My MCV and Doomsday
315 I Can’t Say It Anymore
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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315 I Can’t Say It Anymore

Chapter 315: I Can’t Say It Anymore
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Ling looked at Shi Ying Squad's members and felt strange. She had met plenty of brutal and crafty people, but the ones standing before them looked like college students. It was really amazing that they could kill Hong Yue.

"Didn't Hong Yue try to entice you with benefits?" Ling asked.

"What? What's your meaning?" Jiang Liushi didn't answer directly.

"I know the answer. But I am curious, why did you reject her? Nobody rejected her in the past," Ling explained.

She didn't think that Jiang Liushi killed Hong Yue because of his moral principles. Moreover, Fallen City's foundation was established on humanity's dark side.

"You have too many questions," Jiang Liushi glanced coldly at her. The Starseed had given him information about the special energy and how close they were to it, but he could never reveal his secret.

It was natural that Ling had so many questions. Since Jiang Liushi didn't want to tell her, the woman frowned. And then she looked toward the aisles, on which, the ground was full of thick blood exuding a terrible smell.

Ling approached Hong Yue's corpse, which was severely mutilated and her face barely recognizable. She looked coldly at Hong Yue and then said with a sarcastic smile, "When you were feeding people to your zombie while enjoying the scene, you certainly did not expect this outcome… You wanted to keep torturing me for a long time, so you didn't feed me… I'm wondering, did regret everything you did before death? Who'd have thought it? I'm alive, and you are dead."

"Ling? When did you learn that Hong Yue was raising zombies?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Very early. But she didn't kill me because I was privy to her secrets." Ling turned her eyes away and looked calm. "Actually, we were classmates in the same high school. Before doomsday, I was superior to her in almost every aspect. She hated me to the core, but she didn't dare to bother me. After doomsday, I formed a team with other survivors, and we unexpectedly met her. I didn't care about the past's trivial matters, but she was clearly holding a grudge…" Ling told her story and then shook her head.

Listening to her life story, everyone shook their heads. It was a constant occurrence in human relationships.

"You should go to that warehouse as soon as possible. Hong Yue usually didn't stay here for a long time. The guards will notice that something is wrong," Ling explained.

"Wait!" Jiang Liushi walked toward Little White, pulling his dagger out, and then looked at Ling and the spy. They were stunned for a moment but understood his meaning. Jiang Liushi didn't want them to know what he was about to do, so it'd be better to look elsewhere.

Jiang Liushi ripped Little White's shirt with the dagger, and then a dark blood nucleus appeared on its chest. It was one with the flesh and directly connected to the heart via blood vessels. Even though the zombie was dead, the blood nucleus was still beating.

Jiang Liushi had acquired another blood-nucleus, but this one was entirely different from that one. Inside this blood nucleus, in addition to its dark red light, there was also a hint of milky white light.

The milky white light was like a living bug nesting inside. It showed that Little White had high intelligence. Nobody knew what would happen if Jiang Liushi hadn't killed it.

Jiang Liushi dragged it out, and as soon as the blood nucleus fell into his palm, it gave off an unspeakable palpitation. After that, Jiang Liushi looked at the other zombies. Unfortunately, Hong Yue had raised those zombies to provide them as nutrition to Little White. As a result, they didn't have the chance to evolve into mutant zombies.

"We can go now," Jiang Liushi said.

By that time, Ran Xiyu had selected all the people who could be released. For others, although they were in a miserable condition, they didn't dare to say anything. For those who were released, they were overjoyed, and some of them even cried with excitement. If they hadn't met Jiang Liushi, they would probably die in despair.

Although Jiang Liushi did not specifically save them, it still made them extremely grateful.

"If you go outside, it's likely that you'll attract the patrols, and they'll kill you. You should stay here and run when chaos brakes out," Jiang Liushi said.

Without the cages restraining them anymore, they could go out through the arena. "The guards will come to find Hong Yue. Every one of them tortured us whenever they had the chance, so we decided to fight against them!" The survivors looked at each other and said in a tone full of hatred.

"As you wish," Jiang Liushi said.

"You can also stay here as well." Jiang Liushi looked at the spy.

The spy looked at the survivors depressingly. In this case, he also did not want to leave immediately. "Don't stare at me. I will stay here. Hong Yue is dead. You should take it easy... " The spy mumbled.

"Let's go." Jiang Liushi et al. returned.

Ling suddenly asked, "Do you intend to walk out of here?"

"Of course not, we drove."

"Well, driving is less conspicuous." Ling nodded. Although Hong Yue was dead, her forces were still there.

Jiang Liushi smiled.

Ying took the initiative and left before them to bring the MCV. And then in the darkness, the minibus came…

Ling was shocked and said, "What? A minibus? I'm speechless! It's useless…"

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; Ling is in for a surprise ^_^ The minibus useless? HA! ;p


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