My MCV and Doomsday
33 Be Tormented!
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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33 Be Tormented!

Chapter 33: Be Tormented!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The bullies scattered at Jiang Liushi's sight. They drove into narrow alleys in order to keep away from Jiang Liushi.


When the bullies drove into alleys, several shadows had suddenly appeared. They were zombies! The zombies terrified the bullies insanely. What a sad scene! Their grim cries attracted more zombies, it was like asking them to come to be their food.

Although most of the zombies in town had been led off, there were still lots of hidden zombies in alleys. Naturally the survivors tried their best to keep away from those alleys. The bullies were running for their lives as the zombies kept chasing them, they couldn't do anything else as the zombies kept increasing in numbers. Seeing the

miserable scene, Jiang Liushi frowned and drove the minibus back to Wen's home. He wouldn't like to bring disaster upon the survivors.

As a result, Jiang Liushi drove back secretly when zombies were occupied with the gang. Dozens of survivors in the yard witnessed the whole process. They were dumb stricken with amazement. They were totally shocked by Jiang Liushi and the minibus.

The minibus was amazing and invulnerable. They thought, [What's going on?]

Getting over the shock, they became anxious and fear took over. Offending the bullies was a terrible outcome. What would happen next?

[Brother Yu had killed and dismembered the whole family of those, who refused to give them food and hit his guys. This is not going to end well] Most of the survivors thought.

"Xiao Lu, we… How…" The old man holding a rice-pot trembled. He was at a loss of what to do. He feared neither hardship nor death. He just hated to part with his grandson, who was the only reason that kept him alive. Doomsday had taken his family away...

Wen Lu gritted her teeth and said, "Grandpa Wang, please don't worry so much. It came down to the point where we would have to eventually deal with it."

Although Wen Lu and Wen Xiaotian were sisters, Wen Lu had a stronger personality.

Wen Lu have had enough of the bullies. And Jiang Liushi's action had elevated her spirit; it worked off her anger!

"Uncle Wang, what Wen Lu said is right. Life is not easy after doomsday. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. I wanted to beat the young leader black and blue." A hot-blooded youth, about twenty, said. It was hard to predict one's chances of life or death after doomsday. Be it Brother Yu or the zombies, their lives would be under constant danger any way.

However, most of them were afraid. Zombies wouldn't specifically search for them, but Brother Yu would definitely take revenge! Jiang Liushi, naturally, had listened to the conversation and looked at the hot-blooded youth with quite different eyes. He was not really tall nor very short, with fair skin. Although he's a soft-spoken person, he was also carefree and impulsive.

"Younger brother, would you mind helping me drag the leader?"

Jiang Liushi talked with the hot-blooded youth and gave him a bag of chocolate chips, saying, "Enjoy it."

Jiang Liushi appreciated the hot-blooded youth. Moreover, Jiang Liushi was unwilling to personally drag the guy. Nobody knew whether the zombies would be attracted by his whining. Staying in the minibus was the best choice for him, as he could adapt to circumstances. In addition, he had enough mutant wild boar meat. Actually, he didn't care about the bag of chocolate.

However, that bag of chocolate was precious to the survivors. It was extremely hard for them to collect food. And their best harvest had to be given to the bullies. As a result, they had no chance to eat such high-calorie food. They already felt sick at the sight of biscuits and cheap instant noodles. They wondered why Jiang Liushi could take out that high-calorie food so easily.

The hot-blooded youth was excited. He hesitated, coveting, and said, "It is not proper. I can't accept it. I'm glad to drag him." The hot-blooded youth's reaction made Jiang Liushi feel delighted. So Jiang Liushi threw him the bag of chocolate and said, "Take it. It is dangerous for anybody to drag him back. Come on!"

Only then did the hot-blooded youth accepted the chocolate and said in an embarrassed tone, "Well…Thank you!" The other survivors admired him.

Then the hot-blooded youth ran to the leader's side and pulled him violently from his collar. The leader stared at the hot-blooded youth in a vicious manner. However, to his surprise his ear was pinched by the hot-blooded youth.

"You wanna die?" Then he was dragged toward the minibus with a broken leg. He uttered a heartrending cry, but he was pinched again.

"Stop shouting! If you attract the zombies to our location, I will hang you on the poles. You will be eaten starting from your lower body, little by little!

After taking the bag of chocolate, the hot-blooded youth made all-out efforts. The hot-blooded youth beat the leader very badly; he was beaten black and blue.

There was no hospital to treat his busted leg, so he could only endure the pain and wait to die because of infection. Even if he was lucky enough to be treated, he would be killed sooner or later. His hatred couldn't be absolved anymore and he didn't beg for mercy.

But now, the threat of the hot-blooded youth let him realize that he was doomed to die. There was a great difference between to be tormented and die. Jiang Liushi sitting in the minibus, sighed in admiration to the hot-blooded youth's ability of scaring others.

The leader was dragged in front of the minibus while a long blood trail was left on the ground. Although he was extremely cruel and merciless, he hadn't experienced something like this. When he looked at Jiang Liushi, a chill ran through his spine.

Do not say that he was killed by zombies, even if this horrible minibus moved back and forth on a few times, it will let him commit suicide.

The hot-blooded youth only dared to vent his anger verbally. But Jiang Liushi handled affairs in a decisive manner, he was a man of his word.


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