My MCV and Doomsday
130 Going Back?
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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130 Going Back?

Chapter 130: Going Back?

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Zhuying, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were all accustomed to head on collisions with incoming zombie hordes. However, the same did not apply for Ran Xiyu, such a bloody scene was hard to accept.

As a matter of fact, she was very clear about the zombies’ terrible strength. As she was following her father to Safety Island, her father, including many other soldiers all mutated into zombies. After that they began attacking those who were not infected! Later, while she had run away with a military car, they encountered zombie hordes halfway. Even though she witnessed several military vehicles rushing towards those hordes, they never returned…

The minibus’ speed was extremely fast. While Ran Xiyu was reminiscing the not so distant past, the minibus was about to collide with some helpless zombies.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" A series of tingling crashing sounds came. The unlucky zombies that were in front were instantly turned into a bloody paste. The rest of them were sent flying, or some of their body parts were. Ran Xiyu personally saw a zombie flying out of her window, leaving blood marks everywhere.

"F*ck, we’ll have to wash the car after that!" Zhang Hai jokingly said. After living through so many life or death battles and witnessing similar scenes their mentality was stronger, so they could joke with stuff like that.

"Well, after killing the rest of the zombie horde, we will stop." Jiang Liushi said and stood up from the sofa, picking up a Type 95 Automatic Rifle.

"We won’t continue retreating?" Zhang Hai asked in surprise. He thought that Jiang Liushi would like to rush back to Jinling's pier in order to search for the mining truck.

"Well, it is far enough. They should not be able to catch up, but we'd have to go back at some point, so it is meaningless going too far."

"Go back!?" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were confused. What would they do? Their team consisted of six people - to be more exact they were five, because Ran Xiyu couldn’t be included in regards of fighting power. Moreover, Sun Kun and Zhang Hai’s combat effectiveness was very limited. It was impossible for them to rush back at the black market! The other side had at least dozens of people guarding it, not to mention the 7 paranormals from 7 Gods’ team.

[Is Jiang brother that crazy?]

"Jiang brother, what if the other teams decide to support the 7 Gods and help them by fighting us, what should we do?" Zhang Hai was pretty sure that Jiang Liushi wanted to settle the score with the 7 Gods, but Bai Zhanshan was very powerful, it was quite possible that the other teams would help him in order to gain some benefits.

However, Zhang Hai did not expect the answer Jiang Liushi gave, "Why should we care? If they are tired with their lives they can try. Whoever stands in our way will be killed!"

Jiang Liushi’s voice was really calm, but it contained a hint of self-confidence and killing intent. In fact, strong self-confidence was quite appealing, after doomsday only strong people could lead other people. If a weak person had said something like that, they would be ridiculed, but Jiang Liushi was special, even though he seemed ordinary, he gave off a special vibe.

"We shall follow you then!" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun eagerly said, even knowing that their enemies outnumbered them and were really powerful, they could still feel their blood boiling.

Jiang Zhuying just smiled and did not speak, holding her longsword with one hand while the other held a piece of cloth slowly wiping the blade. As long as her brother commanded, she would follow. As for Ying, she was bound to Jiang Liushi, so she was absolutely loyal to him. Seeing all of them following Jiang Liushi, Ran Xiyu sipped her lips having a strange feeling.

She quietly looked at that powerful and confident man. She was in the helm of a company, so she naturally knew the difficulty of being a leader. Not to add that Jiang Liushi was both a leader and a combatant, a really powerful one.

"No one is allowed to get off the minibus. You should rest and replenish your energy." Jiang Liushi ordered and then closed his eyes in order to rest.

What happened next really shocked Ran Xiyu!

Jiang Zhuying took the iPad that was charging and started watching the anime that was paused before. They were about to face a life or death battle but instead of being nervous or on edge, she was actually wholeheartedly watching anime!?

However, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were more serious about the upcoming battle. They were wiping their guns while waiting for the microwave to finish heating some mutant meat they had placed.

In Jiang Zhuying’s team, many ordinary people would process the meat into all kinds of products, like bacon, dried meat, sausages, and so on. A variety of meat products, coupled with dried vegetables from the refrigerator, were like food sent from heaven after doomsday.

Paranormals needed mutant meat in order to evolve and instantly replenish their strength after using their abilities. If a battle was prolonged, they would face similar symptoms to ordinary people’s hypoglycemia. Taking Sun Kun and Zhang Hai as an example, they would usually eat four or five pounds of mutant meat, but they needed dozens of pounds for fighting.

Their meal was ready, so they ate till they were full and then waited for the upcoming battle.

"Jiang brother, what are we waiting for?" Sun Kun stored some grenades into his pocket, while asking Jiang Liushi.

"Don’t worry, you’ll know when it’s the time." Jiang Liushi slowly said and looked at the MCV’s roof. The place he looked at was where the gunner room was being built; its progress had been completed up to 65%. The finished gunner room as well as the collision ram couldn’t be seen from outside. In fact, even if it would be quite unexpected it wouldn’t matter because Jiang Liushi had once said that his ability was related to mechanical transformation.

After doomsday, no matter what strange abilities one showed, people would accept it. Moreover, it was not strange that someone could add a gunner room and collision ram... Jiang Liushi had already used three mutant nuclei, as for the fourth one, he would use it to scan that mining truck. In fact, more and more mutant nuclei would be needed in the future and their level would increase.

Jiang Liushi’s dream was to refit his MCV into an all-round fighting weapon. So he decided to collect more and more nucleus.

"We still have ten minutes, after that we’re leaving"

While Jiang Liushi was refitting his MCV, a team of police cars arrived in the black market. Seeing the police cars with "Public Security", "Armed Police" and other words, everyone knew that the second boss of the black market—Bai Pinghai had returned.


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