Miracle Throne
Chapter 372: Crushed
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 372: Crushed

Chapter 372: Crushed

The Spider Marquis Elvis was filled with rage!

Because his little brother Spider Count Kanun had been killed by a group of dwarves!

They were descendents of Spider Queen Alexis. Alexis was one of the oldest Spirit Insects in the Forest of Chaos and her descendants had proliferated all over the Forest of Chaos. Although they had formed their own forces, Kanun was Elvis’ little brother from the same father, so they had a tight relationship.

These damn dwarves had actually dared to kill his little brother, this was simply a challenge to Queen Alexis!

Exterminate them!

Suck out their blood!

Kill them all!

Elvis found his last two little brothers who were also counts and gathered many spider clansmen on the edge of the forest, gathering sixty thousand people, over ten times that of the dwarves. With three powerful spider nobles leading them, these several thousand dwarves were only small sacrifices waiting at the altar for them.

The powerful spider army poured into the canyon the Oldman Small Town was in, “This is the dwarves’ mine, should we just directly attack them?”

They were currently twenty-thirty meters from Oldman Small Town and the spider army could quickly rush into the town.

“The dwarves mine tunnels are very firm. Send thirty thousand people to dig in and have the other thirty thousand attack from outside with us! Immediately begin moving!”

Elvis’ orders were passed down.

The spider people began to dig the ground. The spider people had special bodies and mainly cultivation earth attributed cultivation techniques, so they could easily move the earth and could even penetrate deep down.


When he saw half the army enter the ground, Elvis did not have any plans to send scouts first because a trivial five thousand dwarves were not worth scouting. He would directly rip them apart and that would be the end of that.

But when Elvis gave his order, a girl suddenly appeared in front of the spider army. This girl was wearing leaf clothes and a flower crown, while revealing both her legs. Her slender and beautiful form was currently standing in front of the spider army, blocking them.

An elf?

Where did this elf come from?

Elvis was at the front of the army and when he saw this elf suddenly appear, he was also a bit surprised. He angrily shouted out, “Who are you!”

Vivian completely ignored him as she walked step by step into the dense spider army. Her steps seemed very slow, but she moved very quickly. She appeared in front of the spider army in just a little while which caused a stir among the spider people. They did not know what kind of medicine this elf was taking.


Elvis did not care. Since you dare block our path, then you’ll die here!

A wave of poison tipped arrows flew out at the petite figure, but who would have known that Vivian would be fearless and uncaring as she did not put up any defenses and walked into the spider army.

What was going on? Was there a problem with this elf’s head!

Several powerful poison tipped arrows flew out and the beautiful elf was about to become a porcupine, but a shocking scene happened. The arrows passed through Vivian, but it didn’t hit her flesh at all and passed through without any interference, hitting the rock behind her.

Not a single arrow hit?


Was it an illusion technique or was this a spirit!

That wasn’t right, this was clearly a real living person!

“Playing tricks!” Elvis stabbed out with his lance and this lance was covered in spirit energy, but the same thing as before happened. The lance did not meet any resistance is it passed through Vivian’s body and directly went through Vivian.


The lance pierced the giant stone cliff like lightning, instantly turning that cliff to powder!

“What kind of monster are you!” Elvis’ face turned pale. A stir passed through the spider people because Vivian was only twenty meters away. She suddenly lifted her hand and slashed out at Elvis.

Elvis instantly felt the spatial fluctuations, a spatial attack!

Strong defenses meant nothing to spatial attacks. As long as the attacker could penetrate through the spatial resistance of their target, then that attack will ignore all defenses. That meant that spatial attacks did not care about any kind of resistances.

Elvis instinctively dodged to the side. The spatial cut passed through his shoulder and one of his arms was cut off!


“Kill her!”

Countless spider people were incited as various attacks were sent out like rain. Vivian completely ignored all these attacks as they all passed right through her. She passed through the spider army like a spirit. Those arrows passed by Vivian and hit the other spider army soldiers, instantly causing heavy damage to them.

Another spatial cut was sent out.


A spider count give a pitiful scream before he was cut in half.

Elvis’ eyes went wide in anger as he roared, “Don’t let her catch you!”

The spiders were all filled with fear. This elf with natural spatial energy could kill any one of them with a wave of her hand, yet why could their attacks not even touch this elf at all.

Elvis did not have a way to explain it and could only summon his source spirit to fill his surrounding area with spirit energy. The higher the quality of energy in a space, the more consumption was needed to launch a spatial attack. He could only do this for now.

Vivian sent out four-five continuous spatial cuts.

Elvis surrounded himself with powerful spirit energy. Although his power was not strong enough for him to block the spatial attacks, he could make it harder for Vivian to send out her attacks. So, the spatial cuts did not move fast and Elvis could dodge them each time.

She did not have much spirit energy left.

Vivian knit her brows. She let Elvis go as she immediately raised her hands. The Spatial Dagger Source Spirit appeared above her head as she aimed at the other spider count.

Random spatial cuts!

The spider count also released his spirit energy to block the spatial attacks, but his strength was from being able to compare to Elvis. Therefore Vivian’s rapid attacks succeeded and the quick seven-eight spatial cuts he could not dodge at all.


Elvis’ eyes filled with rage as his final little brother was cut to pieces.

Vivian was a bit exhausted, almost running out of spirit energy. If she didn’t have the Void Escaping effect, she would be in great danger. Well she had already done enough and she could leave the rest to everyone else, so she cut through space and left.

The entire attack had lasted less than two minutes. The mysterious elf had appeared in the army of tens of thousands like a spirit and had taken one of Elvis’ arms and killed two spider counts who weren’t weak in face of a dense flood of wild attacks. Then she just walked away, not losing a single hair.

The spider army felt absolutely terrified.

Hong, hong, hong!

At this time, several large explosions came from the direction of Oldman Small Town that made the earth tremble, like earthquakes were erupting. It was clearly the effects of the land mines. The several land mines made the digging spider warriors’ heads shake and they had no choice but to crawl back up with most of them covered in wounds.

“There are many traps in the ground, we can’t go past them!”

“Ah, ah, ah!” Elvis angrily raised his lance, “Kill, kill! Kill your way in! Storm the dwarves’ mines! I want to shred their corpses into ten thousand pieces!”

When the spider army was prepared to gather together.

Large amounts of round items fell from both sides of the canyon and these normal items fell between the spider people, instantly creating countless explosions. They were a large batch of Source Energy Grenades.

Nangong Yun held a Storm Rifle as she led several thousand barbarians, standing up from both sides of the canyon. She looked down at the spider people in the canyon in a difficult situation, “Exterminate them!”

Over a hundred Storm Rifles, ten portable Source Energy Cannons, and four large Source Energy Cannons. The other people were all armed with Source Energy Submachine Guns.

The moment Nangong Yun gave the order.

The violent rain of energy bullets covered the entire canyon!

The dense firepower of the Source Energy Guns rained down. With a few roars from the Source Energy Cannons, several dozen spider people were exploded. The individual source energy bullets were specially fired into a dense crowd of people, instantly causing large amounts of casualties.

The spider army wildly began to disperse because this was no longer a battle, rather a one sided slaughter. For this kind of dense and wild attack, they did not have any ways of fighting back.

“Began going berserk!” Nangong Yun saw that they had been blown up enough and used the speaker to order, “The time to obtain merits is now, let them taste the might of the berserkers!”

Roar, roar, roar!

The three thousand barbarians released inhuman angry roars. They put down the hot firearms in their hands and their bodies turned red. Their veins popped out under their skin like centipedes as their pupils could no longer be seen, leaving only scarlet red eyes.


The three thousand barbarians held incomparably heavy profound iron weapons as they jumped down from both sides of the canyon. They had no formations and no tactics, they just jumped down from the skies like meteors. They only had a single goal in their mind, kill the enemies for merit!

The heavy axes in the hands of the barbarian berserkers fell down on the bodies of the spider soldiers and their terrifying strength shattered their armours and weapons to pieces. They instantly slammed into the stone cliff and the spider people had turned into a mess of flesh, bones, skin, and shattered armour.

There was no flashy cultivation technique, it was just pure incomparable strength. This was strength that had not been increased at all!

The barbarian berserkers erupted with all the strength in their bodies. If the spider people were even touched by the weapons, they would be smashed to pieces. The barbarian berserkers were wearing thick profound iron armour which was hard to break for the spider people. Moreover, they had lost their sense of pain and fear, only knowing wild rage. The bloodthirsty berserkers were simply a meat grinding machine these people could not stop.

There weren’t many berserkers, but their battle strength was overwhelming. The spider army could be considered an elite army when placed in any kingdom, but they were like helpless sheep in front of the berserkers, not being able to resist at all.


The Oldman Small Town gates were opened and five thousand dwarven warriors appeared, but they were shocked by the scene in front of them. The entire canyon was filled with a river of blood and the ground was covered in mangled corpses, not being able to find a single complete one.

Several thousand warriors covered in blood and other viscous materials slowly walked over. They were like demons that had come from hell.

The dwarves were completely shocked!

Were these outsiders all demons?


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