My MCV and Doomsday
267 Pulling the Trigger
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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267 Pulling the Trigger

Chapter 267: Pulling the Trigger
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Chen Biao and his subordinates immediately ran away after the assassination plan failed. Ran Xiyu's special ability was scary! Chen Biao believed that Jiang Liushi would chase them along the way. Unfortunately, there was only one road to return to Shenhai Island. They had no other choice other than running away at full speed.

Chen Biao was still worried, so after they had run a long way, he decided to drive through a narrow mountain road. It was a rare route without any people before doomsday. But it was also a dangerous route because there were lots of mutant zombies in the mountain area. Moreover, engine's sound was easy to attract mutant beats.

However, in order to escape from Shi Ying Squad's pursuit, Chen Biao chose to take this risk. After all, Jiang Liushi's minibus was too fast. Chen Biao slowed down the vehicle's speed, and he tried to drive along the mountain road. He only stopped after two kilometers.

"Captain, what should we do next?" The woman holding the whip asked.

Chen Biao took out a cigarette, but after thinking, he gave up on smoking it. And then he said coldly, "We'll wait!" He believed that Jiang Liushi would give up after not finding them. Moreover, it was impossible for Ran Xiyu to keep searching for them all the time.

After hearing the answer, the two members of his team didn't speak anymore. They also believed that Chen Biao's decision was wise. Jiang Liushi couldn't guess that they had hidden in the mountain area.

Chen Biao was very patient; whether it was to kill or escape, he was never in lack of patience. During the process of waiting, Chen Biao also predicted Shi Ying Squad's actions. He believed that with the minibus' speed they could catch up with them within half an hour. As Jiang Liushi would be unable to find them on the road find, he would give up. However, they didn't know how far they wanted to pursue them, so Chen Biao and his subordinates waited for a whole day.

In that dangerous mountain area, they couldn't make the slightest sound. Although it was cold at night, they didn't dare to light up a fire. None of them slept all night long, as they took three-hour-turns to stay guard. Survivors had become accustomed to such sleeping conditions.

The next morning…

Chen Biao launched the car.

"Let's go!"

The assassination mission was a failure, and it led Chen Biao to reevaluate Jiang Liushi's power. He decided to return to Shenhai Island first, and then after reporting to Chu Chongshan, he would like to try to kill Jiang once more. As long as they could return Shenhai Island safely, they could find another opportunity. Although it was quite challenging for them to kill Jiang Liushim, he believed that the latter also had his weak aspects. Jiang Liushi's biggest mistake was that he offended Chu Chongshan.

Chen Biao carefully drove back to the main road. And then he traveled all the way, focusing on the sounds in the air. Fortunately, nothing abnormal happened, and gradually, Chen Biao was able to calm down. He had to take advantage of time and return to Shenhai Island. The other two members were also relieved. They wanted to assassinate Jiang Liushi, but they roles had reversed, and they were the ones in danger. They felt like they had gained a second life. As they were gradually leaving behind Ye County, their mood was getting better.

When they reached a turn, a huge sense of life and death crisis suddenly came to them! Chen Biao looked around the corner and found a ferocious mutant beast waiting for them.

"A mutant beast?" Chen Biao suddenly hit the brakes, grabbing a rifle at once. He gestured to the other two, each holding a weapon, and they silently got out of the car. They were all well-trained soldiers. As long as they seized opportunities, it was easy for them to kill a mutant beast. Only if they encountered a level-2 mutant beast, it would get dangerous.

They cautiously got closer to the corner. Then, Chen Biao affixed to the mountain wall, stretching out his head. However, Chen Biao was totally shocked by the scene. He felt a chill running through his spine.

"How is it possible?"

On the other side of the bend, Jiang Liushi's minibus was parked. From the gunner room on the roof, a muzzle was pointing at Chen Biao. It was as if the muzzle was making fun of Chen Biao.

Chen Biao could have never imagined that Jiang Liushi would wait for them in such a place. As a matter of fact, Jiang Liushi had predicted the course of their actions, so he kept driving continuously for a day, surpassing them and waiting for them!

Chen Biao thought of all the possibilities, but he had never thought of that. Nobody expected such a result. Why would act Jiang Liushi so crazily?

And then a terrible idea emerged in Chen Biao's head. He thought that Jiang Liushi wanted to return to Shenhai Island!

He lifted his gun at once, but it was too late.


A bullet struck Chen Biao, and his blood splashed everywhere.
The other two people had no time to react at all.


At that moment, they heard the crackling sound between the twigs above their heads.

Immediately, a blue and white current flashed before their eyes, and an overwhelmingly horrifying electrical attack landed on the woman. And then her beautiful young figure fell on the ground...

"You're going to hurt yourself with that gun," a playful, girly voice came.

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; Two to go ^_^

Before you start asking about the mutant beast they saw, there are two possibilities:

1) Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin used their abililities and made them see an illusion. {You'll understand later.}

2) They actually killed a mutant beast and used its carcass to conceal the minibus.

I'm just speculating because it's not explained :P


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