My MCV and Doomsday
151 No Discord, No Concord
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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151 No Discord, No Concord

Chapter 151: No Discord, No Concord
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Seeing the mutant boa struggling on the verge of death and finally dying, Jiang Liushi caught his breath. The mutant boa’s vitality was indeed tenacious. Two severe strikes coupled with three shots on its head as well as using the collision ram finally killed it.

If the mutant boa had the chance to fight back, it would be a fierce battle. At that time, the freezer-car and SUV also came. In that battle, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun did not have any chance to help. They looked from the distance but they were shaken to the core. What had happened was beyond their imagination.

The freezer-car and SUV directly parked beside the mutant boa's body. "Amazing!" Zhang Hai glanced from the window. Compared with this mutant boa, he, a martial-looking person was simply a bean sprout. The snake could swallow him whole and digest him in a matter of a few hours. And if that mutant boa wrapped around his freezer-car, he and his car would be squeezed into an iron pie immediately. Sun Kun jumped out directly, after shooting a few zombies around them, he walked to the mutant boa. It really was a gigantic boa!

Sun Kun was strong enough, but standing before the mutant boa, he looked tiny. The mutant boa’s each scale had an adult palm’s size. Sun Kun touched it and noticed that it was cold and hard. He even felt a little pain in his joints, like knocking a piece of iron. A large area of his scales were all recessed into the meat filled with blood. The collision ram was really horrible.

In fact, to deal with this extremely flexible mutant beast, the collision corner could play a much larger role than the ‘Air Cannon’, which needed not only a good angle to shoot but also to charge first. So it was quite difficult for ‘Air Cannon’ to bombard the target. Moreover, Jiang Liushi didn’t want those soldiers to know he had such a destructive weapon. After all, the collision ram was easier to explain.

"Sun, hold it." Zhang Hai went off carrying a gun while throwing a tri-edge bayonet to Sun Kun. Sun Kun got the tri-edge bayonet, which he played within his hand. Simultaneously, Sun Kun felt anxious about how to deal with this huge mutant boa.

"How can we dissect it?" Such a huge mutant boa, which would definitely give off a terrible smell after death, was bound to attract a large number of zombies. As a result, it had to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun naturally were experts in such things. Although their fighting strength was weak, they were indeed good at doing such things. Implicated in the fighting, the zombie sea had become fragmented, which was cleaned up by those soldiers.

However, those soldiers did not hurry to come. Only the captain and a soldier helped the old man walk down. That young girl supported her grandpa with her hand, standing beside him cravenly. When the soldier came, he began to search everywhere, and the captain with them walked toward Jiang Liushi.

Before the mutant boa, the girl's face also revealed a trace of fear. Even if she knew clearly that the mutant boa was dead, the girl still would not dare get close, because she had witnessed a dozen of people eaten by it…

When the captain saw the wound caused by that collision ram, he was shocked. They had been fighting for so long but they didn’t even hurt a single scale. He had to admit that it was a flagrant contrast.

"My dear friend!" The captain stopped and made a salute with a very grateful look on his face. "We came to extend our sincere thanks to you. Thank you for saving us!"

That old man also extended his thanks and bowed to Jiang Liushi, "Thank you! Thank you and your partners."

If they didn’t meet Jiang Liushi’s team, he and his only granddaughter would die there. In another word, they were a disaster’s lucky survivors, so they naturally felt lucky and happy.

That little girl also bowed together with her grandpa and then she turned around making another bow to Sun Kun and Zhang Hai, and she said sweetly, "Thank... Thank you."

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun felt embarrassed touching their noses. This little girl was really polite…

"You do not have to be so polite," Jiang Liushi said. Actually, he didn’t specifically aim at saving those people. Although those people knew this, they still came to thank them.

"If you want to dissect the mutant boa, it would be better to turn it over first. Because its middle abdomen is relatively soft, so it will be easy for you to start cutting from there." The captain suddenly said to Zhang Hai and Sun Kun.

"Oh, we’ve got it and thank you." Zhang Hai and Sun Kun immediately got to work. Neither of them had ever touched a snake, and if the captain had not said it, they would have to experiment with it."

"You're welcome. I had never seen before such a huge snake, only some around one meter. Before it, they are like worms." The captain said with a smile, and then looked at the minibus’ collision ram.

"This vehicle is really powerful! Did you refit the car?" The captain was curious about it.

However, Jiang Liushi was vigilant against them, he was carrying a gun in his hand as they were looking at the minibus. It was obvious that Jiang Liushi was prepared for surprise attacks. The captain was clear about this but didn’t say anything.

Actually, both had taken precautions against each other. As an old saying goes, "No discord, no concord."

Currently, they lived together in amity and cooperation, so Jiang Liushi nodded his head and said, "Yes, I refitted my car."

The captain asked because he was just curious, but he had thought that this car had been modified by Zhang Hai and Sun Kun because both were paranormals. To his surprise, the car was refitted by the young man.

"You have done a good job!" The captain did not know what to say anymore. He admired Jiang Liushi from the bottom of his heart and believed that Jiang Liushi also had some special ability. That little girl also worshipped Jiang Liushi very much.

Jiang Liushi defeated that monster. As a result, the little girl regarded him as a hero in her heart. It was a common feeling that ordinary people shared.

"Nice to meet you, I’m Shen Tao, from the Shenhai Island. And this is professor Zhang and his granddaughter." The captain said to Jiang and took a packet from his back throwing it to Sun Kun. "Brother, please accept this." Sun Kun caught it perfectly and opened it seeing about five or six rounds of ammunition.

"I know it’s not much, but it’s a token of our goodwill. If we could pick up several guns, we would like to give them all to you." Shen Tao said. After all, it was not the gift that counted, but the thought behind it. 

Then Shen Tao went on saying, "I wonder if you are interested in the situation of Shenhai Island?" It was obvious that Shen Tao wanted to befriend Jiang Liushi and his team.   

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Liu_Kaixuan Liu_Kaixuan
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