his head and looked at the man too. Immediately afterward, his speed suddenly became fast, and he rushed directly toward the building.

"Ah!" The man in the building was seized with a sudden impulse to scream. A soldier beside him also pulled the trigger immediately.


A sudden loud noise came from the doorway. The people inside shuddered, and they all looked at the door nervously. Slowly, some blood flowed through the door, but no more sound was heard.

'He was killed...'

Everyone felt relieved, including that small team of soldiers.

At that moment, a gruff old man stood up and looked at the man who had just lifted the curtain. "Do not make arbitrary decisions anymore! If there were more than one outside, you might have killed us!"

"I didn't know he could see me!" That man tried to explain.

In fact, they didn't know how those people were infected, but they knew those people were all very horrific, with incredibly sharp senses.

The only upside, if it could be considered one, was that they did not eat people, but as long as they bit or seized someone, they would become monsters just like them.

"In this post-apocalyptic world, even ordinary people like you and me, also show signs of slow evolutionary improvement. Do not despise the virus," that old man said again. He was Professor Su Guangqi. The building was relatively stout, but even so, several infected people had tracked them.

"What Professor Su said is right. The sudden outbreak of this virus may have been brought back from that beast nest. We clearly know about it!" Another man said.

They were all scientific research members, so immediately after the outbreak of the unknown virus, some soldiers came to escort them to a safe place. However, they were attacked by some infected people, so they had to split up. This portion of the team had stayed in this building to wait for help.

"Professors, please don't be nervous. Someone will come to rescue us soon!" The captain of this team reassured them. The overwhelming majority of those professors were protected in advance; way before the first virus outbreak. Only a few of them had witnessed the terror of doomsday, so they didn't have enough experience. In the early days, many people were killed because of misjudging the situation; just like the man who had just moved the curtain and the infected person spotted him.

At that moment, squeaking noises were spread from a distance. All the people in that building felt their bodies turning stiff, and the soldiers immediately lifted their muzzles.

'We don't have enough bullets. I hope the rescue team can come quickly,' the captain thought anxiously.


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