My MCV and Doomsday
153 Level-2 Mutant Nucleus
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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153 Level-2 Mutant Nucleus

Chapter 153: Level-2 Mutant Nucleus
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The night screen had hung down. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun made concerted efforts to cut that mutant boa’s meat.

"Jiang brother!" Zhang Hai suddenly cried out, and then ran over, handing a glittering and translucent mutant nucleus to Jiang Liushi. It was indeed a level 2 mutant nucleus!

Jiang Liushi was fully aroused after hearing the exciting news. He held that mutant nucleus feeling a kind of warm and humid sensation at once. That level 2 mutant nucleus had the same size as a ping pong ball. At first glance, it was red. However, if it was taken under the light, it would yield an unusually brilliant light filled with fined red lines, revealing a regular radial line. It was totally different from a level 1 mutant nucleus.

"I want this mutant nucleus. As for the mutant meat, you can take 100 kg each and the rest of it should be given to Zhuying." That mutant boa was a huge monster. Although it was peeled off its skin, there was still about 1 ton left. This was a considerable figure. After all, it was level 2 mutant meat, which was far superior to level 1 mutant meat. The mutant boa was huge, but in fact, it was just a snake. Fighting with the mutant boa was harder than ascending to heaven.

In that battle, Ying was the main driver. Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying were main force. Originally, Jiang Liushi thought that he owed his sister and during that battle, he appropriated the most valuable thing to himself. Naturally, most parts of the mutant meat should be given to Zhuying. As for Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, they spared no effort in their work. As a result, they had earned some mutant meat.

Although Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were ill at ease, they didn’t refuse. Instead, they worked harder than before. That mutant boa was too large, so its blood dyed the entire street. They had to speed up, otherwise, it may attract more and more zombies quickly.

"Thank you, my dear brother." Jiang Zhuying said naughtily. Actually, she was indifferent to the arrangement because she would like to share all joys and sorrows with her dear brother.

Jiang Liushi collected the level 2 mutant nucleus carefully. In fact, he was in a good mood and he should think about how to use that nucleus.

At that moment, Shen Tao walked toward them again. Although his eyes were still red, his expression had been restored back to normal. Even in sadness, soldiers always had to control the feelings in their hearts.

"My friend, your surname was Jiang, right? So I'll call you Jiang little brother." Shen Tao said. He had seen that Zhang Hai gave a level 2 mutant nucleus to Jiang Liushi.

"It turned out to be a level 2 mutant beast!" Shen said.

"Captain Shen, have you met any level 2 mutant nuclei before?" Jiang Liushi asked in surprise.

"Yes, I had seen one in the first district of Shenhai Island." Shen Tao said, "But it is rare. If Jiang little brother would like to sell, you can go to the first district of Shenhai Island. Its price won’t disappoint you." Shen Tao also revealed a hint of envy.

Although they were soldiers, if they acquired any additional supplies while performing missions outside or killed mutant beasts, they could get all of them for themselves. But those things obtained in that battle could be regarded as an ill-gotten wealth for them. Shen Tao was also a paranormal, so he also needed mutant meat to evolve.

"I will think about it carefully." Jiang Liushi answered. He wasn’t an ordinary survivor, and he cherished that level 2 mutant nucleus. As a result, he just smiled and then he asked wonderingly, "Was it named as Shenhai Island? Why did you call it the first district of Shenhai Island?"

"Shenhai Island’s areas are limited, many of which are built upon on it. Therefore, a new safe area has been built in the adjacent area for many survivors. Now because some survivors around it came over, we deliberately set up an acquisition department, aiming at some trades between survivors. I know about Satellite Town in Jinling, but to tell you the truth, the types of weapons and supplies you can find in the first district of Shenhai Island are unparalleled" Shen Tao said.

However, after saying those words, Shen Tao noticed Jiang Liushi’s silly smile. Shen Tao also felt some embarrassment. Actually, the area was limited area because the living places in the security island were allocated to the elite.

"Jiang little brother, let me be honest with you, we only have three people, so it is impossible for us to escort professor Zhang and his granddaughter to Shenhai Island. As a result, I would like to invite you to escort them to us. From here to the Shenhai Island we have a long way to go, but we can give you some remuneration. Are you willing to do so?" Shen Tao said in fear while trembling.

Jiang Liushi’s team was strong, so it would be natural if they didn’t have much interest in the island. In particular, for some survivors, if they established their own forces, they would lose interest in the safe island totally. Therefore, Shen Tao tried his best to attract Jiang Liushi but he didn’t have enough confidence.

[Shenhai Island…] Jiang Liushi thought about the military’s research on the evolutionary crystal and Li Yuxin. If there was a chance for him to go there, Jiang Liushi would go. However, he had one more important thing to do. But he was moved by those soldiers’ courage.

"What is the reward?" Jiang Liushi asked. He was interested in Shenhai Island originally, but it would be better for him to obtain some rewards. Those rewards were offered by the military, not by Shen Tao, so Jiang Liushi felt at ease and justified.

"Weapons. You can choose what you want." Shen Tao said, "Take it easy. We only need your help. Any other things will be solved by us."

All survivors needed weapons, so Shen Tao gave the detailed reward information. However, Jiang Liushi shook his hand and said, "I don’t need these. The only thing I need are mutant nuclei." Jiang Liushi cherished all mutant nuclei, which were very useful for him.

Shen Tao was stunned for a moment but didn’t ask the reason. He then said, "The military don’t sell mutant nuclei because they are rare… How about three? If you help us, we can give you three mutant nuclei."

[Three…] Jiang Liushi was satisfied with the number. He would like to help them and by the way, send Ran Xiyu to Shenhai Island. At the same time, he also wanted to know the military’s current research results in Shenhai Island.

"Yes, we will help you. But firstly I have to finish another task."

"Another? Okay, no problem. We will follow you. But where would you like to go?"

"Jinling Port."

Shen Tao felt confused but didn’t ask.

"We will leave at once as soon as we finish everything here." Jiang Liushi said and returned to his minibus.

Shen Tao felt very happy that Jiang Liushi would help them.

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