My MCV and Doomsday
43 Inexplicable Actions
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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43 Inexplicable Actions

Chapter 43: Inexplicable Actions

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The women didn’t know what was waiting for them. Yu was dead, but how about that young man? He had killed Yu, so with no doubt he would become the new leader of the town; he could do whatever he wanted.

If he wanted he would become their new owner. They had been beaten, enslaved, ravaged by Yu, which made them feel hopelessness. As long as the new ruler gave them a little food, they would be very satisfied.

"Don’t move..." Suddenly seeing such a group of women, Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. But he still maintained sharp vigilance, because he thought among those seemingly delicate women, maybe there were members of motorcycle gang. If they had a pistol, they could kill him. How could he allow such a thing to happen?

"Raise your hands and come here one by one," Jiang Liushi said. Those women were looking at him.

"Quickly." Jiang Liushi shouted.

Xiao Rou wiped her tears, raising her hands she took the lead in coming out. She went straight before Jiang Liushi. Jiang Liushi holding gun, walked over and searched her waist and pockets. Xiao Rou slightly trembled, but she did not dodge. She bit her lip and looked at him.

"Well, you stand there. Next one," After searching, Jiang Liushi said. Xiao Rou complied with his order as fast as possible.

Soon, everyone in the room had been searched by Jiang Liushi. They didn’t have any weapons, so he believed that they should be Yu’s women. They stood in the corner of the room with perturbed eyes looking at Jiang Liushi.

"Bro... brother... "A girl in red said trembling, "You ... How do you wish to deal with us?" That woman seemed in her early twenties, she was chubby and beautiful. In fact, the women in this room were almost all young and beautiful, some looked pure, or full of sexiness.

In the girl’s mind, it was likely that this young would control their fate. With a group of prettily women in the room without any resistance, it was extremely hard for any man not to be tempted.

But looking at Jiang Liushi who was young and handsome, they thought that he was much better than Yu. If he was not too cruel, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for them to follow him, in such a world, women like them needed to rely on the strong to survive. However, Jiang Liushi was too lazy to answer the girl in red. He glanced at all the women in the residence, and then looked at Xiao Rou.

It was not because Xiao Rou’s appearance, but because she looked very weak, so there was no harm in asking her.

"You." He pointed Xiao Rou with the gun, "Come here!" He looked really fierce

"Me..." Suddenly called by Jiang Liushi, Xiao Rou’s state changed slightly... She bit her lips, and walked to Jiang Liushi. After Yu’s death, she hoped for the best and was prepared for the worst...

She obediently went in front of Jiang Liushi, she closed her eyes while her eyelashes were gently trembling, and her hand subconsciously clenched. Her knuckle became slightly white because of the tension. She knew that any resistance was useless.

"Why did you close your eyes?" He asked. He couldn’t understand the girl’s inexplicable action. "Do you know where the supplies were placed?" he asked. Yu had been robbing people, so he should have a big amount of accumulated supplies

"Ah?" Xiao Rou was stunned for a moment, opening her eyes, and then she lifted her hand pointing to one of the rooms. It was not her time to meet God yet.

[This person, just asked about the supplies?]

"Open the door." Jiang Liushi shouted.

"There are… Locked... "Xiao Rou timidly replied. Hearing that, Jiang Liushi went straight to the door, lifting the muzzle, aiming at the keyhole, and then he stood aside.

"Bang!" A gunshot was fired. Jiang Liushi felt that his arm was shocked a bit, by the gun’s recoil.

He was holding the gun very hard, so the recoil did not cause the muzzle shake much.

"Ah," those women screamed covering their ears.

The door lock was knocked off, so Jiang Liushi kicked the door open. The carefully locked storage room was opened in a very violent way. After opening the door, Jiang Liushi checked the situation, and then walked in while those women looked at him in panic.

Going into the room, Jiang Liushi was left speechless. That room was simply a warehouse, it was filled with all kinds of supplies from the floor to the ceiling. There was a refrigerator, which was filled with a variety of fresh food.

Jiang Liushi’s current staple food was of course the variable pork, but these vegetables could be used to improve its taste. This kind of food could only come by luck, someone would have to spare a lot of time searching for it after doomsday. However, Jiang Liushi couldn’t bring...

Yu had put the stronghold next to the gas station, and his freezer relied on generators to operate for twenty-four hours, so the food could be kept fresh. Jiang Liushi would like to take those good things as much as possible.

Thinking that Jiang Zhuying was still hidden in the house without electricity, just eating dry food, Jiang Liushi intended to bring some fresh food for her.

Once he thought of this, he was extremely eager to upgrade the storage space. If the MCV’s storage space was large enough, he could take more refrigerated food away.

Those vacuum packaging food was also adequate, such as ham, bacon, pulled rabbit and so on. In fact, Jiang Liushi’s food storage had been enough. But Jiang Liushi knew clearly that it would be more and more difficult to collect food in the future.

Although those foods were not as good as mutant meat, they were really tasty. Jiang Liushi always believed the more, the better. He searched some more and found another box, which was stored in the corner and packed properly.

He opened the box, and was delighted. This box was filled with things collected from the police station, those things very valuable to him. There were two pieces of body armor, police electric batons, lots of bullets as well as a police helmet. Those things were very useful, especially the body armor and bullets. With the body armor, Jiang Liushi could feel safer. And the bullets could make sure that the gun in his hands didn’t become scrap.

Jiang Liushi’s combat effectiveness relied on his MCV, but when he went off the car, he needed other methods to protect himself.

Jiang Liushi decided to take the whole box away. His original physical strength was pretty good. After eating the mutant meat, he had become stronger. Carrying the supplies he needed, he had climbed stairs several times, and still felt full of vigor.

Those women stood in the corner, silently watching Jiang Liushi take those goods downstairs.


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