Miracle Throne
Chapter 500: Five mountains’ cultivators
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 500: Five mountains’ cultivators

It was getting late, already reaching dusk.

The cultivators of the five mountains were preparing for another attack.

“The Black Moon Sect’s array has already become visibly weakened after several rounds, but the Heavenly Yin Mountain will quickly recover during the night. So, we need to break through the Black Moon Sect before it is dark!”

“Heavenly Sword Sect and the Black Tortoise Religion will lead the attack. The Divine Machine Sect will be responsible for diverting the Heavenly Yin Mountain’s corpse poison. The Void Spirit Cave will be in charge of breaking the formation. The Medicine King Valley will be responsible for support. What does everyone think?”

“No problem!”

The Great Zhou’s six great sects were the Heavenly Sword Sect, the Divine Machine Sect, the Black Moon Sect, the Black Tortoise Religion, the Void Spirit Cave, and the Medicine King Valley.

Each sect had a different inheritance. The Heavenly Sword Sect had the most ancient and strongest inheritance, the strongest attacking sword cultivation technique. The Divine Machine Sect excelled in puppet techniques, the Black Moon Sect had evil corpse refining techniques, the Black Tortoise Religion had shocking physical bodies, the Void Spirit Cave were skilled in array techniques and refining, and the Medicine King Valley had peak alchemy skills.

With the experts of the five sects coming together, could the Black Moon Sect resist them?

The Divine Machine Sect’s Sect Master was dressed like an iron bucket, not revealing a single inch of skin. It couldn’t be seen what they looked like, but judging by their figure, he should be a tall and robust man. This Sect Master had several dozen people sitting by him, each one with similar clothes, all looking like iron buckets.

This person was called Yuan Zhennan, being in the 2nd True Spirit Layer.

In the other five sects, this would be considered the level of an elder. The Divine Machine Sect had few True Spirit Experts, being the weakest of the six sects on the surface, but one couldn’t look down on their strength.

“For such an important fight, why is your Heavenly Sword Sect’s Sect Master missing?” Yuan Zhennan looked at the Heavenly Sword Sect people and said, “Can this group of foreigners be relied on?”

The Heavenly Sword Sect people were all dressed like sword cultivators. Each one had a sword on their back and they were wearing blue or white robes. Their leader was a middle aged sword cultivator, being around forty years old. His eyes were like lightning and had an uncommon bearing. It was the Heavenly Sword Sect’s vice Sect Master, Ling Ying!

The Medicine Sect Valley’s Valley Master Weng Tianyun, the Void Spirit Cave’s Cave Master Gu Lianshan, and the Black Tortoise Religion’s Sect Master Jing Kui, they were all respected characters in the Great Zhou Country and they were all currently gathered here.

The Heavenly Sword Sect’s Sect Master was not here.

“Sect Master Yuan shouldn’t worry. We can’t all surround the Black Moon Sect, who would hunt down the remnant of the previous generation? The Sect Master has the deepest relation with the Chen Family, so of course he should personally take care of this matter.” The Heavenly Sword Sect’s vice Sect Master Ling Ying shook his head and said, “As for these foreign consecrates of the Heavenly Sword Sect, everyone has already seen their strength. If it wasn’t for the help of these experts, how could the Black Moon Sect be broken this easily!”


These foreign experts were all very strong!

The Void Spirit Cave’s Cave Master Gu Lianshan was a small old man who was currently looking at the silent cloaked figures behind Ling Ying with eyes of extreme dread, “Your Heavenly Sword Sect is not weak and you have gained quite a few foreign followers, this development is a bit too fast. According to our agreement, after destroying the Black Moon Sect, the spoils will be take by our four sects. I hope the Heavenly Sword Sect will not break their promise.”

“Ha, ha, ha!” Ling Feng began to laugh, “Cave Master is worrying too much, the Heavenly Sword Sect will definitely keep their promise. The Heavenly Sword Sect does not a want a single thing in the Black Moon Sect!”

The other sect leaders couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief.

The Heavenly Sword Sect was the leader of the six Great Zhou spiritual mountains. They were already very strong and they had recruited many foreign experts in the recent years. This momentum had already caused the other sects to be vigilant.

That’s good.

This Heavenly Sword Sect knows to be tactful.

They seemed to know the consequences of growing too fast. They seized the chance of the Black Moon Sect strangely causing trouble to unite the other four powers to attack the Black Moon Sect, dividing them up. Their Heavenly Sword Sect wouldn’t take a thing and the large power would be divided by the other four powers, restabilizing the power balance of the Great Zhou Country.

When everyone agreed on the strategy.

The cultivators gathered together.

When they didn’t expect anything to happen, there were several figures that appeared around the basin. The lead was a fiery figure covered in runes, charging right at the group of people.

Hong, hong, hong!

The self destructing corpse created a breach and thousands of Yin Corpses wildly jumped into the valley. The Black Moon Sect had launched an ambush!

The cultivators of the five sects had not expected the Black Moon Sect to launch a counterattack, so their defenses were scattered. The Black Moon Sect’s ambush came at the right time, picking the moment their defenses was the weakest, causing them to fall into chaos.

Yuan Zhennan said with a face of amazement, “Have the Heavenly Yin Mountain people gone crazy? They aren’t using the array and sending themselves to death? Charge for me! Eliminate them!”

When the cultivators of the five mountains reacted, they didn’t have time to attack before several objects with white flame tails appeared above the valley. They were currently flying at peak speed at the cultivators.

“What are those things?”

“Who cares, shoot them down!”

The Heavenly Sword Sect experts took out their swords. Although the missiles were fast, they couldn’t be faster than the True Spirit sword cultivators.

Peng, peng, peng!

Several explosions rang out!

The several waves of missiles were blown up over the valley!

Nangong Yun saw this from a distance and said in a voice filled with regret, “Damn, not a single one hit!”

Miracle Commerce’s technology grew day by day, they advanced the radar, the supercomputer, and the power of the energy used. Adding in the control of the Smart Brain, the missiles have a high chance of hitting even from several hundred miles away. However, the flaw of the weapon was obvious because the weapon itself was too easy to destroy.

The True Spirit Cultivators could break the sound barrier, even moving three-four times faster than the speed of sound. Therefore, to want to kill True Spirit Experts with missiles, they had to move at least five times faster than the speed of sound. These Snake Scorpion Beast Missiles only moved one-two times the speed of sound and they met sword cultivators who could use flying swords, so it wasn’t that strange they were knocked down.

“Don’t worry.” Chu Tian was calm, “The Snake Scorpion Beast Missiles don’t need explosions to deal with enemies!”

About a hundred Snake Scorpion Beast Missiles were shot down over the valley. With the chaos in the valley with the cultivators of the five mountains dealing with the Black Moon Sect’s ambush, they didn’t notice that when those missiles exploded, there was concentrated poison that came out of them.

The solid poison quickly evaporated from the high temperature explosion before being released by a strong current of air. The poison was formless and invisible to the naked eye. It moved quickly and soon filled the entire valley.


“Careful! There is poison!”

The cultivators called out in shock. The Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison was an intense poison with fast effects, it was already too late when they noticed it. Chen Bingyu was almost taken out by this poison, not to mention Miracle Commerce had already strengthened it. The cultivators of the five mountains were mainly in the Awakened Soul Realm, how could they defend against this kind of biochemical weapon?

It was already too late when these people reacted.

The entire valley was poisoned like a batch of wheat.

“Quickly! Charge out!”

The five sect’s Sect Masters and elders led their disciples away, but the Black Moon Sect’s Yin Corpses tightly followed them. For each second they were delayed, there were several thousand cultivators who lost their strength.

The entire valley was filled with chaos, they would be annihilated sooner or later.

“This is the main battle strength of the Great Zhou Country? Truly weak!” Nangong Yun thought it would be a great fight, but one side fell at the beginning of the battle. This was just too boring.

Chu Tian shook his head, “The Great Zhou Country is still a large kingdom. The six spiritual mountains are the head of the Great Zhou Country, they wouldn’t collapse in just one attack!”

As if it was confirming his words, when he just finished, something strange happened. Countless black figures flew out like locusts, quickly flying out of the valley.

Nangong Yun was shocked, “What kind of monster is this!”

This group of flying things looked very strange, with some being as big as elephants and some being very tiny. Most of them were in the shape of giant apes and mantids. Each one of them was glowing, covered in large amounts of glowing runes. There were ka, ka sounds that rang out, coming from the wings drilled to their backs.

“This is mechanical armour built with mechanical technique. It can fly in the sky, enter the ground, and move through water, as well as having all kinds of restrictions and arrays on it. It’s no wonder they aren’t affected by the poison.” Chu Tian rubbed his chin, “Not bad, their attainments in mechanical technique is higher than I imagined.”

“This is Tong Xiaoyu’s ability!” Nangong Yun was very surprised, “We can’t find that many people like this in the Great Summer Country, but the Great Zhou Country has this many of them!”

This was the mechanical masters of the Divine Machine Sect.

Although mechanical technique was a small branch of techniques, people skilled in the mechanical technique was one of the talents that Miracle Commerce was missing the most!

Miracle Commerce have already accumulated enough technology. Chu Tian wanted to develop large scale weapons, airships, and fortresses, he need a large amount of mechanical masters at this time. Miracle Commerce was scarce in terms of mechanical masters, only have several hundreds of them. How could this be enough?

The Divine Machine Sect had tens of thousands of mechanical masters!

If Chu Tian could control the Great Zhou Country, he could bring in large amounts of mechanical masters rich with experience. Miracle Commerce’s talents would increase by several hundred times and it would be a large increase to their future production plans!

This made Chu Tian’s determination to take down the Great Zhou Country even stronger!

After the mechanical masters escaped, there were some people from the other sects who escaped, with many of them being from the Medicine King Valley. The Medicine King Valley was skilled in alchemy, so they had various fast acting antidotes, which allowed them to resist the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison!

These people quickly gathered to fight back.

How could Chu Tian let them succeed?

“Prepare the Source Energy Cannons and powerful missiles. I want to see if their turtle shell can block Miracle Commerce’s explosion.”

The missile launchers were loaded with missiles again.

Several dozen Heavy Source Energy Cannons were spread in different positions.

Chu Tian gave the order and a terrifying bombing began.

The Great Zhou Country had never fought Miracle Commerce before and didn’t know about Miracle Commerce’s weapons. There weren’t many weapons sent through the Space Warehouse, but it was enough to give them a lesson they could never forget.


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