Miracle Throne
Chapter 459: Great Zhou Kingdom
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 459: Great Zhou Kingdom

Luz said in a very excited voice, “Luckily we had sir City Lord’s help, we’ve already gathered several hundred thousand people and I think most of them will become Shaman Religion believers. We’ll pick out a few people with good talents to train into Shaman Sorcerers to help the City Lord. The Shaman Religion was originally a spirit beast religion, so it will very likely spread across this area.”

“With Miracle Commerce’s backing and the help of all these Forest of Chaos experts, how could there not be success.” Chu Tian looked at him, “If you fail, don’t come back to see me, just swallow excrement until you die!”

Luz wiped away his sweat, “Yes, yes, I will definitely succeed!”

There were no problems on the War Hounds side.

The Transport Tower couldn’t be delayed any longer.

At this time, the Great Summer King Dongfang Gan contacted Chu Tian. He had already prepared maps and information on the surrounding countries, as well he wanted Chu Tian’s help on something, hoping that Chu Tian could come to the Great Summer Country’s North City.

The Great Summer Imperial City was changed to the central Central State, so the previous Imperial City was renamed North City. Although it wasn’t the capital city anymore, it still had several hundred years of history and was the number one city in the north.

After the Great Summer Country’s announcement on their name change, all kinds of trouble came. A large kingdom was not just a name, once a country became a large kingdom, their diplomatic level was automatically higher than a small kingdom and the surrounding small kingdoms would even have to pay tributes for protection.

There wasn’t many communication between countries and other than dependent countries, most didn’t care about geopolitics. However, if a single space had several different powers appear, it would harm the benefits and influence of all these powers.

The War Hounds Kingdom was a dependent country of the Eagle Burial Kingdom, so there was no choice. The Great Summer Country was an independent country, so how could they become a large kingdom that easily? Thes surrounding countries all had opinions on the Great Summer Country, but the power of these small kingdoms were limited and they didn’t need to care about them. What they needed to do was take in some of the stronger kingdoms.

This didn’t clash with Chu Tian’s mission. Chu Tian needed to go and find the incredibly precious crystals, he couldn’t just run to small kingdoms to look for them, right? Since it was like this, he might as well do it. When he took the maps and the related information, Chu Tian began to visit them with his Great Summer Country Scholar title.

“There’s still something I don’t understand.” Meng Yingying was sitting in an airship, “How did you turn grass into food? It was clearly grass, how could it have the ability to cure illnesses?”

“Actually it isn’t hard to explain. The War Hounds Plains soil is rich and quite abundant in spiritual energy, so the herd raised on the plains would contain strong energy. However, the bodies of humans and demon beasts are different, so they can’t absorb it.” Chu Tian stopped before continuing, “I just used the medicine and the source energy array to make it so the grass can be absorbed. It can indeed fill one’s stomach, but it doesn’t have high nutritional value, so it can’t be eaten for long.”

Meng Yingying revealed an expression of understanding, “So the food being able to cure the illness is because of the antidote in the medicine?”

“You also have time you’re not dumb!”

“Pei, pei, pei, you’re dumb!”

The two of them sat in the airship chatting while Chen Bingyu sat to the side. She was just holding a cup of tea and said nothing like a block of wood.

Meng Yingying was tired of arguing with Chu Tian, “Where are we planning to go?”

Chu Tian opened a map with the War Hounds Plains in the center, with countries in every direction of the War Hounds Plains. There were three-four small kingdoms to the north with territory and population that was even less than the Southern Summer Country. They had already been swallowed by the Eagle Burial Kingdom, so to the north of the small kingdoms, it was the territory of the Eagle Burial Kingdom. Although the map could not draw all of the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s territory, the part that was revealed was enough to demonstrate the pressure coming from the north.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was a spirit beast warring kingdom and the only kingdom in the surrounding area, so Chu Tian was not interested in the Eagle Burial Kingdom or its sphere of influence. This was because in the chaos of war, it was hard to establish markets in these places, so there weren’t many of the resources they needed.

Chu Tian’s eyes swept over the small and large kingdoms around the War Hounds Plains, finally falling onto a not too small kingdom in the southwest corner. The country was tall and slim, without much territory, but there were many different biomes in the country, so the resources must be relatively rich.

Chu Tian saw the country’s name and immediately thought of the ghost masked old man from the Central State Black Market.

“Looking all around, there is only one large kingdom. It hasn’t had any disturbances in several hundred years and although the territory isn’t large, it should be very rich in resources, as well as having a strong national power. This is a large kingdom that is more worthy of the name than the War Hounds Kingdom or the Great Summer Kingdom, so we’ll go there.”

“What is the name of the country?”

“The Great Zhou Kingdom!”


Meng Yingying and Chu Tian didn’t have any reactions.

However the sitting Chen Bingyu’s body slightly trembled and the cup in her hand was shattered to pieces on the ground.

Meng Yingying asked in a surprised voice, “Big sister Bing, what is it?”

Chen Bingyu realized her mistake, “No, nothing.”

Meng Yingying was filled with confusion. Chu Tian could see that Chen Bingyu was hiding many secrets, this girl’s origin was not very simple and it was likely she wasn’t someone from the Southern Summer Country. From her reaction, could it be she was related to the Great Zhou Country?

The Great Zhou Country wasn’t that much bigger than the Southern Summer Country, but because its territory is strangely shaped, it was like a long slithering snake. Therefore, it could have borders with the Eagle Burial Kingdom, the War Hounds Plains, Southern Summer, and even the Forest of Chaos at the same time.

The Great Zhou Country in the ancient era was a prosperous place, so there were many precious inheritances and ruins. The Great Zhou Country was established on their ancestors’ inheritances and ruins, so there were many sects in the Great Zhou Country. With all these inheritances, this was a country of sects without a fixed royal family or upper class, mainly being ruled by the sects.

The Great Zhou Country was relatively close and it was the strongest neighbour they had. Chu Tian would visit the Great Zhou Country with his Great Summer Country Scholar title, using it to create an alliance between Great Summer and Great Zhou.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom to the north was a threat no matter what.

If the Great Summer and Great Zhou Countries work together and prop up the Northern Militant Country as a vanguard, it wasn’t hard for them to resist the Eagle Burial Country. At leas they would be able to stop them from pushing any further south.

Of course.

It was not easy to tell if the Great Zhou Country would give Chu Tian this face!

The airship travelled tens of thousands of meters above, passing countless wildernesses, finally arriving in the Great Zhou Country’s territory. Cities and buildings filled with an ancient style appeared in front of their eyes.

The world was large and nothing was strange. Even in a human country, the style and customs would not be the same.

Most of Great Zhou’s powers hid in mountains, with most sects being built in cultivation paradises people rarely visited. Anyway, most of the cities didn’t have strong energy gathered and most of the cities were just filled with people sent by the sects to take care of matters. They cultivated pills and spirit beasts, with most of them having to send tributes to large sects, obtaining their protection.

They arrived at the Heavenly Yin Mountain.

The Heavenly Yin Mountain was one of the Great Zhou Country’s eight famous mountains, meaning there was also an ancient ruin here. This was the territory of the Black Moon Sect of the six large Great Zhou sects, it was a large sect that had lasted for thousands of years.

The surrounding large and small cities were all constructed by the Heavenly Yin Mountain, belonging to the influence of the Black Moon Sect’s outer sect. Each city in the Black Moon Sect’s sphere of influence belonged to the Black Moon Sect. If there wasn’t the Black Moon Sect protecting them, these people would not have a way of surviving here.

Because of this, the people of the Heavenly Yin Mountain all took serving the Black Moon Sect as their greatest responsibility. Most people chose to join the Black Moon Sect’s outer sect as an outer sect disciple. If their innate talent was high enough, they could enter the Heavenly Yin Mountain to become a Black Moon Sect inner disciple, being able to obtained the thousands of years old inheritance of the Black Moon Sect.

The Great Summer Country had states as separate territories.

The Great Zhou Country had sects as separate territories.

This was very interesting. In order not to attract attention, Chu Tian chose to to ride a griffin to discuss the situation. This was because although he was the envoy sent by the Great Summer Country, the problem was how he would meet the Great Zhou Country’s king.

Wa, a griffin!”

“It’s actually a griffin!”

Chu Tian led Chen Bingyu and Meng Yingying to land in a place called Yin Gathering City, which was the largest city near the Heavenly Yin Mountain. What was strange for the three of them was that when the griffin arrived, they immediately caused a large stir. It was as if the citizens of Yin Gathering City had never seen a high level mount before.

Meng Yingying wondered, “The Great Zhou Country is a large country, so why does a level two mount cause such a large stir?”

“The Great Zhou Country’s peak powers are concentrated into sects.” Chen Bingyu said in a low voice, “These cities are nothing more than outer sect influences, how could there be strong people here.”

The strength distribution of the Great Zhou Country was very uneven.

This was one of the specialties of a sect country!

Chu Tian didn’t mind this and when he prepared to ask about the situation, the crowd separated. A large group of black armoured guards came out and there was fatty in jade brocaded robes in front.

“Which sect are you from?” This brocaded robe fatty sized up the griffin with a greedy expression before his eyes fell onto Meng Yingying and he couldn’t help revealing a look of shock and joy. However, his voice still remained very arrogant, “Without any notification, why have to arrived in the Heavenly Yin Mountains!”

Chu Tian was not here to cause trouble. He cupped his hands and said, “I am the Great Summer Country’s scholar, I’m here to visit the Great Zhou Country’s famous mountains. Can I ask…..”

“Great Summer Country? Ha! You’re talking about the small kingdom to the southeast that was beaten half to death by the spirit beasts?” After the fatty learned Chu Tian’s group’s origin, he became even more arrogant. These people looked quite young and they came from a small kingdom, they should be the young master and young miss of some place. They ran here without knowing the heights of the heavens or the depths of the earth, “I am the Black Moon Sect’s outer sect elder, the deacon in charge of Yin Gathering City. You entering the Heavenly Yin Mountains has already gone against customs, so leave your griffin behind as tribute for the Black Moon Sect!”

Meng Yingying was filled with anger. It had been a long time since anyone dared to bully them, this couldn’t be allowed!

“How can a fatty like you be this mindless!”

“Humph, this is the custom!”

“It’s just a griffin, no harm, no harm.” Chu Tian patted Meng Yingying’s shoulder and calmed her down. He really didn’t care about a level two demon beast with his status, “This excellency, can you introduce me to some of the Black Moon Sect’s higher ups?”

The fatty was a bit surprised.

This brat actually gave out a level two demon beast?

This griffin was worth at least twenty low level source stones. Could it be he ran into a family’s black sheep?

“My Black Moon Sect is one of the six large Great Zhou sects, how could nameless people like you be allowed to visit? Don’t think that you can open the Black Moon Sect’s doors with just a griffin! However, since you are sincere, I can give you a chance…..” The fatty revealed a sinister expression, “Lately I’ve been cultivating a dual cultivation technique. If you lend me your female companion to us, I might agree out of happiness.”


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