Miracle Throne
Chapter 291: Royal court heated debate
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 291: Royal court heated debate

Chapter 291: Royal court heated debate

The main hall of the Southern Summer royal palace.

There were several dozen top characters gathered.

Up on the jade throne atop the nine high jade steps, there sat the king, who had the greatest authority in the Southern Summer Country.

Three luxurious thrones stood at the bottom of the nine steps that were placed atop seven jade steps which were the seats of the Southern Summer Three Rulers. On the left was the Refined Ruler, on the right the Burning Sun Ruler, and in the middle the Calm Martial Ruler. All three rulers were present at this time.

“Scholar Chu Tian has arrived!”

A loud voice rang through the hall.

The attention of all these top characters were attracted.

Everyone looked over at a white clothed youth, bravely striding into the hall with no fear. He was much younger than everyone imagined, with eyes that burned like torches, like cold stars in the empty night. His expression was very natural and his movement was very relaxed, not feeling any bit of nervousness.

This was the famous Central State Chu Tian?

Everyone began to discuss in whispers.

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a slight nod. The Refined Ruler narrowed his eyes, but while his expression did not change, a light suddenly appeared deep within his eyes. The Burning Sun Ruler had the greatest reaction, angrily glaring at Chu Tian walking over.

Of the three rulers, the Burning Sun Ruler was the one who lacked the most subtlety.

Chu Tian truly could not understand how this fellow was able to receive one of the ruler seats.

Under the king and the Three Rulers, there were the most important ministers of the Southern Summer Country.

The leader was the great scholar Gu Qianqiu and the rest were all large family leaders. When Chu Tian walked in, at least a dozen of them looked at him with gazes filled with hostility, as if Chu Tian posed a great amount of threat on the Southern Summer Country.

“Bold Chu Tian!”

A severe voice came from the highest point in the main hall. The voice was deafening, causing people to feel faint, like the voice of heaven coming from the sky.

After this, a mountain like pressure fell right onto Chu Tian.

It was royal prestige!

How could a king not have strength as a deterrent? Not to mention if the Southern Summer King’s cultivation base was high, even if he had a normal cultivation, being able to sit on the throne for many years was enough for him to train his royal prestige.

But what did a king count for? Not to mention a small king, even the emperors of the great empires on the continent had be courteous to him when he visited in his past. That was even thirty thousand years in the future. The kings in the present era were not even qualified to help them put on their shoes.

Chu Tian was not affected by the royal prestige at all, but at this time, he should give the Southern Summer King a bit of face. After all, there was no advantage to offending the Southern Summer King at this time. So, instead of displeasing everyone, he made an exaggerated bow, “This subordinate deserves ten thousand deaths, I ask the king to punish me!”

“The wrongs you committed in Central State, since someone has spoken up for you to this king and looking at your merits in Thunder State and Qing State, this king will not quibble with you.” The Southern Summer King stared at Chu Tian with rage, “But when you received the royal proclamation, you did not immediately enter Imperial City! Do you treat the royal proclamation as a joke! After arriving in Imperial City, you did not immediately come see this king! Do you treat this king as a joke! You have even seriously injured the Wang Family’s little young master! Do you treat Imperial City’s laws as a joke! Tell me, do you deserve death!”

“Ke, ke!” Gu Qianqiu gave a few coughs, “My king, there must be some misunderstanding with this matter. Let’s first listen to Chu Tian’s explanation.”

“Explanation my ass!” The Burning Sun Ruler’s temper exploded, “Even if the king does not trouble him, this ruler wants to ask you something. You incited my family’s descendant to fight an elder and even seriously injured a head elder of my family, how will you explain this matter to this ruler!”

This old man!

Chu Tian looked over at the Burning Sun Ruler, “This matter is unrelated to Nangong Yun, it was all done by me. Nangong Zhi was filled with wild ambition, wishing to gain everything for nothing. He wanted the entirety of Miracle Commerce, what a wild dream.”

“What nonsense!” The Burning Sun Ruler stood up from his seat and a burning hot aura quickly filled the hall, “Nangong Zhi was clearly giving you generous terms, what gaining everything for nothing!”

“Generous terms? Ha, ha, ha!” Chu Tian no longer pretended to be humble. He stuck out his chest and looked up, staring at the Burning Sun Ruler, “My Miracle Commerce is worth more than your Nangong Family. I want to ask the Burning Sun Ruler, if you give me the Nangong Family, I’ll let you be a junior chairman if you work for Miracle Commerce for ten years. Are you willing!”


The Burning Sun Ruler clenched his fists and flames soared into the sky. He was like a tiger descending the mountain as he prepared to charge at Chu Tian.

“Everyone look!” Chu Tian innocently waved his hand and quickly said, “In this kind of situation, whether it is the prestigious Burning Sun Ruler or a small person like me, they would have the same reaction.”

The Burning Sun Ruler almost went crazy with rage, “Do you think I won’t move against you?”

“This is the royal palace!” The Calm Martial Ruler coldly said, “Does the Burning Sun Ruler not understand rules?”

The Burning Sun Ruler gritted his teeth, “No matter what, Nangong Family members will be governed by the Nangong Family. Let Nangong Yun come back!”

“What if I’m not willing?”


The Refined Ruler suddenly said, “Matters between families even my king would not mettle in. You should not act so overbearing!”

“I certainly won’t interfere with your family matters, but Nangong Yun is an employee and has a contract with the company!” Chu Tian said this and his voice changed, “How about this? It’s fine if I let her leave, but the Nangong Family has to pay a penalty fee first. It’s not much, just a few billion gold coins!”

Several billion gold coins?

The Burning Sun Ruler almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

The Southern Summer King knit his brows, “Alright, leave it here today. Let’s not talk about this branch family matter any further. Your Nangong Family matters can be discussed in secret, this is the royal court!”

The Burning Sun Ruler could only grit his teeth and sit down.

“This brat!”

Gu Qianqiu wiped away some sweat.

Chu Tian really wanted to die, actually inciting the Burning Sun Ruler. The Burning Sun Ruler’s old face was red with rage, but knowing that the great scholar and the Calm Martial Ruler would protect him, it was no use if he was angry and he could only hold back for now.

The Southern Summer King coldly said, “What do you want to say?”

Chu Tian continued explaining, “This delay can’t be mentioned in the first place. The royal proclamation only said to come as soon as possible, but it did not set a time. On the road to Imperial City, I met a bit of trouble that caused me to be delayed.”

A minister suddenly stood up, “What a glib tongue. If everyone were as eloquent as you, what use would the Southern Summer Country laws have?”

“That’s right, do you dare talk about what matter you met on the road and let everyone know why you disobeyed this order?! If not, then you’re looking down on my king!” A purple armoured general stood up, “Also the matter of you beating Wang Yuan, my Wang Family still hasn’t settled accounts with you!”

Chu Tian was happy when he saw the other side, “As for the matter of beating Wang Yuan, I won’t mention that now. As for the matters of me being delayed, others cannot testify for me, but general Wang Tu is one of my witnesses!”

“What did you say?!”

This purple armoured general was none other than Wang Tu who had suffered a loss in the scarlet blood temple.

Chu Tian cleared his throat and said, “Since this little one left Central State, this little one followed the royal proclamation, traveling without stop to reach the Imperial Region. Who would have thought that when I was in the Cang State and about to enter the Imperial Region, I would encounter a few tragic murder cases. The villages on the border of Cang State had been slaughtered, leaving several tens of thousands of innocent citizens dead!”

“Although this little one is a commoner, I am not willing to let injustice go. With such tragic murders, how could I turn a blind eye? This little one lead my companions to investigate this and finally found the perpetrators who were demonic cultivators. After I killed them, I thought that the matter was over, but when I was prepared to leave for the Imperial Region, I learned something from their belongings.”

“These people were remnants of the previous Heavenly Demon Cult. They were prepared to go to a secret headquarters left by the Heavenly Demon Cult and revive one of the Heavenly Demon Cult’s head venerate.”

With this remark.

The Southern Summer King and the Three Ruler’s faces changed.

Wang Tu’s face turned dark, as if he thought of something.

Chu Tian braving danger to accompany the Heavenly Demon Cult leader and finally entering the temple. Everything that happened had been narrated with vivid description, creating twist and turns, and suspense. Of course, for the sake of narration, he changed several details.

“General Wang Tu, I want to ask you!” Chu Tian coldly looked at Wang Tu, “You clearly knew about the opening of the scarlet blood temple and the possible revival of the scarlet blood head venerate, but you did not report this matter to the king. Instead for your own benefit, you secretly went to the scarlet blood temple to search for treasure. For your own benefit, you ignored the fact that the kingdom could have faced a disaster. With an evil heart and caring only about yourself, I think the one that should die is you!”

Wang Tu almost spat out blood!

It was this bastard, it was this bastard all along!

This fellow had stolen all the treasure in the scarlet blood temple and even harmed his precious mount. Before Wang Tu could even make a move, he had been counterattacked by Chu Tian!

“Also you, Burning Sun Ruler!” Chu Tian turned to angrily point at the Burning Sun Ruler, “You really are old and muddleheaded. You can’t even manage a single minister, nearly causing a catastrophe! If it wasn’t for this little one’s good luck that allowed me to kill the scarlet blood head venerate old demon, once his power was restored, even you Three Rulers would not be a match for him. At that time, with the War Hounds Tribe and the revived Heavenly Demon Cult, the Southern Summer Country would have been destroyed!”

The Southern Summer King heard this and his face turned livid, “Is this all true? Burning Sun Ruler, Wang Tu, how will you explain this!”

The Burning Sun Ruler knew none of this, “This…..This ruler did not know. I have to ask Zuo Yan later.”

The Southern Summer King gave a snort, clearly he was very displeased.

The vein in Wang Tu’s forehead popped out as he angrily refuted, “My king, this is a mistake! This subordinate was selfish and deserves ten thousand deaths, but the head venerate was actually released by this brat.”

The Southern Summer King looked at Chu Tian, “How will you explain releasing the head venerate?”

“I released the head venerate to kill him and avoid future troubles!” Chu Tian righteously said, “What else could it be!”

Wang Tu was prepared to die with Chu Tian, “Who knows if the scarlet blood head venerate is dead or not. With how weak you are, how could you have killed the head venerate?”

Everyone’s hearts turned cold.

The Three Rulers knit their brows.

That’s right!

This was just the statement of one party. Chu Tian said he killed the head venerate, but who knew if the head venerate was truly dead or not? If the scarlet blood head venerate were to escape, the Southern Summer Country would be in great danger!

Kuang dang!

A scarlet chalice was thrown to the ground.

“This is the scarlet blood branch’s sacred item, the blood chalice!” Chu Tian loudly said, “This is the scarlet blood head venerate’s personal Soul Contracting Item that has followed him for many years. Now, this item has no owner. The scarlet blood head venerate’s spirit on it has already disappeared, so there is no doubt he is dead!”

Everyone fell into an uproar.

Chu Tian had actually killed one of the Heavenly Demon Cult’s head venerates.

If this were spread from the palace, it would cause a large stir across the Southern Summer Country!

“Your majesty!” Gu Qianqiu seized this chance to stand up, “This old man feels that not only has Chu Tian not committed, he has even performed a great merit!”

At this time.

The people who followed Gu Qianqiu into court began to shout out.

“Chu Tian has saved the country!”

“Chu Tian has saved the country!”

Gu Qianqiu then said, “On the contrary, Wang Tu has harmed the country with his selfishness, even colluding with the War Hounds Tribe in the scarlet blood temple. This act has clearly surpassed the bottom line and I feel he should be heavily punished! If your majesty does not properly award rewards and punishments, how will you face the gossip of the world!”

“Heavily punish Wang Tu!”

“Severe punishment without amnesty!”

This group called out once again.

Chu Tian then said, “The Wang Family’s little young master Wang Tu tried to forcefully take Meng Yingying and force a marriage in front of everyone, as well as being rude to Miracle Commerce’s vice chairman, Meng Qingwu. From what I can see, the Wang Family acts arrogantly and lawlessly, completely looking down on the kingdom’s laws! This little one is wrong and is willing to accept punishment, but if I alone am punished, this would not be fair, my king!”

The Southern Summer King had slammed his head on this matter.

Wang Tu had also been caught off guard by the continuous hits.

Damn it, I am the one who is a victim. I gained nothing from the scarlet blood temple and even lost my precious mount, but who do I complain to? Now there is even this brat bad mouthing me!

This could not be easily handled.

The Southern Summer King wanted to show authority over Chu Tian and extinguish his pride, but with this situation, he couldn’t award Chu Tian, right? This person continuously defied his superiors and if he were awarded for it, it would damage his king’s prestige.

“Calm Martial Ruler, what’s your view on this matter?”

“This ruler thinks that Chu Tian has merits and faults, but the former outweigh the latter.” The Calm Martial Ruler said this before pausing for a second, “Everything in the scarlet blood temple should be given to him and that will be his reward.”


The Southern Summer King was very satisfied with this method.

Chu Tian almost spat out blood in anger. Fuck, Calm Martial Ruler, whose side are you on? These things already belonged to me, you wanted me to hand them over? It’s fine if you don’t make me a marquis, but at least give me one-two billion gold coins!

“Wang Tu’s selfishness has harmed the kingdom. He will be fined ten years’ worth of salary and will return to reflect on his mistakes.”

“We will end things here, everyone can leave now!”

After the Southern Summer King finished, without giving anyone any time to react, he left with a flick of his sleeve.


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