My MCV and Doomsday
187 It Was Just an Acciden
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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187 It Was Just an Acciden

Chapter 187: It Was Just an Accident
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The 92-type wheeled infantry armored vehicle was about 6.6 meters, and 2.8 meters height and width. Its fighting load was 15 tons, and the maximum speed was 85 kilometers per hour. The main weapon was a 25 mm machine gun. It also included a 7.62 mm machine gun. This vehicle looked like a mini-tank, but with its tracks replaced with wheels, and the tank artillery was replaced with small caliber machine guns. Of course, it was inevitably facing the problem of lacking armor. It was too weak against attacks from other weapons. But even so, the 92-wheeled armored car was definitely a zombie killing machine.

In fact, Shenhai Island’s military figures were all confident in counterattacking. Their weapons were all powerful and advanced. After two kilometers, a small unit of zombies appeared in front of them. A soldier could easily kill such a group of zombies through controlling the vehicle-mounted machine gun. A row of bullets landed on their bodies and killed them!

More than an hour later, the team left Shanghai’s downtown area and entered the expressway, then they drove all the way to the southwest. Tongnan City was away from the Shenhai about 120 kilometers. It was about 1.5 hours before doomsday, but after it, the road had changed beyond imagination and it was hard to traverse it. However, Zhang Jing was quite confident about the mission. After all, they were well equipped.

"We should have driven about twenty kilometers without stopping." In the minibus, Ran Xiyu was looking at the download map and said.

"Uh, you are right." Jiang Liushi answered. However, Jiang Liushi believed that it wouldn’t be so smooth all the way. Otherwise, they could complete that mission without their help. As he expected, just over twenty minutes later on the freeway, the leading military vehicle reached a fork in the road, and then stopped at a toll booth.

After clearing the surrounding zombies, a soldier walked quickly and shouted while running, "The expressway in front of us is blocked by abandoned vehicles, and we have to stop using the expressway. We also need to be careful because the situation of this road is unknown!"

"Ah!" Zhang Jing nodded and shouted loudly, "Next, the infantry chariot will bombard the road. Fierce Wind Squad protect the left side, Long Yue Squad protect the right side. Both of you are responsible for our protection, be vigilant. Shi Ying Squad, you should help engineers remove obstacles along the way! Be careful, everybody!"

Hearing his command, Jiang Liushi didn’t say anything, but Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were infuriated, "F*ckers! What’s his meaning? Help them remove obstacles?"

"Haha, removing obstacles is a very good job without any danger. We are all envious of you. But we need to protect you, and this task is hard and difficult." Just then, a whirring yelling came. Jiang Liuishi saw that four cars drove out to the left side, and one of them even made an exaggerated round. It suddenly forced Zhang Hai back to his car.

The speaker was that fat man who shouted at them to get off. It seemed that he was a member of Fierce Wind Squad. That fat man stopped his car and looked at Zhang Hai with a ridiculous smile, "Haha, it was just a joke, please don’t be angry…what? Do you want to fight with me? I think you should preserve your energy to push those abandoned cars." Other members of Fierce Wind Squad were all laughing in their cars. It was obvious that they were deliberately provoking them. After all, Jiang Liushi had caused quite a turmoil at the casino.

It was a wonderful chance to get revenge. And they believed it was just the beginning before witnessing Jiang Liushi’s team having great losses after the mission.

But at that moment-

"Boom!" An engine roar sounded, that fat man turned around and saw the minibus approaching him at a very high speed. It was like a huge bomb! The fat man was shocked to death.

"Om-" The minibus was just stopped when it almost crashed his car, but unfortunately, it heavily hit his car’s rear part.

"Bang!" the fat man felt his SUV almost turning over; the car’s tires left friction marks on the road, making a harsh sound.

The fat man felt dizzy. Fortunately, he was a paranormal so he wasn’t hurt. However, his SUV was seriously damaged and its windows had shattered!

The fat man looked at Jiang Liushi with anger, but he was shocked because Jiang Liushi’s minibus didn’t have a single scratch.

"This…I’m sorry. It was just an accident because I regarded the accelerator as the brakes…I’m a new driver so please forgive me." Jiang Liushi said casually, "Sigh, this vehicle is really hard to handle. Ying, you drive." The fat man saw he let a woman drive. It was unbelievable.

Generally speaking, women couldn’t drive well, so the fat man was totally speechless. He swallowed the insult and humiliation silently. But after he drove his damaged car to the minibus' side, he got off and shouted, "Look at the damage you caused! F*cker, get off immediately." The fat man aimed his gun directly at Jiang Liushi behind the windshield. Jiang Liushi stared at him and Ying held her tri-edge bayonet at once.

Translator's Thoughts
Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
Valvrave's corner; Yeah Jiang Liushi, get off your vehicle :P Such a careless driver :P In case you are wondering about the 92-type military vehicle,


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