My MCV and Doomsday
230 Radical Zone
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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230 Radical Zone

Chapter 230: Radical Zone
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Have you eaten?" Jiang Liushi casually asked. From the moment Ran Xiyu joined them, their team's food quality had been significantly improved. Although Ran Xiyu was treated like a princess before doomsday, her cooking skill was excellent! In that area, his own sister was a little worse.

[Eat?] Wang Shiqi could not help but swallow her saliva while looking at Ran Xiyu filling a bowl with rice.

"Is that… mutant meat?" Although she had guessed from the smell, Li Yuxin could not help but ask.

"Yes." Jiang Liushi said. And then he took a large pot of stew meat.

Wang Shiqi's eyes opened wide after tasting the mutant meat. She was also shocked by the fact that there were fresh vegetables with every dish. Wang Shiqi was clear that after doomsday, fresh vegetables were a luxury only military leaders could enjoy, and even money couldn't buy them.

"You have a huge appetite. Did you finish all that by... yourself?" Wang Shiqi was stuttering. After doomsday, she was proud that she could enjoy some available luxury brands. However, in front of Jiang Liushi's resources, those luxurious things meant nothing.

"Of course. Don't you know that paranormals have a big appetite?" Jiang Liushi asked, and then explained calmly. Undoubtedly, they were living in different worlds. Wang Shiqi felt ashamed of her inferiority.

"That… we have eaten." Li Yuxin said. Jiang Liushi just saved all of them during the day, so she was ill at ease to eat his food.

Hearing Li Yuxin's words, Wang Shiqi felt disappointed. Actually, she would like to eat. Moreover, she loved to eat rice. But she also knew that they came to express their gratitude and couldn't accept any gifts. As a result, it was natural that they should refuse Jiang Liushi's kind invitation.

At that moment, Ran Xiyu whispered a few words in Jiang Liushi's ears. In fact, even without Ran Xiyu's reminder, Jiang Liushi also noticed that Li Yuxin wasn't truthful. He said kindly, "It's okay. You can eat with us. Take it easy, we have plenty of food."

Jiang Liushi invited them to sit for dinner, and Wang Shiqi felt her face so hot as if she had a fever. It was like Jiang Liushi could read their minds.

"It…is…" Li Yuxin didn't know how to answer.

But Jiang Liushi said, "Stop being so tense. You helped me before doomsday. I still owe you 20,000 Yuan, but now money is useless. Think of it as a way to compensate you." Jiang Liushi said jokingly.

Li Yuxin felt happy and warm in her heart. She felt grateful to Jiang Liushi. Actually, no words could express her gratitude to Jiang Liushi's benevolence.

After finishing the meal, Wang Shiqi felt happy and elated. That was the best meal she had eaten after doomsday.

Jiang Zhuying yawned and went to take a bath. When she opened the door, Wang Shiqi glimpsed at the bathroom and saw a folding bathtub. She even saw a boiler above it.

[Can they even take a hot shower? It's amazing…] Wang Shiqi admired their fortune.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi's walkie-talkie rang.

"Headquarters speaking. Headquarters speaking. I am Lin Yaoshan, Mr. Jiang, if it's convenient, please come to the headquarters. Please reply."

"Oh? I should go to headquarters?" Jiang Liushi stood up immediately and said, "Zhuying, Xiyu, I should go first."

"Then ... we'll also leave." Li Yuxin said.

Wang Shiqi glanced at the steaming shower, as well as that fluffy soft bed, and then reluctantly followed Li Yuxin to get off.

[What a pity!] She couldn't stay in the minibus for the night. She wondered how to sleep in that cold tent…

All the way to headquarters, many soldiers saw Jiang Liushi and their admiration couldn't be hidden. Every soldier stood up and saluted Jiang Liushi.

Li Yuxin and Wang Shiqi felt embarrassed following Jiang Liushi. Fortunately, they reached their tent soon.

Jiang Liushi also arrived at that headquarters. The so-called temporary headquarters was only a larger tent, parked next to several armored vehicles. There was a table covered with maps in it, and a few flashlights were hung up to provide lighting.

Lin Yaoshan was standing in front of the map and planning their next steps. Next, to Lin Yaoshan, a woman in a white lab coat had attracted Jiang Liushi's attention.

She looked 35 or 36 years old, wearing golden-framed glasses, and she had a kind of special intellectual beauty.

"Mr. Jiang. You've come! Welcome!" After that day's fight, Lin Yaoshan was politer to Jiang Liushi. "Mr. Jiang, you are remarkable! You saved many soldiers today. Thank you."

"Commander Lin, you are really polite. Let's talk about the next task directly."

Lin Yaoshan laughed, "Haha, well, Brother Jiang, I like your way of handling things. Straight to the point! Let me first introduce… this is..." he referred to the woman standing next to him, "She is an expert in Atomic Physics, Miss. Sun. And her field of expertise is that of radiology."

"Professor Sun, nice to meet you." Jiang Liushi stepped forward to shake hands. In Huaxia's education system, it was quite difficult to become a professor in one's thirties.

"Mr. Jiang, nice to meet you too." Professor Sun nodded,

"If we proceed, after ten kilometers we will reach the radiation zone. There is a small-scale nuclear leak at Qinshan Nuclear Power Station. The limit of safe exposure to radiation is 0.1 Curie

The safety amount of radiation. However, according to my calculations, the amount of radiation at Qinshan is more than 500 Curie. As a result, we have to wear hazmat suits. But the number of hazmat suits we have is limited, so only 40 soldiers can join this battle. Everyone else should stay here for safety purposes."

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Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
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