My MCV and Doomsday
172 Trading Hall
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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172 Trading Hall

Chapter 172: Trading Hall
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

As Jiang Liushi was walking back to his residence, several booming sounds reached his ears.

"Cannon Blasts! A few days ago the battle lasted longer." Not far from Jiang Liushi, two pedestrians stopped and discussed doughtily.

"You don’t know because you just came here. Zombies and mutant beasts will attack every once in a while and then retreat. It seems they’re starting to gain intelligence." The more knowledgeable man said.

"Oh, I thought we could take this wonderful opportunity to go out to search for resources. Shenhai Island is prosperous, right?"

"Do not even think about it. We should be planning to live longer instead. In fact, the team leaves the city each day, but only a few of them are able to return."

Listening to the conversation, Jiang Liushi looked toward the city wall’s direction. Actually, that safe area was separated only by a wall from tens of millions of zombies and countless mutant beasts. The zombies and mutant beasts, Jiang Liushi had encountered before, would desperately attack anyone they saw. However, Jiang Liushi just heard that those zombies and mutant beasts surrounding the Security Island actually knew how to organize and build up their forces!

It was a terrifying issue, definitely not good for humans...

However, the first district of Shenhai Island was an area with strong defenses. Even if the number of zombies and mutant beasts increased in a short time, they would not have to worry about anything. As for the future…

Thinking about the huge monster in Jinling Port, Jiang Liushi felt that the terror they had faced may only be the tip of the iceberg. Among the countless monsters, Shenhai Island was actually just an islet.

The trading hall in the first district of Shenhai Island was actually the town government’s building before doomsday. It was a four-story building with a large yard for parking. Ever since the army and the government turned it into a trading hall, it would be crowded with people on a daily basis.

The next morning, Jiang Liushi with Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, visited the trading hall which was really noisy as lots of people were discussing intensely. There were many dirty survivors as well as some ordinary people holding pens copying the bulletin boards’ contents.

Soldiers equipped with guns were spread all over the place.

Lots of bulletin boards were hanging on walls of the outside area. Jiang Liushi estimated that there were more than thirty. He got closer and noticed countless tasks and their rewards.

Jiang Liushi was pretty sure that survivor teams had posted most of the tasks as they required collecting different kinds of supplies, especially drugs.

Jiang Liushi saw two bulletin boards containing sale information. Most of them were related to homemade weapons, medicines, and debris. Jiang Liushi didn’t care about them at all, so he walked into the trading hall right away.

Into the hall, they saw a huge board of tasks the military had posted.

"High-power generators with power requirements of 150KW and above, as well as 3 tons of mutant meat! 10 points." What? The search for that designated machinery was no less difficult than hunting mutant beasts. But what did the "10 points" following mean?

"Details of medical equipment in the table below, 5 tons of mutant meat, 15 points."

"Gasoline purchase without a fixed price, larger amount-higher prices, please consult."

Mutant nucleus! Jiang Liushi saw the price of mutant nucleus! "6 tons of mutant meat for one level-1 mutant nucleus!" The price had surely increased!

The mutant nucleus’ price was simply skyrocketing, even more, horrifying than house prices before doomsday. However, the military just collected mutant nucleus, they would hardly sell them. But at the top of the mission board, Jiang Liushi saw some tasks giving mutant nuclei as a reward.

One of them was, "Shut down Xiangshan Nuclear Power Station. Reward: 5 level-1 mutant nuclei, 20 tons of mutant meat as well as 3,000 rounds of ammunition! 500 points."

"5 mutant nuclei!" The reward was too high!

At this time, a man who was also looking at the task board said leisurely, "Tempted? This task has been hanging here for a few days now, but no one had the courage accept it. It is said that a military squad was annihilated trying to complete the task. Think of its difficulty. In the beginning, they offered 3 mutant nuclei, after the loss of the team, it rose to 4, and now it has reached 5. If I had the appropriate equipment, I would like to give it a try." Jiang Liushi turned to look at him. Actually, this person was not talking to him, but to his companion.

That companion… was enormous He was simply like a giant, exceeding 2.5 meters. Before doomsday, he could be considered a giant’s offspring; he should have gained that height thanks to the virus mutation. He had dark skin and thick eye-catching muscles, which should contain the explosive power that could send someone into a coma. With every step he took, the floor was crunching.

The man speaking to him didn’t avert his eyes from the strong man, his energy fluctuations were very strong, so he should have a special ability too.

The man next to them was just an ordinary person, probably a soldier.

They talked in a normal tone, which was not deliberately lowered, so people around could listen, and approach to see.

"Who? Who wants to challenge the difficult task of 500 points?"

"It’s the Red Knife squad!"

"Oh, it turns out it was them. It’s normal that they dare to challenge the difficult mission. If they finish this task, they can directly reach top 5." Jiang Liushi heard a few people discussing. He listened to these people, and then his eyes moved a bit; those figures after the tasks were indeed accumulation points…

"Points can be used to buy special resources." The point system was a way to encourage teams picking up tasks, along with a bonus system! Below the top points a team could get, 5000, was the team’s name, followed by their current points. The first team was Peace Team, points…"1700?" Jiang Liushi was frozen for a moment. It seemed that it was a quite difficult thing to get points.

Sweeping down, Jiang Liushi found Red Knife squad’s name, ranking: 20, it was in the last place with 217 points. Although they were last, Jiang Liushi wouldn’t underestimate them. In order to accumulate 217 points, they had to be strong. As long as a team was ranked on that list, in addition to buying some special resources, they could also gain some extra benefits.

No one would stand within a range of 2 meters around the Red Knife squad, it could be considered as special treatment; nobody would want to provoke them.

Jiang Liushi was not interested in other benefits, he was mostly interested in mutant nuclei! Of course, what he wanted, even more, was a level-2 mutant nucleus. However, he could not find it on the board. He wondered whether the so-called "special resources" included level-2 mutant nuclei.

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