My MCV and Doomsday
353 Military Camp
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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353 Military Camp

Chapter 353: Military Camp
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After half an hour, Jian Ling could still see a shabby-looking minibus following not far behind them on the steep mountain road. The smooth rocky slope went uphill at an angle of 50 degrees, but the minibus could still cross it easily. The minibus' terrifying horsepower and its tires' tenacity shocked Jian Ling. At first, she had thought that they would need to support the minibus all the way. However, facts speak louder than words.

What was noteworthy was that not only had they not expected that they would encounter difficulties, but Jiang Liushi's minibus was actually the one finding the safest route instead.

At that moment, one of the convoy's off-road vehicles was stuck in the mud. Its tires were covered in mud, rendering it unmovable. When Jiang Liushi saw that scene and thought of how it was going to delay them or even affect their actions later, he pressed a button at the most critical moment, and a robotic arm extended from the minibus. Then, the robotic arm grabbed and pulled the off-road vehicle. Thanks to the minibus, they were not forced to stop!

Jian Ling felt perplexed when she saw that scene. Xiang Xuehai also noticed all those details, but she closed her eyes as she wanted to conserve her power.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said, "We arrived! Be careful!"

They soon reached an abandoned and devastated village, and they stopped.

Several zombies, hidden in the village's houses, rushed out in the rain when they heard the engines' sounds.

Zhang Hai jumped off, and Sun Kun followed behind. They killed all the zombies quickly without wasting any bullets. And then Xiang Xuehai, with a group of fat men, stood in the rain and spread out a special waterproof map on an SUV's hood. Jiang Liushi also walked toward them to take a look.

"Mr. Jiang, this place is called Wanshou Village. It is the nearest place to Yang Feng's military camp." Xiang Xuehai held a red pen and pointed the place on the map for Jiang Liushi to see.

It was a special 3D map of northern Jiangsu area. It was a rare map, even before doomsday, as it was based on images from a satellite. On that map, the mountain peaks, currents, and the surrounding urban terrain were marked clearly. There was also a peak near Wanshou Village marked with a striking red circle.

"The mountain marked by the red circle is the Wansui Mountain, and that's where Yang Feng's military camp is located. As you can see, we can climb from that hill to reach the mountain's peak. As long as we reach the peak, we can follow this trail…" Xiang Xuehai elaborated on her plan while showing every step they would take using the map. Every word seemed to come out from her heart.

Xiang Xuehai hated Yang Feng to the core. As she witnessed how powerful Jiang Liushi's team was along the way, she became confident.

"It's hard to find such a 3D satellite map and hidden channels. Boss Xiang must have been planning to fight against Yang Feng for a long time, right?" Jiang Liushi said calmly.

"In this dog-eat-dog world, a human's life is insignificant. I just want to live," Xiang Xuehai answered quietly.

Hearing her answer, Jiang Liushi just smiled but didn't say anything. Actually, he did not care too much about Xiang Xuehai's hatred. The more thorough Xiang Xuehai's plan was, the lesser the risk of the sneak attack to fail. It really benefited Jiang Liushi's team.

"Boss Xiang, please continue explaining." In the heavy rain, a pretty figure appeared and placed an umbrella above Jiang Liushi's head. A familiar fragrant smell entered Jiang Liushi's nostrils, so he didn't even need to look back. He knew that his sister had come, which meant that his members were prepared to fight.

Except for Shi Ying Squad, two other teams, which were active near northern Jiangsu's suburban counties and had cooperated several times with Xiang Xuehai, had also joined.

"Boss Qi, what are they doing? Attacking Yang Feng is a life-threatening matter. Why did they bring so many useless women?" One of the youths asked a middle-aged man.

His voice was loud on purpose. Although it was hard to hear someone's voice in the storm, they still heard him.

Hearing that question, Jiang Liushi just smiled. However, Jiang Zhuying and the other girls in Shi Ying Squad couldn't bear it.

'What does that mean? Useless women?' When those words came directly to the youth's mind, he was shocked. And then he noticed that a beauty, standing beside Captain Jiang, was staring at him coldly.

'A psychic paranormal!?' The youth became nervous. And then he felt sharp claws on his head that were about to drill inside his brain, a cold edge pressing against his throat and an electrical current numbing parts of his body… The girls were all paranormals!

"Everyone, we are in the same boat now. Please, we should be polite to each other," the middle-aged man, Qi Dingfa said urgently.

Noticing how the three girls appeared before the youth swiftly, Xiang Xuehai was surprised. Shi Ying Squad was amazingly powerful. In this world, strength was everything.

"It's going to get dark soon, so let's continue. I have brought 20 sets of climbing equipment with me. We go through the streams here... and then turning over here, about two hours later, we will reach the mountain's foothills, where Yang Feng's dark… Of course, we should be cautious of mutant beasts. Although Yang Feng must have probably hunted all of them, we should still be careful…" Xiang Xuehai said, and her finger moved on the map endlessly.

"Boss Xiang, you didn't mention my minibus in your plan. I have to drive it there, so I should leave several people…" Jiang Liushi said suddenly.

What does that person mean? He wanted to rush with his minibus to the military camp? If his minibus were a Transformer, they wouldn't even need to think about it. But that vehicle was just a minibus! It was impossible!"

"You can rest assured that my minibus will temporarily stay in a hidden place outside the barracks. But if our sneak attack is going to endanger our lives, or if it's successful and we should flee, it will quickly pick us up!" Jiang Liushi explained.

Jiang Liushi was the kind of person who would only pin their hopes on himself. As a result, the minibus was his best friend. In case there was an unpredictable risk of attacking, his minibus could ensure their safety at least.

"If you can't accept my request, I will give up on cooperating with you," Jiang Liushi added.

Xiang Xuehai stayed silent for a while, and then she nodded. "Okay."

"You can bring it. You just need to make sure that when your minibus comes, it won't disturb the army!" said Xiang Xuehai, wiping the rain on her face. That was her biggest concession. She couldn't let that team leave. As long as she could kill Yang Feng, nothing else mattered. After eliminating her enemy, she would be able to absorb Yang Feng's forces and resources. The benefits she could gain were endless.

Of course, the most important thing for her was to kill Yang Feng. In this terrible world, it was too hard for a woman to protect herself. As for Qi Dingfa, he had his own plans. He regarded Shi Ying Squad as cannon fodder. He thought once Shi Ying Squad was destroyed, he could earn more benefits. As a result, he didn't oppose Jiang Liushi's idea.

"Well, I'll arrange my team members. And then we will follow you!" Jiang Liushi answered after Xiang Xuehai accepted.

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's conrer; I really wanted a scene with Sun Kun and Zhang Hai sighing and shaking their heads before the three women assaulted the poor youth ;p


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