Miracle Throne
Chapter 313: Going to battle
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 313: Going to battle

Chapter 313: Going to battle

The War Hounds invaders were confirmed to have come in large scale and the scale surpassed everyone’s expectations. There were around four hundred thousand War Hounds cavalry currently riding over the War Hound Plains, heading towards Cang State like a giant wave.

Now they could be sure.

The War Hounds were preparing to attack Cang State!

Four hundred thousand War Hounds cavalry, this was an absolutely terrifying number!

The War Hound Plains were very vast and the Spirit Beast Race had strong reproductive strength, but the War Hounds did not have a high population. It was around a third of the Southern Summer’s population and there were three main reasons for this.

First, they had a low degree of technology, mainly depending on hunting for food. If a large disaster were to erupt, there would be a major decrease in population.

Second, they had brutal living conditions, so each Spirit Beast had to endure these brutal living conditions. They had to fight each other for resources and had to hunt demon beasts for food. Out of ten War Hounds children, usually only one could live to become an adult.

Third, there were many internal struggles. The War Hound Plains had several hundred tribes with several dozen large tribes. These tribes constantly fought with large tribes swallowing smaller tribes. The small tribes fought for food and water, the large tribes fought for the title of “Fang King”. For various reasons, there were many fights that occurred between each other.

These brutal conditions made the War Hounds have a small population, but the ones that did survive were all strong experts. When normal Southern Summer cavalry faced the War Hounds cavalry, they were as weak as meat being eaten. Only the elite cavalry soldiers could fight with the War Hounds cavalry.

An army of four hundred thousand soldiers, this was not very big!

But their strength was incredibly terrifying!

The fact that they chose to attack Cang State instead of the Imperial Region meant that the War Hounds commander had a clear head, or at least he understood the logic of avoiding the strong and attacking the weak. This army could not break the defenses of the Imperial Region, but it was more than enough to break Cang State’s defenses. Even if the Imperial Region troops rush over to help, it was better than directly confronting the Imperial Region troops.

The Southern Summer King did not hide the news from the citizens. Once the War Hounds army was confirmed, the Southern Summer King immediately announced it to the city.

Imperial City was filled with shock.

Four hundred thousand War Hounds cavalry was a large lineup!

This was because the War Hounds did not grow or store wheat and they had been fighting each other for several dozen years, so it was very hard to support this kind of large scale expedition.

Four hundred thousand cavalry soldiers!

How much would the riders and horses eat each day?

The War Hounds Tribe lacked provisions, but they still sent a four hundred thousand soldier army to sneak attack Southern Summer, this was too hard to understand. Could the tribe chiefs of the War Hounds Tribe gone crazy? They were about to starve to death and they still wanted to fight the Southern Summer Country?

The people of Imperial City were used to attacks from the War Hounds Tribe. Although the numbers were a bit big, they were just a bit surprised and were not worried at all.

Imperial City had the Three Rulers, it was as steady as a rock.

Even Cang State was not weak. Cang State’s army was the head of the eight states and if Imperial City sent out reinforcements, with this ruthless combined attack, no matter what target the War Hounds had, they would be chased back in the end.

Grain was abundant in the Southern Summer Country and it was very convenient to supply aid, so how could they fear the nomadic War Hounds cavalry?

The Southern Summer King had already sent several royal proclamations.

The first one was that the elite troops that had been withdrawn two days ago were all sent back to the frontlines, preparing to fight. They were to prevent any sneak attacks the War Hounds Tribe sent to the Imperial Region.

The second one was for the Calm Martial Ruler to personally lead the army, bringing two hundred thousand Storm Cavalry to intercept the War Hounds attacking Cang State. They were to coordinate with the two hundred thousand elites of Cang State and annihilate all of the War Hounds.

The third one was to have the entire country prepare. Purchasing large amounts of grains and metals, large recruitment of mercenaries, and for the southern armies to march northward, preparing to give aid.

With these three royal proclamations, everyone felt more confident.

The Southern Summer King reacted so quickly and had made perfect countermeasures, it was impossible for the War Hounds to obtain any advantages. Now they were just waiting for the Calm Martial Ruler to enter Cang State and teach the War Hounds cavalry a fierce lesson.

On the same day, the large army left and over a million citizens came out to send them off.

“Sure victory!”

“Sure victory!”

“Sure victory!”

In the fields outside the city, countless cavalry soldiers were waiting. Looking at this dense crowd, with this quantity, it was enough to completely shock anyone that saw it. They were all wearing the same blue armour, riding the same Azure Storm Colts, and holding up sharp and cold glowing long spears, standing together like a dense crowd of weeds. The pressure they exuded was like a landslide and a tsunami combined.

The Storm Cavalry, the main cavalry force of the Southern Summer Country!

Each state had Storm Cavalry stationed there, but each state only had less than three thousand troops. Chu Tian and the others had already experienced the might of the Storm Cavalry back in Thunder State. With over a hundred thousand Storm Cavalry charging together, it would surely be able to create a hurricane on the Cang State plains. Wherever it goes, it would wipe out all foes and all the strong enemies would be smashed apart!

The Southern Summer King personally performed the sending off ceremony.

It had been many years since this kind of scene had appeared in the Southern Summer Country.

The commander this time was the protective god of the Southern Summer Citizens, the head of the Three Rulers, the Calm Martial Ruler!

The Calm Martial Ruler has always been invincible, having guarded the Southern Summer Country for dozens of years. The War Hounds raiders have never broken through the defenses of the Imperial Region. There was not a single person more suited for commanding this army in the entire nation.

Wang Tianlong and the Departing Flame Marquis, although they were famous generals, they were only skilled in battle formations. For a large scale battle like this, one required an older and more experienced veteran to assume overall command.

“This is the Southern Summer King’s Sword!” The Southern Summer King held up a treasure sword releasing a serious aura, “In Cang State, the Calm Martial Ruler will wield this sword which symbolizes the approval of the king. Any command you give will not need to be reported to Imperial City and the subordinates should not dare to hesitate. From the Cang State generals to the tribal leaders, they may act first and report after!”

The King’s Sword was not just a divine weapon.

It also represented the high authority of the king. The Southern Summer King had given the King’s Sword to the Calm Martial Ruler showed just how important this fight was and how much trust he had for the Calm Martial Ruler!

“Thank you, my wise king!”

The Calm Martial Ruler held the King’s Sword in both hands and stood there like a statue.

“Calm Martial Ruler, you are the strongest person in the Southern Summer Country and the most outstanding commander. I believe that with your command, you will easily wipe out that motley crew of an army!” The Southern Summer King’s voice was very forceful like it was filled with confidence, “When you return in triumph, we will continue our plan and sweep through the War Hound Plains, reclaiming the land of our Great Summer Country!”

These words made people’s blood boil. The Southern Summer people wished not just to defeat the War Hounds, but also to reclaim the land of their Great Summer Country, driving the War Hounds from the plains. The Southern Summer King already had plans to attack the War Hounds, how could these people not be excited?

“Come, this king will send off our Southern Summer warriors!”

The Southern Summer King lifted up a jug of wine. The Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler also lifted a jug of wine on stage, saluting to the Southern Summer cavalry. The close to two hundred thousand soldiers were all excited as they lifted their cups and drank it all down. They turned themselves on their horses at the same time, moving with a powerful neat and consistent movement!

The Southern Summer King shouted, “Achieve great merits and return quickly in triumph!”

The Calm Martial Ruler was on a golden griffing. That griffin soared into the air and instantly reached its peak speed, flying across the heads of the soldiers. It went at a speed that was hard to imagined and instantly reached the front of the formation. The Calm Martial Ruler’s deep and imposing voice fell down from the clouds, “Troops, set off!”

“Sure victory!”

“Sure victory!”

“Calm Martial Ruler, sure victory!”

The million citizens of Imperial City shouted together.

The army personally led by the Calm Martial Ruler had set off.

This fight was very important to the Southern Summer Country. Although it was rare for a large fight like this to come, it had come at the right time. It would be the starting point of this generations Southern Summer King and Three Rulers’ ambitions.

The first generation Southern Summer King had outstanding ability and grand visions, establishing himself on the plains, looking at the War Hounds. The following generations of Southern Summer King all wanted to reclaim their land, but it was just desires without strength to accomplish it.

This good chance only encountered in a hundred years was in front of them!

The War Hounds Tribe were weak from internal strife and the Southern Summer Country was strengthened after many years. They had many soldiers and generals, even a talent like Chu Tian who created the era changing Source Energy Weapons.

This was a very good chance.

The Southern Summer Country would surely be able to make a comeback!

Chu Tian said to the people on his side, “The Southern Summer King is gone, we should head back too!”

Meng Qingwu slightly knit her brows and revealed a worried expression, “Although the Calm Martial Ruler is personally in command, the meaning of this War Hounds invasion is not small. After all, this is the first real invasion in many years, it is completely different from the regular raids they sent. With matching strength armies, although the Southern Summer Country has the defense advantage and abundant supplies, the War Hounds are vicious in nature with more experts than the Southern Summer Country. This fight will not be an easy one.”

“There’s no point in worrying, we can only believe the Calm Martial Ruler.”

Chu Tian was not worried. Even if they didn’t win this battle, it would just mean giving up the horse farms. It would impair the strength of the Southern Summer’s main cavalry army and make the Southern Summer Country lose the ability to head off on the northern expedition temporarily.

The Imperial Region would not be affected

The Southern Summer King was not silly, he had already made preparations.

Even if the War Hounds worked together, it would be hard to attack Imperial City.

The Imperial Region would lose their quick attacking team, but the other teams would still be present. With the Three Rulers, the Southern Summer King, and the Source Energy Weapons being created, it would not be much of a problem to keep themselves safe.

When they returned to Miracle Commerce’s headquarters.

There was great news sent to them. Feng Caidie and Yun Yao had arrived in Imperial City!

Chu Tian excitedly led everyone to welcome them. After not seeing each other in two-three months, the two of them were thinner, but their faces were glowing. Feng Caidie was still as gentle as the clouds and Yun Yao was as sharp as lightning. The two of them had left the group for several months, but their growth did not slow down because of this. No doubt they could not catch up to Chu Tian and Nangong Yun, but they were as strong as Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu, both being in the 5th Awakened Soul Layer.

“Elder sister Caidie, elder sister Yun Yao, you’re finally here!” Meng Yingying cheerfully ran at them to give them a hug, “There have been many things that have happened lately in Imperial City, I’ll tell you all about it!”

“Those matters aren’t urgent.” Chu Tian pulled Meng Yingying to the side and asked the two of them, “Have you finished those things already?”

Yun Yao and Feng Caidie both nodded. Feng Caidie replied with a smile, “We’ve fulfilled out mission. We went to the other seven states and have provided coverage for at least five main cities in each state. We came up to the north this time to build a network in Cang State and the Imperial Region.”

“Good, good!”

Everyone felt pleasantly surprised.

The plan Miracle Commerce had laid out for a long time had finally taken its initial steps forward.

Now the Central State broadcast signals could be sent to the seven southern states, Miracle Commerce would be able to complete their transcounty communication system. This was a milestone in Miracle Commerce’s history and the milestone in the continent’s history!


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