My MCV and Doomsday
124 Humanoid Tyrannosaurus
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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124 Humanoid Tyrannosaurus

Chapter 124: Humanoid Tyrannosaurus

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"Uh!?" Bai Zhanshan was taken completely by surprise at what had just taken place. He was prepared against surprise attacks by his enemy, but Jiang Zhuying had his undivided attention. Because in his mind, Jiang Zhuying was the only strong paranormal in the team. However, he would never have dreamt that the frail looking beauty beside Jiang Liushi would be a fighter.

Originally, he believed that the beauty was used for warming the bed. She rushed toward him with the force of a thunderbolt. Actually, her momentum was irresistible and nothing could stand in her way!

"You are courting death!" Bai Zhanshan shouted loudly, his voice didn’t resemble a human being’s at all. The sound was issued from his chest, making all the people’s eardrums be in extreme pain!

The clothes on his upper body were suddenly torn, and his strong muscles were revealed. Moreover, his whole body, impressively, grew long hair. He instantly resembled a bear! His ability had to do with species, which could be activated through blood.

Blood Wolf was same as him. In the early stages of doomsday, this was definitely a very powerful ability! Although bears were lacking in speed, they had unparalleled strength and super defense! However, it had nothing to do with Ying, she had already jumped a few meters across the metal table. Her tri-edge bayonet was aiming between Bai Zhanshan’s eyes!

"Wooo-!" Bai Zhanshan roared. Suddenly, he grabbed the steel chair behind him and threw it at Ying. A bear guy and a frail looking beauty were about to clash. Everyone thought that Ying would be sent flying by Bai Zhanshan’s absolute power. They all believed she was going to die but the unexpected happened!

"Dinggg-!!" Sounds of the collision between harsh metals sounded. Ying’s tri-edge bayonet left a hole on Bai Zhanshan’s chair, the layer thin of steel plate had actually been impaled by the tri-edge bayonet!


It was impossible! How much power had she used? Ying grabbed the chair with her hands and suppressed Bai Zhanshan! He was caught off guard, Ying had attacked him with bare hand, without the support of a gun!

After that Ying used the chair to support all of her body, she made a beautiful air rotation and her long legs were launched like a vicious whip aiming at Bai Zhanshan’s neck! Bai Zhanshan was panicked, all he could do was raise his arms and try to defend against the attack.


His arm suffered the kick’s devastating blow. Across his thick bear skin, people could hear a brittle sound coming from his bone. Ying’s specialization was strength, so she naturally was the perfect opponent against him! He had never encountered something like that before, his arm was numb from the impact! The beautiful woman standing in front of him was in no way ‘frail’, she was like a humanoid tyrannosaurus! Her power was unfathomable!

"What are you all waiting for?" The wretched Bai Zhanshan issued a roaring command. In that room, there were a dozen members from 7 Gods’ team in charge of maintaining order. They were not paranormals, but everyone was strong enough. They had already taken out their pistols or held rifles, but they were still shocked by what had happened, which was rather hard to swallow.

Now their boss’ roar brought them back to reality, so they hurriedly ready aimed at Ying. However, it was too late. Jiang Liushi had already taken preemptive measures with two Type 54 pistols. He attacked first as they were still in a turmoil! Left and right, at the same time! His shooting technique was wonderful!

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

In Jiang Liushi’s eyes, everything in the room was in slow motion, after a gunshot another one followed. He was continuously changing his targets taking advantage of the smallest distance! When it came to shooting, Jiang Liushi was second to none.

"Jiang brother can use both of his hands at the same time with two pistols even aiming at two places? Unbelievable!"

"Plappp-!" Blood splashed everywhere. After the massacre, Jiang Liushi would surely be branded as a cold-blooded killer. But no one could really judge him as if you did not kill the others first, only death would await you! In a single moment, six people had died. All the people in the room were shocked. Hong sister was shocked to death, she had never thought that the ‘frail’ looking beauty could be so formidable! The trade fair had turned into a death arena...

Not only Hong sister, many other people had long been lying under the table. Yuan boss had long been scared to death, he was like a trembling sheep awaiting to be slaughtered. Although Yuan boss was quite powerful, he did not have the courage to join in, because it was likely he would accidentally be killed!

There were still six gunmen standing and they had just raised their guns. But a blue and white current flashed in front of them, three of which were shrouded in the current. Their bodies were violently trembling and one of them was almost instantly burned to death! How could their speed be faster than the current? Jiang Zhuying waved her weapon, and the power grid was all over!

The remaining three gunmen had finally got the opportunity to shoot, unfortunately, Ying had leaped to the side of a large steel table. It was a steel plate welded table, weighing more than six or seven hundred kilograms. However, Ying turned it over just like it was made from paper!

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Several gunmen were directly hit by the steel table! Such a heavy steel table! They instantly died being crushed under such weight.

"What an f*cking situation!" Some people in the crowd cried.

Some people were lying on the ground with their hands covering their heads, which meant "It’s none of my business, please don’t kill me!"


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