My MCV and Doomsday
74 Iridium Crucible
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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74 Iridium Crucible

Chapter 74: Iridium Crucible

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After being hit by the Air Cannon's blast, which was considerably weakened as it had not fully charged, Yang Qingqing was still alive, but in a horrible state.

She was paralyzed on the ground, struggling to look up to the minibus, while blood kept pouring from her mouth.

[Am I going to die?] Yang Qingqing couldn't believe it.

Yang Qingqing originally thought that it would be quite easy to kill Jiang Liushi and snatch the minibus. After being exposed by Jiang Liushi, she was very depressed and bitter. She would never have thought that not only would she be seen through that easily, but she also had to pay with her life.

[I don't want to die! I'm young and beautiful. I'm a paranormal! How can I die?]

Suddenly, the ground started trembling and a cacophony on muffled sounds could be heard, not far from her. Yang Qingqing was terrified to the core, because she knew too well about those sounds, which came from zombies, and they were quickly approaching. The zombies had been attracted by the Air Cannon's sound and the smell of her blood.

She was pleadingly staring at Jiang Liushi, but he was just looking at her emotionlessly.

Finally, Yang Qingqing placed her hand on the ground and tried to support herself; her eyes were full of despair and unwillingness, the zombies had already encircled her...

Seeing Yang Qingqing submerged in the zombie sea, Jiang Liushi's expression had no changes. She was the one who was planning to kill him, that was the fate she deserved.

The Air Cannon's sound had spread upstairs too. Hearing the sound, Jiang Zhuying immediately killed all the zombies in the nearest laboratory room, and then went to a window to see what had happened.

What she saw was a real mess, more than a dozen zombies' corpses were lying on the ground, but the minibus was still parked there. Jiang Liushi had already opened the minibus' skylight and when he saw his sister's figure out of the window he made an 'OK' gesture.

Jiang Zhuying was relieved. "Boss, what happened?" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had rushed to her side and asked.

Jiang Zhuying said, "Nothing, some zombies had been attracted near the others' location, but everything seems okay now. We should quickly go to the laboratory, get the iridium crucible and leave."

They were already close to the top, but when they reached the lab, they found that the lab's door was closed. General security doors could be easily opened by Zhang Hai just relying on his fingers' strength, but that door was not a simple one, it was extremely sturdy.

The National laboratory's security door was naturally not easy to be opened. Not only it had an anti-theft mechanism, but it was also explosion-proof as well as bulletproof. Facing such a door nobody from their team could do anything.

"I will have a try," Sun Kun said and started moving into another direction.

He returned to the laboratory which they had previously cleared, and then cut the window's protective net with pliers. Finally, he climbed out from the window.

Without any protective gear and tools, Sun Kun grabbed the window's exterior with both hands, then he climbed up extremely easily. It was like he had suckers on his hands and feet, which enabled him to 'walk' on any terrain, he was like a gecko. At the same time, he was carrying the light machine gun on his back.

Climbing near the laboratory's window, he only relied on his feet to support him on the wall, while he was cutting the protective net. After that he used the light machine gun and shot with a blank cartridge.

Soon, zombies from the laboratory were attracted, by the gunshot, all pushing to the window. Although the zombies were desperately trying to catch him, it was simply a fool's errand. Sun Kun smiled and aimed the muzzle at the zombies, releasing the trigger. Two zombies dropped from the window, falling heavily down on the ground.

After a few more shots, there were no zombie at all...

The important figures who could work in the National laboratory, as well as some professors, had been urgently evacuated before doomsday's outbreak. Of course, after being evacuated, their whereabouts were unknown. Sun Kun moved into the window, and soon opened the door from the inside. Jiang Liushi, who was looking up because of the gunshots, had seen how Sun Kun had handled things and went inside the laboratory.

About twenty minutes later, Jiang Zhuying and so on were carrying a big bag and moving back downstairs. As soon as they went out, they were shocked.

Previously they were upstairs, it was too far away, so they couldn't see that only Jiang Liushi was there. However, they knew that something was wrong. Between the zombies' corpses, there was a big pool of blood and Yang Qingqing was gone.

Sun Kun noticed Yang Qingqing's clothes among the blood. In fact, only the clothes could be identified, her body had long been half-eaten.

It was clear that Yang Qingqing had been eaten by zombies. But Yang Qingqing's escaping ability was top-notch, how could she have been eaten?

Jiang Zhuying quickly looked at the minibus, but fortunately, Jiang Liushi was fine. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun looked at each other, but also stared at Jiang Liushi with puzzled expressions.

"Brother Jiang, what happened..." Zhang Hai asked.

Jiang Liushi said from the car, "Yang Qingqing was trying to kill me and loot my minibus, but at the same time the zombies had approached us. She was focused on killing me, so she hadn't noticed them encircling us at all. Taken by surprise she was torn to pieces by the zombies. After that, I killed all these zombies."

"Such a thing..." Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were stunned. Sun Kun's gaze swept around, suddenly he ran to pick up the grenade, which she hadn't the time to use.

"It really is Yang Qingqing's grenade." Sun Kun gave the grenade to Jiang Zhuying.

Seeing the grenade, Jiang Zhuying's eyes were like a bloodthirsty beast's, "This kind of person is unforgivable! We are a team, so we should cooperate with each other. Nobody should covet other people's things. Before all this she was just a student, but she turned into such a vicious person. She was terrible!"

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were convinced of what Jiang Liushi had said. Yang Qingqing's dissatisfaction with Jiang Liushi had been revealed at the dinner table, yesterday. That grenade was also a great evidence. As for other things, it did not matter.

Sun Kun and Zhang looked at the minibus, they had a whole new level of respect toward Jiang Liushi. Although he was an ordinary person, he was not like what he seemed.

Yang Qingqing had provoked him, but he killed her easily without borrowing Jiang Zhuying's power. Yang Qingqing's death was still miserable!

What had really taken place nobody knew except Jiang Liushi.

"Come on," Jiang Liushi said with a smile.

The Iridium Crucible had been acquired!


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