My MCV and Doomsday
257 Ye County
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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257 Ye County

Chapter 257: Ye County
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

What Zhu Changqing saw through his binoculars wasn't a devastated land. On the contrary, there were newly built city walls. And the most incredible thing was that the walls were made of rock, and not on a small scale!

"City walls are surrounding Ye County! It seems that there are a lot of survivors." Zhu Changqing's voice came through the walkie-talkie.

Hearing the words, Jiang Liushi was shocked. From that distance, he could see the city walls without the help of binoculars. The six meters high wall was quite eye-catching.
In this post-apocalyptic world, they lacked construction machinery, and it was quite difficult to find construction materials too. Obviously, judging from the project's scale, there were highly talented paranormals in Ye County. Moreover, most of the original residents had preserved their lives, so it was easier to build a base.

This made Jiang Liushi feel relief, after all, he had many childhood memories of his life in Ye County.

"Xiyu," Jiang Liushi gently called Ran Xiyu.

"Okay." Ran Xiyu nodded. She immediately spread her domain's reach through the walls, covering a broad area behind the walls.

"There are a lot of people behind the walls, about four or five hundred people, among which five are paranormals…" Jiang Liushi reported everything Ran Xiyu perceived through her power to Zhu Changqing.

The city walls blocked the main road to their destination, so they had to enter the base in order to continue. The convoy's armored vehicles obliterated the vehicles blocking the road, and they soon reached the city walls.

Within this wall…

"Boss Sun! Boss Sun! A lot of armed people are coming our way! They have even armored cars!" A man shouted.

In the base, one could see a palace, which was built following the Ming and Qing's imperial palaces' structures. Of course, it seemed to be awkwardly constructed because of the architect's low proficiency level. But even so, it was incredible that such a palace existed after doomsday. Palace walls surrounded the palace and also divided it into the front hall and the back hall. Even outside of the palace walls, a ten-meter-wide river was flowing around them.

"Armored cars?" Boss Sun, wearing a bright yellow robe, was a 40-years-old man. If it were any other survivors' camp, they'd be overjoyed by the fact that the military had arrived. However, when Boss Sun heard the news, he became nervous and anxious.

"D*mn, Ye County is such a small place, why would the military choose to come here!? F*ckers!" Boss Sun took his robe off, put on a uniform, and he rushed to the walls with that man.

On the wall…

They could see eight military vehicles lined up in a row. The first one was a 92-wheeled armored vehicle. In the middle, there was a strange minibus. And at the convoy's end, a heavy truck was following.

The town's road was full of dirt, so when the convoy drove by, it left a cloud of dust behind it.

Boss Sun's facial expression suddenly changed after seeing that scene. At least two dozens people were with the convoy. According to the military's standards, he was afraid that all of them were armed to the teeth. Once the military had any ideas about their base, how could they stop them?

Boss Sun's base was filled with food! He wanted to make a new arable land and treat Ye County as his kingdom. Unfortunately, he had never expected the military's sudden arrival.
At that moment, the armored vehicles reached the walls.

Zhu Changqing had apparently seen the middle-aged man standing on the wall, so he shouted with a megaphone, "Open the gate."

"Boss, what should we do?"

Boss Sun took a deep breath. Although the city gate looked sturdy, an armored car could easily bring it down. Boss Sun sighed, and then he ordered, "Open the gate, and immediately notify the others to hide all the food and gasoline!"

Once the gate opened, the convoy passed through it.

Originally, that area was Jiang Liushi's hometown. However, the ancestral home left by his grandparents had disappeared and in its place was a palace with a moat.

"This…" Jiang Liushi was shocked. He couldn't fathom the survivors' thinking process. Why would they build a palace? Moreover, the palace was occupying a lot of lands…Slums, ordinary residential areas, as well as magnificent palaces, they were hard to distinguish.

Jiang Liushi was greatly disappointed.

"Brother, don't you think that the palace, as well as the walls, are a bit strange? The foundations are just large blocks of stones without cement…" Jiang Zhuying suddenly said.

Hearing his sister's words, Jiang Liushi also found the peculiarity. It was indeed strange because they couldn't have completed such a feat without the help of the modern machinery. Unless paranormals were involved…

However, the gap between the rich and the poor in Ye County made Jiang Liushi feel uncomfortable.

When he saw many hungry, skinny residents, he felt as if someone was pricking his heart with a needle. Some of them were very happy, some of them were very excited, but most of them were sad and scared.

[I'm afraid that most of the people here are starving to death. Really terrible…] Jiang Liushi said to himself.

As a matter of fact, Ye County was an agricultural county. Naturally, the County's reserves should be enough to sustain those people for a long time, but the reality was different...

Jiang Liushi was pondering over the cause of the survivors' tragic appearances, but a tall, middle-aged man was walking toward them and interrupted him with his enthusiastic shout, "Welcome to Ye County, my friends…"

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