Miracle Throne
Chapter 377: Elves coming to take people
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 377: Elves coming to take people

Chapter 377: Elves coming to take people

The lush foliage in the forest had blocked off parts of the sun shining down.

There were several goblins carrying bags filled with herbs and ores, rushing on the Oldman Small Town road in high spirits.

Goblins were a fairly common race in the forest. They had green skin like the orcs, but they were small, weak, and dumb. They mainly had a vegetarian diet and although they had strong hearing, they were timid be nature. So, they were always one of the lowest positioned races in the forest, even the mouse and rabbit tribes, these low level spirits beasts were above them. So, they were always bullied by other races and goblins did not dare have direct contact with other races. They could only make their living as small thieves, stealing items, stealing herb crops, and etc.

But the goblins had been very happy lately. This was already their fourth journey on the Oldman Small Town road.

Oldman Small Town was a place of fair and safe trade. Even a weak race like them wouldn’t be bullied, so now they could boldly take out their precious items to trade for the items they needed.

What would they trade for today?

Canned food? Weapons?

The goblins were discussing with each other as they walked.

Who would have known that their keen sense of hearing would suddenly catch a sound. When the goblins looked over at the source of the sound, they were scared out of their wits. With a sharp cry, they turned and ran.

In the Oldman Small Town canyon, beautiful and graceful snow white unicorns began to encircle Oldman Small Town. These demon beasts seemed like they were carved from white jade, full of explosive strength and beauty. They were like works of beauty, truly worthy of being spirit beasts regularly featured in literature, art, and poems.

The unicorns were high level demon beasts with intelligence, with their strengths displayed by their horns. In a normal situation, a white horn meant they were a level two demon beast. If their horn turned silver, they would be considered a level three demon beast. If their horns became a crystalline gold colour, that would mean it was a level four Unicorn King.

Around three thousand white unicorns tightly surrounded Oldman Small Town.

There were many of them and it could even be considered a unicorn army. Other than that, there was an elf holding a bow on each of the unicorns, looking in the direction of Oldman Small Town.

As for the goblins that ran in fear?

Not a single elf cared about them!

When the elves came here, they scared countless weak monsters like the gnomes, the goblins, and bigfoots. They also alarmed many strong beings like the orcs and the high level spirit beasts.

But there were too many unicorns in this army!

Even if they didn’t run in fright from this scene, no one dared to move against the elves.

Everyone was confused. In the edge of the Forest of Chaos, why were there this many elves? The elves were one of the main forces of the Forest of Chaos and they didn’t like interacting with other races nor would they attack others without any reason, so what was happening this time?

“Grandfather!” A elf who looked to be fourteen-fifteen, wearing a set of green wooden armour and holding a slender bow in their hands was currently standing in front of an old elf, “We have already confirmed this information and little princess Vivian has been kidnapped to this place. We will kill our way in and save the princess.”

This old elf did not seem very old, without many wrinkles on his face and his hair and eyebrows had only turned gray. His aura was deep and not hidden at all. Although he was only riding on a normal unicorn, his aura made him stand out among the elves.

The little princess was kidnapped?

Who could tie her up in this world?

The elven elder did not need to think that much to guess what had happened. The elves were not a militaristic race, so there was no need for a slaughter. This small town was just a trivial power on the edge of the forest, it could not catch the elves’ eyes at all. They might as well catch the little princess first and investigate everything.

“Greyheart, no need to be rash. The little princess is rebellious by nature, do you want her to run away again?” The elven elder was very clear on Vivian’s personality. To deal with the little princess, they could only convince her and couldn’t use violence, so he ordered, “Go and tell the small town that if they don’t want anyone to be injured, they should hand over little princess Vivian. The elves are a civilized race with a long history, we will not use violence when we can avoid it. I believe that the kind little princess Vivian will not wish for innocent people to be hurt because of her.”

An elf immediately went to go tell them.

The elven youth Greyheart was a bit dissatisfied, “This is only a small tribe on the edge of the forest and we are the noble and strong elves, why do we need to be polite to these lower tribes?”

“Everything exists for a reason, we can’t randomly kill people because they’re inferior.” The great elder acceptd the humans and spirit beasts like ant, as he proudly said, “Because there are crude and ugly races, the elves will become more elegant and noble in comparison. So, we cannot easily destroy the traditions of the elves, that is the difference between us and the other races of the continent.”

Greyheart opened his mouth.

“Don’t say anymore.” The great elder cut him off, “We are only investigating the matter of Aubersen’s stolen Immortal Herb and princess Vivian running away from the tribe, we won’t care about anything else that isn’t related to this.”

Vivian, Chu Tian, and Meng Yingying came out together.

“This is bad!” Vivian saw the elven elder sitting on the unicorn and her expression instantly changed, “That is the great elder of the Tree of Life Tribe!”

Before Vivian ran away, she had been staying in the Tree of Life Tribe.

The Tree of Life Tribe was not the most important place for the elves and could not even compare to a city, but the position it was in was considered the origin of the elves and was the ancestral ground of the wood elf tribe.

So, although it wasn’t luxurious or strong, according to the traditions of the elves, each elf needed to visit that place once in their life. They needed to accept this teaching and learn the clan rules. After they matured, they would be sent to various tribes for experience.

This period of time was very important for each elf.

Vivian was the Elven King’s youngest daughter and she had actually escaped the ancestral land, as well as stealing an elder’s Immortal Herb. This matter naturally caused a large stir, so it had caused bad effects on the elves.

When Greyheart saw princess Vivian, he revealed a look of joy, “The princess has left the tribe for two months, there were many elven tribes looking for you. We were certain that some human traders had tricked the princess and that’s how the current situation came to be. As long as we heavily punish these humans, the princess might be able to get a lighter punishment!”

“Don’t speak nonsense! I was the one who stole the herb and ran away from home, it was all decided by me and is related to no one else!” Vivian spoke with no fear or regrets, “I have already become a part of Miracle Commerce, so I won’t go back with you. Tell royal father and those old men in the council that I have already grasped a technology that can change the elves’ destiny and when I come back, the entire race will benefit!”

Greyheart’s face changed.

The little princess had really be tricked by the humans!

Otherwise how could she say this kind of nonsense?

Damn, these sly, lying humans, they liked to deceive pure elves the most. The most damnable thing was that even the elven race’s pearl, princess Vivian had been tricked, this just increased their crime!

Vivian saying that she joined a company and was willing to be a part of a human’s team, this was simply blasphemy to the elves and a great violation of the elven rules.


This was not just going against the rules!

This was simply rebelling against the race!

The elven great elder’s face sunk.

If things became big, Vivian would have to locked up for at least a hundred years. It was locked up and not house arrest, even Vivian would not be able to escape the elves’ confinement!

This to the long lived elves was still considered a very serious punishment!

Chu Tian saw that this matter was a bit bad, so he immediately stood out and said, “These elven friends are mistaken, Vivian stole the herb to save me. But as for this matter, I have already……”

“Shut up! You treacherous human!”

Greyheart’s wooden spear pierced the ground and Chu Tian felt countless vines shoot out, entwining around his body like giant pythons. Greyheart’s figured disappeared as he stabbed out with his spear like a meteor!

Greyheart looked like a thirteen-fourteen year old man, but actually he was already sixty in human years, only being a bit younger than Vivian in elven years. An elf’s mind developed slowly, but a young elf of this age was not weak.

Not to mention that Greyheart was the tribe great elder’s grandson, so his cultivation had already reached the 1st True Spirit Layer.

Vivian wanted to stop it when she saw this. She was very familiar with Greyheart’s skills and with her strength and natural spatial energy, it was easy for her to stop Greyheart. However, before she could make a move, the elven elder spatial seal fell onto Vivian and instantly sealed Vivian’s source spirit.

This was bad!

She couldn’t use her spatial skills!

Greyheart’s spear was about to pierce Chu Tian.

Chu Tian’s face also sunk. Damn, this bunch of stubborn and stupid elves, clearly you gained a large deal and you’re actually trying to kill father! However, if father dies easily here, then my two lives were lived in vain!

The Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit soared into the sky!

That destructive strength that looked down on all beings instantly tore the vines around him. Chu Tian directly entered the second form of the Flame Demon Transformation and with the infinite power of the Demon God’s Sword, he sent an overhead sword strike at Greyheart.

8th Awakened Soul Layer versus the 1st True Spirit Layer.

This was something that had no suspense at all!

Chu Tian using the Flame Demon Transformation secret art could at most increase his strength by one layer, but adding in the powerful amplification of the Demon God’s Sword, he could directly kill a peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer expert. Even when facing a 1st True Spirit Layer cultivator, it would still be unlikely he was defeated!


The two powers collided.

Both sides were sent flying. Chu Tian was at the disadvantage, but Greyheart’s wooden spear was also slightly burned by the Netherworld Ghost Flames.

“Such an evil strength!” Greyheart was secretly shocked, “Princess Vivian, with your noble status and bloodline, how can you be with this inferior race known for their lies and cunning? Not to mention one who cultivates such an evil cultivation technique? I think he is clearly using your status to deal with the elves!”

This mess was becoming bigger and bigger!

Chu Tian felt that it was better for him to just change his name to “Chu Hei Guo” already!

[TL Note: Hei Guo means to be used as a scapegoat.]


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