My MCV and Doomsday
27 Big Mess
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My MCV and Doomsday
Author :Dark Litchi
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27 Big Mess

Chapter 27: Big Mess

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
[Oh, my God. This driver is crazy.] 'Mr. Zhang' was still thinking about how to deal with it. But when the minibus suddenly accelerated, he was terrified and crazily rushed into the alley next to him. Having heard a sharp brake friction sound behind the alley, 'Mr. Zhang' looked back at the minibus's front with an indescribable feeling.

"Brother Zhang…What are we going to do?" The skinny man still had been scared sh*tless, and asked with his mouth parched and tongue scorched.

"F*ck! How do I know?" 'Mr. Zhang' angrily scolded as his heart rate was still very fast!

The minibus was big, but after all, it was so old and still had a drag. Who would have thought it would be so good! Even its windscreen was really hard to break; it had been hit twice but it still failed to leave a mark behind, not to mention breaking it!

Three motorcycles had been turned over, and the people on them were all dead. Even if they hadn't died, there was no way to cure their serious injuries, and they still had no idea how to tell it to "Brother Yu"!

Seeing the rest of the wild guys moving back into the alley, Jiang Liushi stopped. Wen Xiaotian was also confused. Before Jiang Liushi had hit the first motorcycle, she had closed her eyes tightly. But what had happened after that, she could only tell by listening.

The people who had been hit were probably dead or hurt. But if they hadn't done that, they would have been worse off if they had landed on those wild guys. Wen Xiaotian turned her head to Jiang Liushi side, and she noticed Jiang Liushi being calm. He exhaled two very gentle breaths and then took a quiet look at himself.

"These people should not show up for a while. Where did you say your home was?" Jiang Liushi's memory was good, but he wasn't good at finding roads.

In particular, this unfamiliar path…

Under Wen Xiaotian's lead, they arrived to a courtyard, and the MCV stopped at the entrance of the yard. The wall was not high, and the space was also not big. Some kinds of flowers were inside, and there was a vegetable patch in the corner with a row of gray porous bricks, some chives had been planted there and looked very well.

In the cement ground, there were some moss and finely weeds planted by perennial water against the wall. The two-layer buildings had a 90's style. But the old windows were clean and bright.

"This is my home," said Wen Xiaotian uneasily.

She squeezed her fingers, and biting her lip moved from the copilot seat to the door.

"Wait." Jiang Liushi stopped her and then pressed the horn twice.

"Didi!" The MCV's horn was very clear and bright, but not harsh.

Jiang Liushi looked the small building, through the windshield, and then looked around. There were no zombies in other buildings. Wen Xiaotian was shocked when the horn sounded, nervously watching the security door of the building, in fear that the door might suddenly shake. Jiang Liushi continuously pressed several times the horn, but no abnormal things appeared.

He looked at Wen Xiaotian, indicating that she was not in danger and could get off. Wen Xiaotian nodded with a worried look, taking a deep breath, and finally summoned the courage to push the door, and got off and walked into the yard.

Jiang Liushi saw Wen Xiaotian reaching the door. She took out her keys and opened the door. Her hands were shaking for a while before she opened it. Jiang Liushi could totally relate to her. If it was not for the sake of safety, Jiang Liushi would accompany her. But in this strange town, for his and Wen Xiaotian's safety, staying in the car was the best choice.

The neighborhood was surrounded by residential buildings, but there were no zombies, and there were few zombies in the whole area. When he looked at the buildings around him, he noticed blood stains on some houses and windows. Wen Xiaotian was out of the room, and she returned to the minibus with a blank look on her face.

"How was it?" Jiang Liushi asked. He had been mostly paying attention to the surroundings, but he could hear her shouting at her home.

Looking at Wen Xiaotian, it seemed that the situation was not very good…

"No one at home," Wen Xiaotian said. It was chaotic. The ground was littered with garbage. The furnitures had been moved, and the refrigerator door had been opened with no food inside.

"Maybe they escaped?" Wen Xiaotian said to Jiang Liushi what she had see, with a little hope in her heart.

Jiang Liushi looked at the door. He did not say anything, but he thought it was impossible. In that case, it was impossible to lock the door so well, even the windows were closed and the curtains were drawn.

Running away wouldn't make the house look like that. It's normal to take away food, but what about moving furniture? Jiang Liushi was still analyzing Wen Xiaotian's words, while Wen Xiaotian was lifeless. She couldn't find her family, so she was at a loss. She didn't know what to do now. When she had decided to come back, she had thought about that scenario. Even so, she was still at a loss. Her family had disappeared, and they hadn't left her a note or anything…

"Wen Xiaotian," Jiang Liushi suddenly said, "What did you say that was missing from the sofa?"

Wen Xiaotian pondered a bit and then said, "Quilt and so on…"

"Only these? What were the garbage on the ground?" Jiang Liush iasked.

Wen Xiaotian did not know why Jiang Liushi asked this. She said, "I have lookeed and my family had not left anything for me…"

"No. You look around there. The zombies are very few, and the door and windows were closed. Probably, there were still people living. The quilt shows that maybe someone has been sleeping here. Also, if the garbage you found are recent, then the chances are higher that there are survivors." Jiang Liushi speculated.

He made this inference after analyzing a lot of details, otherwise, he would not have said such things and given Wen Xiaotian any hope.

Listening to Jiang Liushi's words, Wen Xiaotian's eyes grew bigger and bigger.

"You can go back and see if everything is as I said…"Jiang Liushi said.

As soon as he stopped, Wen Xiaotian had already run off the minibus…


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