My MCV and Doomsday
226 Approaching Danger
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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226 Approaching Danger

Chapter 226: Approaching Danger
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

At the moment that the female zombie jumped, she noticed that Jiang Liushi had aimed at her. But she just stared at Jiang Liushi indifferently. It was obvious that she also had the ability of thinking.

Jiang Liushi was about to pull the trigger, but Ran Xiyu's voice came suddenly, "Be careful, the second light spot appeared!"

At the same moment, the Starseed transmitted in his mind, [A level-2 mutant zombie has been detected!]

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi noticed a little hand emerging and touching the female zombie's shoulder. Immediately, Jiang Liushi's scalp began to tingle in fear. He felt a little strange staring at its purple eyes, and he thought he heard a tiger's roar.

[Infrasound?] When they were in Jinling Port, they also met a huge monster, which could use infrasound frequency.

At that moment, the kid zombie dragged the female zombie back to the zombies' group.


The sniper rifle spat out long flames, and then three zombies were shot. Blood splashed everywhere. But it was a pity, Jiang Liushi didn't hurt those two mutant zombies at all. He started pondering over the whole situation, and he came to the conclusion that it could be affected by that kid zombie. At the same time, Jiang Liushi found that the two mutant zombies had disappeared.

"They are moving toward the military's direction!" Ran Xiyu shouted immediately.

Actually, the military's suppressive fire helped them a lot, so Jiang Liushi felt it was easier to drive in the sea of zombies. However, he didn't expect that those mutant zombies would rush toward the military's direction. It was terrible! Apparently, those two mutant zombies had a high IQ.

"Commander Lin, pay attention to the zombies' attack!" Jiang Liushi said in the walkie-talkie immediately. And then he ordered, "Ying, turn around quickly!"

"Ran Xiyu!" Jiang Liushi shouted in his mind.

"All of my concentration is on them! Just that zombie…is a little strange." Ran Xiyu frowned and said, "It appears but then disappears, so it's very difficult to lock on its position… at ten o'clock!"

Jiang Liushi immediately swept away and glimpsed a group of zombies, among which was squeezed a little figure. It was a little girl no more than 10 years old, wearing a dress and pigtails with two ribbon bows. She seemed very cute, but her speed was almost even faster than a cheetah!

She was the one that hurt Wang Jianlang with the iron bar. And now she was rushing toward that ambulance! It was terrible…! The kid zombie apparently was aware that Wang Jianlang didn't die, so she wanted to finish the job. Actually, she took the opportunity to fight against Wang Jianlang again.

When Jiang Liushi realized her real intentions, it was too late to react. As a result, Jiang Liushi suddenly aimed his muzzle at the level-2 zombie by taking a deep breath.

At that time, Wang Jianlang was just being treated…

That ambulance was surrounded by many military vehicles.

The ambulance's location was originally close to the center of the convoy. As a result, except for zombies that knew how to throw, ordinary zombies had no chance to get closer. But that little kid zombie passed through zombies at an extremely horrible speed. Jiang Liushi held his breath and then he concentrated on that rapidly moving figure.

For any sniper, the chance to shoot would be decided in a single moment! Jiang Liushi believed that once the kid zombie reached the ambulance, that ambulance would be ruined at once. Unfortunately, ordinary soldiers couldn't take a glimpse of that zombie.

"Brother, you don't need to worry about the battle. Take it easy. I want to help you." Wang Shiqi said.

Li Yuxin was preparing other medicines, but a hint of concern flashed through her eyes. In the ambulance's cab, in addition to a driver, there was also a machine gunner. Currently, they were concentrating on what was happening around them, but they didn't find anything strange. As a result, they thought that Jiang Liushi's warning was weird. They believed that it would be impossible for any zombie to pass through their defenses...

However, that driver suddenly had an ominous feeling. He didn't know why he felt so frightened.

That gunner sitting next to him said, "Shi Ying Squad is returning. What did they do? It's…" Suddenly, before his voice had died away, their eyeballs almost jumped out of the eye-sockets!

They saw, through the windshield, a little figure jumping over and rushing toward them.

Although this figure was small, the pressure it exuded made it look much bigger.

Wang Shiqi also looked up and saw the little figure. It was holding a relatively large fire ax, rushing toward the ambulance. It was determined to cut the ambulance in half!

"Ah!" Wang Shiqi shouted in fear!

"What the hell is that?"

It appeared too fast, so no one noticed it before at all.

That moment, fear took over Wang Shiqi, and she thought that she was going to die! She was over-reliant on her brother, so she had nobody to protect her now that Wang Jianlang was injured. She would soon die a miserable death!

The ambulance's passengers were unaware of the approching danger, but they'd all die together!

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; What's creepier than a notorious bloodthirsty doll called Chucky? ^_^ Of course, a 10-year-old flesheating level-2 mutant zombie girl with a high IQ xD Well-played, author. Well-played! :P


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