Miracle Throne
Chapter 504: Death Ice Field
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 504: Death Ice Field

The several forest experts were left at the Heavenly Yin Mountain.

Endless Yin had to focus on preparing for the attack in Heavenly Sword Mountain because they were cooperating with the Eagle Burial Kingdom, this matter had to be taken care of as soon as possible. If they didn’t take care of Heavenly Yin Mountain quickly and the Heavenly Yin Mountain could work together with the Eagle Burial Kingdom, the situation would not be good.

Also with the reformation of the Great Zhou royal family meant that there would be more divide in resources, so who would be willing to give out their territory and resources? The best way was to use a reason to take out a large power, the territory and resources would be shared by everyone. The other powers would also obtain some benefits, making everyone happy.

Chu Tian could only do this much.

He wasn’t clear on Chen Bingyu’s situation and there was no time to care, he had to quickly make a move. Vivian had reached the 5th True Spirit Layer, largely increasing her power. Although the Great Zhou Country was a bit bigger than the Great Summer Country, with Vivian’s spatial movement ability, it wasn’t considered that far away!

After a few teleports.

The two of them arrived at the Death Ice Field.

“Wa, this place is so beautiful!”

This peak stood high above, with most of the resources and spirit veins being ice attributed, attracting a large amount of ice elemental energy. It caused this area to be covered in ice and snow, being empty, cold, and silent…..Looking into the distance, the area was not smooth with fluctuating peaks and snowy ridges. There was no vegetation at all, it was just a wide field of snow!

Vivian couldn’t help shivering, “Strange, this place seems too cold. It can actually slightly enter the protective spirit energy and affect me.”

“That’s right, the ice elemental energy is too rich.” Chu Tian also felt the cold and had to cycle his spirit energy to block it, “If my guess isn’t wrong, this Death Ice Field has a rare ice spirit vein which gathers very strong ice energy. This cold is not cause by normal temperature decrease, so it can invade one’s body. If one isn’t in the True Spirit Realm, their spirit energy would be frozen in less than a day. We can’t stay here long at all, so it is called the Death Ice Field!”

“Will big sister Bingyu and Yin Spirit be here?” Vivian said with a look of worry, “This ice field isn’t small and there is no coverage here, how will we be able to find them?”

“Did you forget? I have a tracking expert!”

A snow white fox sat on his shoulder, proudly shaking its tail. Was there anyone else that could do this other than the fox? Vivian understood, she had forgotten the little fox!

“Little fellow, we have many things to do, so we can’t waste time.” Chu Tian patted the little fox’s shoulder and said, “Quickly find them and I’ll properly reward you when we head back!”

The little fox nodded in satisfaction.

It closed its eyes to feel around before pointing in a direction with its claw.

Vivian immediately placed a little snow white hand on Chu Tian’s shoulder and the two of them jumped a hundred miles away. The Death Ice Field was not small and there were various snowstorms and deadly ice currents. It was very difficult to go through it on foot, but it was a bit more convenient with the spatial movement ability.

The Death Ice Field was big for normal people.

But it was too small for Vivian who could teleport several hundred miles.

Vivian with the little fox’s guidance teleported several times before having any results. The Death Ice Field had a very large ice lake to the north and the entire lake was covered in blue ice, it was like a smooth mirror on the ground. The land covered in ice and water had a blue energy over it.

This was the eye of the ice spirit vein.

The energy on the surface of the ice lake was very strong, even True Spirit Cultivators would find it hard to block it.

“That is the place we want to find!” Vivian found that there was an ancient ice castle in the center of the lake. It looked very ancient as waves of energy came from it, “Look! Isn’t that Yoda!”

There was a green dragon beside the ancient ice castle that was several meters long, with a very powerful aura coming from him. Although most of its scales were covered in ice, there was still a strong pressure coming from it.

There was no mistake.

That was Yoda transformed into a green dragon.

Vivian took a few careful looks, “It looks like Prophet Yoda is injured!

Even though Yoda was strong, it seemed like there were quite a few injuries on him, especially in the abdomen area. There was a large part of his scales missing and the flesh seemed like it was newly grown. There were several places where he had been injured, it was clear he had a hard fought battle.

“Let’s head over!”

“No!” Chu Tian stopped Vivian, “Looking at Yoda’s situation, it’s clear that he has met a strong opponent. There’s no rush in showing ourselves, let’s watch over the situation.”

After saying this.

Chu Tian released the Divine Servants sealed in the scroll and watched from a hidden location nearby. After a few hours, there was a group of people who appeared in the ice field, with around twenty people. They were mainly spirit beasts with a few humans among them. Looking at their clothes, they should be the high level members of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Vivian became excited, “Big brother was right, they have arrived!”

Chu Tian made a hand signal to be quiet, “Let’s keep watching!

“Old thing, do you have to keep resisting?” A sword cultivator with a head of gray hair in a crown coldly looked at the green dragon, with four-five swords quickly revolving around him. He was not angry and had a threatening aura, “You don’t have much power left, will you give up your life for this matter?”

The green dragon roared with a flash of flames. Its wings raised large amounts of snow as a sharp aura was released, rolling out in all directions.

“Seeking the road of death!” The sword cultivator jumped up and flicked out with his fingers, “Small Phaseless Slash!”

The newly formed scales of the green dragon exploded again and large amounts of blood flowed out. The green dragon disregarded this and flapped its powerful wings as it charged forward.

The twenty-thirty spirit beasts experts made their move, using a barrier to protect the sword cultivator and sending out various slowing, numbing, and various other Shaman secret techniques, which landed on the green dragon. Even if the green dragon had a shocking power, blocking all of this was very tiring.

Chu Tian knit his brows seeing this.

Small Phaseless Sword? He knew without saying anything that it was most likely the Heavenly Sword Sect’s Sect Master, Ling Wanjian. From the power Ling Wanjian displayed, this person’s cultivation had reached the peak 5th True Spirit Layer. His Small Phaseless Sword was also in a higher realm than Ling Ying’s!

The spirit beast experts were not simple!

The over twenty people had four 6th True Spirit Experts. Although dragons had strong defenses, which was hard for these people to break, it was more than enough for them to stop Yoda. Ling Wanjian’s cultivation was not high, but the Small Phaseless Sword was a strong attack cultivation technique. Even being in the 5th True Spirit Layer, it was enough for him to penetrate the dragon scales.

Yoda had been defending for several days and was now very tired.

Yoda was not a true dragon and the dragon form was from a secret technique’s transformation, therefore it was hard to maintain this dragon form. Each second wasted quite a bit of energy and once the battle was drawn out, he would begin to lose strength.

Vivian was very anxious, “Big brother Chu Tian, should we make a move?”

“Calm down first.” Chu Tian lowered his voice and said, “The Small Phaseless Sword is dangerous. Lian Wanjian has already reached the Large Success Realm and it would be dangerous if we act rashly. Prepare yourself and when there is a chance, we will attack.”


The green dragon was faced with Ling Wanjian’s stronger and stronger offense, already unable to make a move at all. The fight became more and more disadvantageous and he was getting more and more injured. The green dragon was a dragon of life, having very strong recovering ability, but it couldn’t keep up with how fast he was getting injured.

Of course.

Lian Wanjian consumed a lot of energy, but he saw that his advantage kept increasing, making him more confident. He didn’t have any guard up at all as he used all his strength to wildly attacked, “I want to see how long you can keep resisting! Small Phaseless Sword Rain!”

Ling Wanjian wildly released his spirit energy as his fingers released energy.

This wave of attack consumed most of Ling Wanjian’s energy. It made the green dragon let out a pitiful cry as it flew back while being covered in blood.


“Now’s the time!”

Vivian used her cultivation technique to send the eighteen Divine Servants in first, as eighteen figures appeared around Lian Wanjian. They quickly launched strong attacks at Ling Wanjian.

“Damn, there an ambush!”

Lian Wanjian used a strong powerful slash to send the Divine Servants flying.

The spirit beast experts stopped restraining the green dragon and soared out to block the remaining Divine Servants. When their attention was diverted, Vivian used spatial energy again. Chu Tian appeared behind Lian Wanjian and sent out a slash with all his strength.

Lian Wanjian quickly slashed out with his finger.


Chu Tian felt the Netherworld Sword tremble and this powerful energy almost sent the Netherworld Sword flying.

“You want to ambush me with this bit of strength?” Ling Wanjian roared out, “You can die together!”

Lian Wanjian gathered his sword qi and when he wanted to slash Chu Tian in half, he felt another wave of spatial energy appear beside him…..There was another person!

Lian Wanjian tried to change the direction of the sword qi, but when his body moved, there was a wave of spatial energy that fell onto his body. It was like a blade cut him from head to toe.

Vivian’s attack, spatial cut!

The attack seized the right opportunity. Lian Wanjian had used one large move and repelled the Divine Servants and Chu Tiaan, he couldn’t use the Small Phaseless Sword anymore. Vivian’s space attack had arrived before the teleport even ended.

Vivian transported herself to hide the fluctuations of the spatial cut, so when he tried to repel Vivian, the death strike had already landed on him.

From head to toe.

Lian Wanjian was directly cut in half!

The Great Zhou’s peak expert had actually died unwillingly like this!

Chu Tian said in a somewhat regretful manner, “You attacked too fast. You can cut him in half, so it was better to keep his life and it’s a pity that we couldn’t take the Small Phaseless Sword!”

Chu Tian was very interested in the Heavenly Sword Sect’s Small Phaseless Sword. The Sect Master and the vice Sect Master was dead, this sect’s highest technique was hard to find!

“You’re finally here!”

Yoda let out a long sigh of relief, he had already reached his limit.


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