Miracle Throne
Chapter 548: Tentacle monster
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 548: Tentacle monster

Chu Tian’s Divine Sense slowly poured out like a wave, quickly filling the entire temple space. The idols standing in the templer were all made from unknown abyss material that could stop Chu Tian’s Divine Sense, so he couldn’t find out what structure the statues had.

A hard handed method wouldn’t work.

There had to be a core in the temple and as long as the core’s power was cut off, it wouldn’t have the energy to protect itself and the statues could be destroyed.

Shadow found something strange with the altar, so he immediately shouted to Chu Tian, “There seems to be a channel inside the altar!”


That’s right, it had to be the altar!

Chu Tian did not know what race built this altar, but the altar should be the center of the temple by common sense. The most suitable decision now was to start with the altar.

The entire temple was very large and the altar stood directly right in the center. It was around eighty feet tall and was around three hundred meters in diameter, being in the shape of a trapezoid. The altar was covered in holes and if it wasn’t found in the ruins of a temple, one would have thought that it was some strange race’s nest.

The altar was hidden by some kind of power and Chu Tian’s Divine Sense couldn’t enter it, but he could vaguely feel that something was off with it.

“Fox, go and take a look first.”

The little fox crawled into the altar. Not only was it vigilant, it also hid its aura, so it wasn’t easy to find. At the same time, it was very flexible, so when it met something unknown, it would be able to make the best decision.

In the end.

The little fox had just entered the altar for thirty seconds when it came back in a panic, quickly giving Chu Tian a warning.

“What is going on?”

Chu Tian didn’t understand what was happening.

The temple shook like there was an earthquake and from the giant holes on the surface of the temple, there were suddenly large tentacles that came out. Each tentacle was dark red and covered in sharp thorns. There were also ancient and mysterious engravings on it that were releasing a powerful energy and aura. Each tentacle was a thousand meters long and it stretched out of the altar to attack Chu Tian’s group.

Chu Tian’s hand came together to condense a Demon God’s Sword that clashed against the tentacle. But after that, the runes on the surface of the tentacle lit up and an intense energy came from within the tentacle.

It was like a Behemoth’s claw!

The Demon God’s Sword was shattered and the terrifying energy fell onto Chu Tian. Chu Tian was sent flying to the edge of the temple and he slammed into the wall.

“What monster is this? It has such incredible strength!”

Chu Tian’s body was covered in starlight. Although he had the Starlight Immortal Body protecting him, the powerful attack of the monster had shocked Chu Tian.

This must be the beast guarding the temple.

A single tentacle was this strong and there were over a hundred tentacles. If they attacked together, could he resist it?

The roar from within the temple became stronger and stronger.

Over a hundred tentacles had already come out and four-five of them had attacked Shadow and Mei Ji. The runes on the surface of the tentacles had powerful might and they were covered in blade like thorns. If flesh and blood were to touch it, would there still be a single part that was still whole?

A dark arrow flew out!

Shadow lit up a tentacle with black flames, but the monster didn’t care about this attack at all, it didn’t stop the attacks a single bit. Mei Ji had to make a move seeing this. Her figure suddenly swayed as seven-eight shadows quickly flew out, before she instantly led Shadow away from here.

“Charming Demon Disease Slash!”

Mei Ji launched another attack, with each step leaving a mark, creating an unpredictable pattern. Finally a sharp blade glow flew out and cut off a large tentacle.

Mei Ji was still a 9th True Spirit Layer Expert in the end!

Even if the Succubus excelled in spiritual domain battles, with her high cultivation, Mei Ji wouldn’t be weak when it came to fighting with weapons. The cultivation technique of the Succubus was very fast, as well as having a swift and sharp attack, which was only inferior to a top assassin like the Shadow Demons.

Who would have thought that a tentacle falling off wouldn’t harm the monster at all. The tentacle that fell off twitched like a fish out of water before disappearing at a speed the naked eye could see. It turned into a smoke that returned to where the tentacle was cut off and it regrew in a very short period of time!


This monster couldn’t die.

Mei Ji wanted to run when a roar came from the temple, as over a hundred tentacles shot out. The target of these tentacles this time wasn’t the intruders, but rather the shockingly powerful tentacles charged at the idol inside the temple.

It’s over!

The monster wanted to attack the idols!

The protective beast of the temple naturally didn’t want to destroy the idols. It was like when Mei Ji accidentally touched it and created a powerful spiritual attack. With over a hundred tentacles hitting the idols, it would be over a hundred killing weapons!

With these monsters slamming the idols, it would be hard to imagine how strong the spiritual energy coming from the idols would be. This would be enough to destroy an entire army instantly, not to mention a few intruders?

Not to mention Shadow, even Mei Ji wouldn’t have a chance to survive. With the spiritual wave created by over a hundred idols, it would even surpass the giant spiritual wave attack created by the Demon Ants in the Demon Ant Valley. Even if an expert above the True Spirit Realm met this attack, it would be hard for them to escape!

This was because spiritual attack had a very large attack range, it would be too late even if they escaped the temple. Chu Tian didn’t have time to use his spatial teleportation.

“Look into my eyes!”

Chu Tian shouted out in this crucial moment. His eyes turned gold and he activated a Divine Sense secret technique.

“Eternal Sleep Eyes!”

Mei Ji and Shadow looked at Chu Tian and instantly felt a very strong energy enter their minds. Shadow immediately fell unconscious onto the ground and Mei Ji had the strength to resist this secret technique, but Mei Ji instantly understood Chu Tian’s thoughts. She didn’t try resisting and even let go of her defenses, as she let it close her mind.

The minds of the these two people were instantly closed.

When the mind was closed, thoughts completely stopped. In this situation, all spiritual attacks lost the effect to harm them, so this was Chu Tian’s only method of saving the two of them.

A wave of bell tolling sounds poured out.

Even with their minds sealed, the two of them bled from all seven orifices, showing that it wasn’t a small impact. Chu Tian had a feeling like his head was splitting, but compared to back in the Demon Ants Valley, whether it was Chu Tian’s spiritual energy, strength, or Divine Sense, they had all increased. Adding in his immunity to spiritual and soul attacks, he was not hurt at all.

The little fox was also immune to spiritual attacks.

But it was still affected as it became dizzy like it was drunk.

The little was filled with anger when it sobered, pulling out a soul puppet that released flames. The flaming demon bird was a terrifying existence in the peak 9th True Spirit Layer, so this move had a very terrifying destructive might. A wave of flame surged forward towards the altar, burning several tentacles black.

It was no use.

These tentacles were not the monster’s true weakness.

Therefore, even if one had the ability to cut them off or burn them all, the monster could recover from it in a very short period of time. The monster’s main body was inside the altar and there was a kind of energy guarding the altar. It was like the monster was wearing an invincible armour or it was hiding in a fortress that a True Spirit Expert or an expert above the True Spirit Realm couldn’t break. How should this be dealt with?

The tentacles burnt black quickly returned to normal and several tentacles hit the idols again. The flaming demon bird in the air prepared to attack, but it suddenly met this spiritual energy wave attack that instantly turned it into countless sparks as it disappeared on the spot.

This kind of powerful creature had actually been instantly killed.

“Father does not believe I can’t take care of you!” Chu Tian shouted to the fox, “Restrain it for me!”

The fox couldn’t summon the powerful flaming demon bird for now, but that didn’t matter. The fox had good cards as it spat out five green souls into the air. In the end, the five souls turned into meteors as they flew at the altar from five different directions.

When the Hell Fire Demons fell down as meteors, their destructive might could not be matched by the peak 9th True Spirit Layer. They instantly destroyed most of the monster’s tentacles. The Hell Fire Demons stood up and surrounded the altar, attracting the tentacle monster’s attention.

Good chance!

Chu Tian instantly appeared in front of the altar and stepped over a large tentacle, charing right into the altar. The tentacle monster quickly understood Chu Tian’s intention and the giant tentacle covered in thorns began to turn, turning into a giant meat grinder.

Void Escaping!

Chu Tian used his Void Escaping and his teleporting ability to avoid being shredded apart, finally entering a long tunnel. He arrived at the center of the altar and finally saw the main body of the monsters.

This was a life form that looked like an octopus.

This creature’s head was very smooth, with a pair of giant green eyes. There was a large mouth filled with white fangs under the eyes. It looked very evil and terrifying, looking like a typical abyss demon.

“You’ve finally let me see you!”

Chu Tian immediately released the Divine Servants. Without having the time to attack, the tentacle demon’s fang filled mouth released a low roar, as countless small tentacles shot out with incredible speed from its mouth.

Too fast!

Chu Tian had not reacted yet when he and his Divine Servants were caught by the tentacles. With a quick speed, they were being pulled into the mouth of the incomparably large monster!


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