Miracle Throne
Chapter 653: President Chu Tian
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 653: President Chu Tian

The Miracle Federation presidential election had officially begun, being held in over two hundred areas. There were over ten special warships and they were responsible for over twenty areas each. They would remain in an area taking votes for a day, so it would take a total of twenty days.

The ballots would be sent to Miracle City and the results would be announced to the entire continent. Although everyone knew there was no suspense in this election, everyone still happily paid attention to it. The various countries had even opened gambling houses to bet on candidate ranks and vote totals.

Five days passed.

There was a clear trend in the first wave of votes. Chu Tian alone took up 70% of the votes and Meng Qingwu took 20% of the remaining votes. The other ten percent belonged to the other candidates.

Ten days passed.

The second wave of votes basically secured the ending. Chu Tian had a total 65% of the votes, with Meng Qingwu following behind with 26%. The two of them added together made up for 91% of the total votes. This meant that all the other candidates added together didn’t even make up a single digit, so these people could already be eliminated.

After the Miracle Federation citizens understood Miracle City and Miracle Commerce, although Chu Tian’s position was unbreakable, there were also many people who supported Meng Qingwu. Chu Tian’s supporters were made of middle and lower class because these people didn’t have too deep of an understanding of Miracle City and Miracle Commerce. Therefore, they were more attracted by Chu Tian’s personal history, developing a cult like worship towards Chu Tian.

Meng Qingwu’s major supporters mainly came from the upper class. They knew that Miracle City and Miracle Commerce were actually controlled by Meng Qingwu. This vice City Lord was very smart and made every person admire her, therefore Meng Qingwu had a decent level of support.

Of course.

Whether it was Meng Qingwu or Chu Tian as the president, the meaning was the same. Chu Tian’s influence on the continent far surpassed that of Meng Qingwu in the heart of the emperors. Because Meng Qingwu was very astute, if she wasn’t attached to someone like Chu Tian, at most she could be an accomplished person in a city or country. She would definitely not be world famous like she was now.

Chu Tian was the truly inspirational person.

The post as the first president of the Miracle Federation was Chu Tian’s right.

As for whether Chu Tian remained the president or not, or if Meng Qingwu, the other high level members of Miracle Commerce, or even if someone from the Big Dry Empire or another area took over, it all didn’t matter.

This was because although the Miracle Federation was a country, its core was still Miracle Commerce. As long as Chu Tian’s group firmly held Miracle Commerce, it didn’t matter who was the federation’s president. It was nothing more than hiring a CEO to manage a country, this country’s real lifeline would always be held in the hands of Miracle Commerce.

Of course, with Miracle Commerce’s group here, it would be hard for even the Big Dry Empire’s Big Dry Emperor to become the president. The Big Dry Empire’s people made up a third of the Miracle Federation, but outside the Big Dry Empire, the Big Dry Emperor had almost no support. As well, there were quite a few people in the Big Dry Empire that worshipped Miracle Commerce and that number was still growing.

After the change on the fifteenth day, there was basically no need for the election anymore.

The voter turnout had already surpassed 75%, but Chu Tian alone had over 50% of the votes. Even if the rest of the people voted for Meng Qingwu, they couldn’t do anything to change this.

Miracle City immediately made an announcement. The Miracle Federation’s first president was Chu Tian and the vice president was Meng Qingwu. This result couldn’t have been changed since the beginning, but this announcement still drew out large amounts of cheers and excitement.

“Congratulations president!” Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun, Vivian, and the others all ran over to congratulate Chu Tian.

Nangong Yun even hugged Meng Yingying and said, “As the president’s wife, shouldn’t you treat us to a good meal? Our request isn’t high, just the Miracle Royal Palace’s Royal Feast is enough!”

Meng Yingying had fully adopted to her identity after a few days, she didn’t look embarrassed at all, “Alright! Don’t just mention the Royal Feast, I’ll bring out a Presidential Feast that is even better than the Royal Feast!”

“Wa, Presidential Feast?” Vivian’s eyes lit up, “I want it as well!”

This presidential election was a very important matter, but these people only cared about eating, like they didn’t care about this matter at all. Meng Qingwu came in to say to everyone, “The president has been elected and we’ve submitted a notice to the continent’s joint council, so now it’s for the president’s inaugural speech. Yingying, you are the first lady, so you also have to make a speech. Also, Nangong and Vivian, you are senior members of the federation, so you all have to attend.”

“This troublesome?”

“We’re different from before, the entire continent is watching us, so we have to do some official things. These can’t be avoided.” Meng Qingwu helplessly shrugged her shoulders, “But there is good news, our Presidential Palace has already been built. I think we can officially start using it today, do you want to take a look?”

“Presidential Palace!”

“This is great!”

“I want to see!”

Miracle City’s City Lord Fort was where the City Lord did his business. Now that Chu Tian’s group had already formed the Miracle Federation that dominated the continent, it was naturally time for them to change to a new location.

Everyone came to the Transport Tower and after the Transport Tower lit up, everyone was sent into the main hall of the Presidential Palace. This main hall seemed like it was completely sealed, being around the same size as a little square. It was made of crystals farmed from the moon, therefore it looked very elegant and noble.

The various emperors had all been invited.

The Wind Moon Empress looked around, “This is Miracle City’s newest Presidential Palace? I think it’s only normal, it’s on the same level as an emperor’s side palace.”

The other emperors also nodded.

Everyone thought that Miracle Commerce’s newly built presidential palace would be luxurious. The material seemed like it was high grade, but the space wasn’t big enough, it couldn’t compare to the Miracle Royal Palace.

“Everyone, don’t say that too early.” Chu Tian gave a soft snap, “Turn on outside view mode.”

The super Smart Brain received Chu Tian’s order and the floor underneath them lit up. They saw it quickly become transparent and the scene they saw shocked them. The entire floor turned into a giant map, but everyone was surprised to find that it was not a map at all, but rather a real scenic view.

The continent appeared in front of them. Mountains, lakes, canyons, seas, and forests all perfectly appeared in front of them. Everyone now understood what Miracle Commerce’s presidential palace was, it was actually a giant scale floating fortress.

Chu Tian smiled at everyone’s shock and said, “The Miracle Federation’s presidential palace is the floating fortress Miracle City planned on building a long time ago. This fortress is only currently 10% complete, but it has rich weapon, movement, and defense systems. It can remain in the astral wind layer and can use rocket propulsion to leave the astral wind layer, entering Outer Space.”

Everyone was shocked.

How did they make this kind of fortress?

Chu Tian continued explaining to everyone, “This Presidential Palace has the most advanced technology of the continent. It includes transport, weapons, energy, and communication technology, therefore it can be a command center that stays in the skies forever. In the future, the president can command the entire federation from this fortress.

This was simply too shocking.

The core of the federation was in space.

It could enter the astral wind layer and could even enter Outer Space. Even the strongest army of the continent couldn’t destroy this fortress. After all, even giant dragons couldn’t withstand the astral wind layer, so they were far behind in terms of aerial power.

People kept arriving at this time, which not only included guests from other countries, but also included the local presidents and the Big Dry Emperor. When the Big Dry Emperor saw the Miracle Federation’s presidential palace, he understood why he lost.

But that was fine. Although he lost, he wouldn’t lose everything.

The Miracle Federation was gradually becoming stronger and the Big Dry Emperor was still considered young. For someone with his cultivation, he could still live another five-six hundred years. For these five-six hundred years, the Big Dry Emperor could at least become the local president for the Big Dry Empire region. Although the Miracle Federation’s presidential position wasn’t hereditary, the other families couldn’t compare to the Big Dry Empire’s royal family, so their heirs could still be chosen as the Big Dry Empire region’s local president still.

Because there was competition, the Big Dry Empire’s royal family would recover eventually.

The Big Dry Emperor had already put down his complains and he now had future goals. In the next several hundred years, he would change himself and make a good president. He would govern the Big Dry Empire area well to gain the citizen’s support and challenge for the presidential palace in the future.

The Big Dry Emperor could already see it, Chu Tian wasn’t interested in being president at all. Letting him do it a few times was fine, but if he remained the president, Chu Tian would definitely cause trouble with his personality. After Chu Tian resigned, Meng Qingwu could do it a few times, but Miracle Commerce’s people didn’t care about the president position. As long as they firmly controlled Miracle Commerce, it was all fine.

As long as these two gave up on campaigning for president.

Wouldn’t the Big Dry Emperor have a chance to sit on the continent’s highest position?

The Big Dry Emperor had lost his goal before, so he became blindly arrogant. Now that he could go higher, he had regained his ambition and drive. At worst, he could just wait two-three hundred years!

“The live transmission has been prepared. The Miracle Federation’s president, his excellency Chu Tian’s speech will be sent to every corner of the continent.”

“Next we invite the president to speak!”

The people on every corner of the continent were glued to their screens.

The first image that appeared was the presidential palace.

This was a thorough image taken from a fighter plane. Miracle Commerce had already planned for several months and had finished the presidential palace in time. Although it didn’t seem complete, with many regions still being constructed, one could still see the general image of the presidential palace.

A low and deep voice began to narrate. The Miracle Federation’s presidential alliance was a fortress made from Miracle Commerce’s top technology. It had a current scale of ten warships placed together, and the snow white frame gave people an indestructible feel. This floating city turned presidential palace was currently flying over Miracle City. Its orders would flow into the Miracle Federation, becoming the Miracle Federation’s brain in the sky.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu officially took their offices.

After their inaugural speech, the two announced the Miracle Federation’s current situation.

The Miracle Federation had over one hundred and sixty small and medium sized countries, with several thousand cities being divided into eight regions. Each region would have an election for local presidents. The kings of the federation could become a candidate for the election in their region and the birth of local presidents were in full swing.

In the end, the Forest of Chaos region’s president was the Elven King Lancelot, the Big Dry Empire region’s president was the Big Dry Emperor, the northern country region’s president was the Great Zhou Queen, Chen Bingyu, the southern country region’s president was the Dragon Lord, Nidhogg, the Western Sea region’s president was Jin Luo, and as for the eastern country region, the underground region, and the Outer Space region, they had Thunder’s Fury, Burst Claw, and others as presidents.

These local presidents came to the presidential palace and each person represented their region to speak to the people of the continent.

Meng Qingwu also announced that administration system would be divided into low and high levels. It would go from cities, states, countries, regions, to the entire federation. The positions from lowest to highest was City Lord, Governor, King, region president, and president. From the rank of Governor and up, it would be decided from an election to ensure the fairness of the entire country. This meant that from the president to a lowly country’s Governor, it would all be elected by people with spiritual energy elections.

This kind of system was unheard of on the continent.

The Miracle Federation was not just a unique state on the continent, it was the most open democratice area of the continent. This kind of mindset filled the emperors of the continent with respect and they also relaxed. Since positions were inherited through families, as long as the president was elected by the citizens, it meant that the Miracle Federation and Chu Tian didn’t have the ambition to swallow the continent. At least their ambition wasn’t that great.

Of course, for a giant like the Miracle Federation, it couldn’t be established in just a few short months. The various countries and powers needed to be united.

After the presidential palace speech was over, everyone put even more effort into their work.

There was suddenly a large tremor that passed through Miracle City and the Forest of Chaos. Although it was not strong, the coverage area was wide and the duration was long. It made everyone deeply sense a kind of energy coming from underground.


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