Miracle Throne
Chapter 485: Attackers reaching the city
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 485: Attackers reaching the city

Chu Tian had come all the way to the Eternal Forest just to cut off relations with the elves? Too strange, did he even want to save Miracle City! Vivian took out and scroll and wanted to activate it, but Augusta gave a slight flick and the scroll flew out of her hand.

“What are you doing!” Vivian was like a cat that had its tail stepped on, “Give the scroll back to me!”

“Miracle City is no longer related to the Eternal Forest, how is it suitable for the Elven Princess to stay with a bunch of humans?” Augusta grabbed the scroll and said in a voice filled with rage, “Not to mention that Miracle City is very dangerous right now. For the princess’ safety, please separate yourself from Chu Tian and those humans from now on.”

“I’ll separate your head!”

Vivian broke space with a palm, wanting to take the scroll back. There was a layer of faint golden light that appeared around Augusta’s palm and it cut off Vivian’s power.

“Why does the elven race have such a reckless and rebellious princess?” Augusta’s face sunk, “Your majesty, you have disciplined her too lightly!”

“Vivian has been rude to the speaker.” The Elven King was a bit awkward, he had no way of dealing with these elven antiques, “You don’t need to care about this matter for now. Since you’re back, just stay in the Eternal Forest for a bit.”

“Even royal fathers is treating me like this! I must go back, Miracle City needs me now!”

“Pay attention to your words. You are an elf and have broken enough of the clan’s rules. If they were accounted one by one, perhaps you would be locked up for more than a hundred years.” Augusta then said, “The Elven Council cannot allow you to keep causing trouble. From this day forth, you will learn the elven race’s ten great statutes and the ninety six rules of etiquette. When your behaviour reaches the standard for the elves, the Elven Council will give you back your freedom!”

“Even if I die in Miracle City, I wouldn’t learn these damn things!”

“That is not up to you.”

When Vivian wanted to use her power to run, but Augusta pointed at Vivian. The difference between them was too great and Vivian’s source spirit was directly sealed, she couldn’t use a bit of energy.

“Take her away!”

“Let me go, let me go, royal father…..”

The elven guards took Vivian away.

Augusta turned back to the Elven King, “I ask your majesty for forgiveness, this is for the princess’ future. She is still young and filled with potential, but her rebellious personality needs to be polished. As the elven race’s youngest princess, she should be a model for the other children.”

What else could the Elven King say?

Although he was the Elven King in name, he had been the Elven King for less than a century. In terms of prestige or influence, how could he match this old fellow who had controlled the Elven Council for five hundred years?

Of the dozens of seats in the Elven Council, only five or six of them were with the Elven King. The others were the conservative faction led by Augusta and the traditional faction. They placed preserving the elves’ tens of thousands of years of etiquette as the most important thing and their stubborn thoughts couldn’t be easily broken.

The Elven King looked at the scroll in Augusta’s hand, “This scroll seems to have a long distance teleportation ability, it’s technology that has never been heard of before. That human named Chu Tian even grasps this kind of spatial technology? I’m afraid the humans are developing thousands of miles per day…..”

“Humph, our ancestors have taught us that benefits greeds one’s eyes and this kind of development will bring destruction.” Augusta said with a face of disdain, “Only by returning to nature and standing aloof from the world can the elves exist for tens of thousands of years. The humans have their wisdom, abuses military power, and develops excessively, they will become the public enemies of the continent. Their day of destruction is not far off.”

The Elven Council members nodded to this.

The speaker’s words were too correct.

The elves are strong enough to protect themselves and extra power will make people lose themselves, falling into slaughter and sin.

Vivian was sealed up inside of a golden bronze tree.

The Elven Council forced her to study the elven statues and books on etiquette, a total of over a hundred books. It made her annoyed as she chewed her pen and shouted, “Big brother Chu Tian, you are definitely a bad person, you actually left me here by myself!”

There was a voice sounded outside, “Your majesty, why are you here?”

“I’m here to see Vivian. You can leave there, nothing will happen.”


The Elven King walked into the tree house and saw that Vivian was still angrily. He gave a helpless smile and said, “I won’t help you if you’re still angry or are you angry that Chu Tian left you here?”

“I’m angry at all of you. You two make me want to explode with rage!”

Vivian almost jumped up when she said this. One was her beloved royal father and the other was her respected big brother Chu Tian, but the two of them treated her like this. Vivian felt that she had been discarded, how could she not be angry?

“Silly girl, after being with Chu Tian for several months, you can’t see through him?”

Vivian was stunned, “You’re saying?”

“Although I don’t know what he’s doing, he must have a reason for doing this.” The Elven King looked at Vivian and said, “As for what it is, I think we’ll know very soon.”


Vivian’s mind was filled with doubt.

However, thinking about the way Chu Tian did things, she felt this matter was indeed very strange. Could it be Chu Tian had intentionally cut off ties with the Eternal Forest and thrown her into the Eternal Forest? What was his goal for this?

Could Miracle City withstand it?

Could it be that big brother Chu Tian knew he couldn’t save Miracle City, so he sent me here not to implicate me?

When Vivian thought of this, her heart suddenly tensed.


At this time, Miracle City was completely filled with chaos because the four cities army had already arrived. The several hundred thousand army set off for Miracle City with their flags waving, covering out the sky. They had a menacing aura that swept through everything.

“Flatten Miracle City!”

“Flatten Miracle City!”

“Flatten Miracle City!”

Above the ancient trees reverberated shouts that were filled with killing intent.

The army spread out took up several dozen kilometers and the Wings Race covered the sky. There were a few Wings Race experts among them and they could even reach tens of thousands of meters. Once the airships attack, these Wings Race people would naturally notice them.

The Green Giants were like little moving mountains. They were like a green wave pushing through the forest, crushing everything in their path like bulldozers.

There were over a hundred thousand orcs riding battle wolves and giant leopards, quickly moving forward at the left and right wings of the Green Giants. Once they met the enemy, the orc cavalry could quickly break through the enemies. The spider clan were responsible for the underground, not giving Miracle City any opportunities.

This kind of scene was rare in the Forest of Chaos.

All the locals came together and denounced Miracle City, saying that they had unforgivable grudges with Miracle City. They swore to fight with the four cities army against Miracle City, as if Miracle City had killed their entire family.

Wherever the four cities army went, there was more and more response.

Whether it was local tribes or robbers, they didn’t want to miss this chance.

Miracle City was finished and this battle had no suspense. It was still a large forest city that had been established for several hundred years and the wealth saved up inside made people drool, so who wasn’t willing to take a share of this cake?

The chief commander for this city extermination battle was Battle Banner City’s City Lord Kao!

Kao was personally leading the battle, signifying how important Miracle City was.

They didn’t want treasures, land, resources, or weapons.

Battle Banner City had to obtain Miracle City’s technology!

“Send down the orders. First have the fifty thousand Wings Race soldiers attack Miracle City’s surrounding mountains, destroying their defenses and capturing those tribes that submitted to Miracle City. Capture a few footholds for us and the spider race will create temporary bases!”

“Yes, sir City Lord!”

The order was quickly passed down.

A large part of the Wings Race army separated and filled the sky like locusts. They were attacking the mountains surrounding Miracle City with incredible speed.

Fireballs, wind blades, rocks!

Various attacks fell down like a violent storm.

There was almost no challenge at all, the Wings Race easily swept through the few defensive buildings.

“Ha, ha!”

“Miracle City is just too weak!”

“There’s actually no resistance at all!”

The four cities army captured the mountains around Miracle City without any effort because the locals in the mountains had all disappeared, not leaving a single person behind.

This was a bit strange, could they have escaped?

Impossible. If they all escaped, why hadn’t they seen anyone at all on the way here?

Most of these tribes had some savings, the so called even the smallest mosquito would have meat and it wouldn’t be let off if they were attacked. But they didn’t see these locals at all and they didn’t find anything valuable when searching their tribes.

Did they all seek asylum in Miracle City?

Strange, with an army with this kind of pressure coming.

The surrounding powers actually didn’t surrender?

But what did that matter?

They would all be destroyed anyway!

Over a hundred thousand spider warriors dug through the cliff, making temporary camps in just a short period of time. Kao led the main force to settle in. With the support of various restrictions and barriers, the close to a million giant army was beginning their attack on Miracle City.

Before the four cities army had even firmly placed their feet on the ground.

“There is something unknown flying above!”

“It must be a strange weapon from Miracle City.” Kao gave a cold laugh, “Have the Wings Race group take care of it!”

Miracle City had fired out several hundred missiles. Battle Banner City’s people had an understanding of this weapon’s might and if it fell onto their camp, it would cause heavy casualties.

So the Wings Race people immediately went out.

This was a race known for its speed and the True Spirit Experts could easily surpass the speed of light. Miracle Commerce had just developed the missiles and there weren’t many of them. They were all cut down in the air by wind blades and not a single one hit.

“Miracle City is already out of tricks!”

Kao was currently relieved seeing this.

The four cities army had defense on three fronts. The Wings Race was strong enough that all of Miracle Commerce’s weapons lost effect. Miracle City was currently sealed up and they couldn’t receive any reinforcements. Although their weapons were very strong, in this kind of situation, how long could they keep it up?

“Pass down the orders!”

“Prepare for the first wave of attacks!”


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