My MCV and Doomsday
56 Going to Satellite Town
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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56 Going to Satellite Town

Chapter 56: Going to Satellite Town

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Zhuying had collected enough meat to exchange for the weapon. As the leader, and the most powerful member in the team, the weapon she would get was going to improve the safety and combat effectiveness of the whole team. Therefore, some of the meat and nuclei needed had been gathered with the help of her team.

Jiang Zhuying knocked on the door and said excitedly, "Brother, we will go to Satellite Town to exchange for the weapon today. Wait for me to come back and show you my new weapon!"

The group's location, in fact, was at Jinling’s outskirts, which was far away from its center. It was the only place that survivors could live, as the closer people got to the city, the more dangerous it would be. It was even dangerous for people like Jiang Zhuying to get into the city.

There used to be 8 million permanent residents, plus more than 10 million floating population living in the city. Those who had mutated into zombies were perhaps more than 90 percent of the whole population. Just imagining the endless swarms of zombies could make one’s hair stand on end. If one was to kill a zombie two more would pop up, and so on, it was a vicious cycle which left people feel hopeless and weak.

Even for a paranormal, if they were to be besieged by zombies, in Jinling, they could only wait to die. What’s worse, the danger didn’t only come from the zombies but also from mutant beasts which had appeared in the city. Those beasts were mostly lurking in the city's skyscrapers, so even if someone was to find shelter from the zombies they most certainly be serving themselves into the jaws of those beasts.


It was too dangerous to enter Jinling, so the "Satellite Town" she was referring to was a temporarily constructed town built by the military.

But heading to "Satellite Town" was not a danger-free trip. As there was a zombie-crowded area on the way. That's the reason the military couldn’t spare staff to go and save the survivors living around. Only a team, like Jiang Zhuying’s, with strength could be able to cooperate with the military.

Only the team with such strength was capable of cooperating with the military. Those weak survivors could not even collect anything useful for the army.

"Well, if it goes well, we'll be back in the afternoon. Maybe we'll find some delicious snacks for you in a store beside the road," Jiang Zhuying mischievously said.

"No, I'll go with you," Jiang Liushi said.

"Ah?" Jiang Zhuying's teasing smile suddenly froze.


A freezer car had been loaded with five tons of meat, and two SUV were beside it protecting it. One of the vehicles was equipped a light machine gun. That car belonged to Jiang Zhuying, it was their vanguard to hack a way through zombies. The light machine gun was the most valuable and important weapon in their team. Because bullets were expensive, they only used it at some special moments. The other elites, such as Yang Qingqing, sat in the freezer car and the other SUV.

The car had to protect the team’s back, so it had been slightly repaired. Several iron chains with sharp spines were hung behind the car and most of its seats had been removed in order to make it more convenient for people sitting inside to turn back and attack the zombies that followed the car.

The freezer car, despite its ugly and bulky appearance, was like a turtle shell which could protect the goods. To gain those precious resources, they had to risk their lives, so it was natural to protect them. The team was very proud of having those vehicles, they an important factor for their survival.

The others were ready to set off and were waiting for Jiang Zhuying who had yet to come.

"Where's the boss?" Zhang Hai asked.

"She went to talk to her brother. Maybe they have a lot to talk about," Yang Qingqing sarcastically said.

"Well, the door is opening so they must have finished talking," Zhang Hai said as the garage door was slowly opening.

"Let's get in." Yang Qingqing looked at the garage door and walked toward the vehicle behind the freezer. However she suddenly stopped and looked back.

[Why is the minibus coming out?] She thought and watched carefully.

[Jiang Zhuying is in the passenger’s seat? Will Jiang Liushi come with us?] She silently cursed.

"Zhuying, it’s time to set out," Yang Qingqing approached to say.

Jiang Zhuying nodded, "Okay, let’s go." However, Jiang Zhuying still stayed in the car without any intention of getting off.

"Really?" Yang Qingqing rolled her eyes. Anyway, she couldn't persuade them.

"Zhuying your car is ready, you should go with your brother in front."

Jiang Liushi shook his head, "There’s no need. I can drive my own car."

"Yes, and this time we’ll change positions. We’ll move in the back and protect it," Jiang Zhuying said.

Yang Qingqing agreed and whispered to the others after walking back to the SUV, "Why is Zhuying so obedient to her brother? He must be the one who persuaded her with this arrangement."

"What can he do?"

"I don't know... "

The SUVs and the freezer car started off, and Jiang Liushi followed behind; the car formation looked really weird.

Jiang Liushi intended to go with them because he was concerned with his sister’s safety, and he was really curious about the military and ‘Satellite Town’. He was also wondering what else the military required, apart from meat.

According to Jiang Zhuying, the military often changed the list of things they needed.

While protecting some survivors to arrive at the safe zone, the army wouldn’t give up saving the city or abandon humanity’s foundations.

Except from preparing to go back to reclaim what was theirs, the military also needed to worry about a large number of zombies, ferocious mutant beasts and the virus’ evolution.

They had constructed ‘Satellite Town’ near Jinling. For one thing, they could continue collecting resources, and for another, they could observe any changes in Jinling and study zombies and beasts further.

It was a place which could provide enough samples for research. That was the real purpose of that ‘Town’.

The team soon drove out of the community. The leading SUV moved to a small lane, and after making several turns they reached the main road.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi saw the muscular man, in the leading car, standing behind the light machine gun.


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