Miracle Throne
Chapter 426: Abomination
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 426: Abomination

Chapter 426: Abomination

Samuel was not only the top expert of the Necromancer Religion, he was also a high ranked expert in Green City. If the gnomes’ great elder Clark were to personally make a move, he had to pay a small price to win against Samuel.

The Necromancer priest’s skills were sinister and ruthless beyond compare. People could not defend against it, so no one dared to underestimate this group.

But now?

The acting City Lord everyone looked down on.

This incredibly young human.

He had actually cleanly killed Samuel and the entire fight was very short. He was at most in the 1st True Spirit Layer and he had crossed two levels without paying any price, almost overwhelming the 3rd True Spirit Layer priest Samuel. This was no longer described as a genius, this human surpassed common sense, reaching the level of a monster.

The several thousand gnomes on the scene had witnessed the fight.

The human sent by the Elven King was not a waste. Although his strength did not count for much in the Eternal Forest, with his battle strength, he could rank in the top ten of Green City. Not to mention he was so young, he would certainly be at the level of the old fogies in the Eternal Forest in the future!


Chu Tian did not stop.

Not to mention that people had not recovered from their shock yet.

Chu Tian charged forward with infinite might, turning into a sword glow that swept through several Necromancers. Their bodies could not defend against the sword glow as they were cut, with the Netherworld Flames instantly swallowing their bodies.


“Kill him!”

The Necromancer priests roared in a rage.

Chu Tian’s eyes turned white again and his body shook in mid air. He jumped forward, instantly disappearing, teleporting into the center of the Necromancers.

“Spatial movement? Damn!”

A giant sword glow swept out.

Several dozen Necromancers flew out like butterflies destroyed by flames.

The Necromancers guarding the temple were the Undead Religion’s elites, but Chu Tian killed so many of them like he was chopping melons!

Several Necromancer priests began to chant and the motionless gargoyles squatting on the temple began to come to life at this moment. They all began to flap their wings as they suddenly charged at Chu Tian.

The gargoyles were puppets carefully refined by the Necromancers, similar to the Shaman’s voodoo puppets and the Green Religion’s Protectors. Each gargoyle had strength not inferior to a demon beast in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer and their bodies were engraved with death arrays and curses, so same level enemies would be at a disadvantage against them.

Three hundred gargoyles were awakened, instantly forming a group with a very terrifying battle strength!

The three hundred gargoyles opened their wings and an ash grey light suddenly charged out, instantly covering a large area. When the grass was covered in this light, they were corroded by a strong curse power, instantly turning into grey stone.

Petrification curse.

This was a curse energy that could directly turn living beings into stone!

Chu Tian was not affected at all and quickly passed through that light. He sent out another slash that cut down several Necromancers, causing the other Necromancers to retreat in defeat. They quickly tried to fight back again and the graves around the temple opened up as corpses covered in sutures began to rise. It was like there was a spring underneath them as they suddenly popped out of the ground.

These were monsters formed by sutured corpses and turned into Yin Corpses. Although they were pretty slow, they were filled with poisons and curses, so they had a shocking close range combat ability. Although they were not as fierce and flexible as the gargoyles, there were over a thousand of them!

Chu Tian completely disregarded the dense crowd of zombies and raised his sword to cut another Necromancer in half.

These cultivators that grasped death energy.

These undead monsters that people feared.

He actually regarded them like grass. Several hundred Necromancers and over a thousand undead monsters, but they still couldn’t stop Chu Tian from charging forward.

“Kill him!”

“Quickly kill him!”

The gargoyles released a purple black energy as two streaks of lightning came forth from both sides, hitting Chu Tian with a scream. In the end, the gargoyle did not hit Chu Tian, rather it passed through him and hit the other side.


Two gargoyles were blow up like this.

The zombies sent out fireballs, wind blades, icicles, poison arrows, and poison darts, but Chu Tian dodged them all, moving out of this area of dense attacks. The attacks passed right through him like it was hitting thin air, not able to cause Chu Tian any harm.

Chu Tian was using the Void Escaping, while his body was covered in light.

Even if the Necromancers seized the chance to break through the Void Escaping attack limit occasionally, with the defense of the Sacred Light Body, those curses, weakening spells, and corrosion spells could not affect Chu Tian. The attacks of those various energies could not harm Chu Tian at all.

Kill, charge, kill again, and charge again!

Chu Tian using just his sword had carved out a path before turning back to kill again.

The force was unstoppable as several dozen not weak Necromancers fell to his sword, including two Necromancer priests. Several dozen gargoyles were broken and over a hundred zombies were destroyed, but Chu Tian still had not been injured.

Not to mention the Necromancers.

Even the gnomes were filled with shock.

This fellow was not human. They had never seen anyone so calmly pass through this denses field of attacks and not be injured at all. Instead he killed the other side without them being able to resist at all.

A gnome hesitantly asked, “Great elder, if the Necromancers are all dead, our clansmen…..”

“The situation cannot be changed, we can only think of another way to solve it.” Clark helplessly ordered, “First let’s move, we’ll talk after taking care of the Undead Religion temple!”

Although he was not injured, he had used a large amount of spirit energy.

Chu Tian’s attacks slowly became weaker, but the gnomes finally joined the battle. A single Chu Tian had sent the Necromancers flying and now that all the gnomes joined the battle, they did not even have the chance to escape. They directly charged into the temple.

The several hundred Necromancers were killed to less than forty. They helplessly retreated to the temple before opening up a purple barrier, helping them a bit.

“Didn’t your motley crew want me to die?” Chu Tian was a bit exhausted, but his eyes were incomparably terrifying, filling the Necromancers with fear, “Now is the time to kill me, why are you hiding like turtles?”

The temple barrier was quite firm.

Perhaps it couldn’t be opened in a short period of time.

But now that didn’t matter, these Necromancers already couldn’t escape.

“Listen clearly, this is the last chance to survive!” Clark said in a deep voice, “Immediately give us the method to save our clansmen, otherwise we will reduce you all and this temple to ashes!”

“Ha, ha, ha!” A Necromancer priest exploded with laughter, “Do you really think we would tell you? Green City and the gnomes are doomed to die, this place will become an area of death! We are just entering the embrace of the Nether God a step earlier and you will all suffer in an abyss of pain and death!”

These fellows were still this wild?

“Stupid human, do you really think we lost?” The Necromancer priest turned to look at the tall altar behind him, “I’ll let you experience right now what is called true death and fear!”

Chu Tian revealed a surprised expression.

There was a strange aura coming from the Undead Religion temple

Several altars and statues exploded and large amounts of sealed death energy wildly charged out, creating a storm of death inside the Undead Religion temple. As this storm swept out, the entire temple was covered in cracks as it shook, just like it was about to explode.

Clark’s expression changed, “Such powerful death energy, they want to self destruct? Quickly retreat!”

“No, don’t retreat, this is a kind of ritual.” Chu Tian shouted at Clark and the others, “Stop them!”

Too late.

The ceremony finished faster than Chu Tian expected.

The lucky surviving Necromancers were smashed in the storm and the surrounding zombie parts were all swept up by the storm. Countless pieces of flesh quickly gathered at the center and finally like a puzzle coming together, it formed an eight meter tall monster.

“What is this thing?”

The gnomes were all stunned.

This eight meter tall monster was formed from several hundred corpses gathering together and its gigantic head was several heads compressed together. Its shoulder, chest, and abdomen were fierce looking gatherings of human faces, hands, bodies mashed together.

This was a gathering of several dozen Necromancer’s grudge, hate, and power. It was a monster with the corpses of over a hundred warrior corpses added in. It was a large mountain of flesh standing in the darkness, releasing a shocking aura.


Chu Tian’s expression changed.

An Abomination was a high level undead monster. Resentment, hate, killing intent, and death energy was gathered into one body, creating this so called Abomination.

This was an undead monster gathered and not naturally formed. Because of the specialty of undead monsters, when large amount of undead monsters were gathered, the energy within their bodies could come together and there wouldn’t be any repulsion. Therefore, for cultivators that used death energy, the Abomination was a very easy to use puppet.

The Abomination’s strength was not set, it mainly depended on the material used. Several normal Yin Corpses could be used to form an abomination, but this kind of Abomination wouldn’t be that strong.

Now that several Necromancers and over a hundred zombies that weren’t weak came together to form an Abomination, it was simply a disaster for Green City. This Abomination didn’t just gather the energy of the materials, but it also allowed them to use their techniques. It definitely was not something easy to deal with!

“Clark…..” The Abomination spoke as several mouths all over its body opened, “You have made a stupid decision. For this decision, you will be buried in death with your city.”

This voice was very heavy, filling anyone who heard it with fear.

What Clark really feared was not this Abomination itself, but the one speaking. That’s right, this was not the will of the Abomination because the Abomination would not have a will. There was someone controlling the Abomination from far away and now the Abomination was currently manipulated by that person.

There was no need to guess who, he was certain it was the Lich.

The Lich was not in Green City, but he was using the Abomination to communicate with them!


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