Miracle Throne
Chapter 271: Coming to an end
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 271: Coming to an end

Chapter 271: Coming to an end

Miracle Commerce was not lacking in money or people, so the Calm Martial Ruler’s help changed from a life saving straw to just being icing on the cake, which changed the nature of the negotiations.

“The Source Energy Weapons is an invention that can changed history. Being able to invent this kind of weapon, you’ll be able to leave your name in history and the history of the Southern Summer Country.”

The Calm Martial Ruler first praised him. Chu Tian sat opposite him with Gu Qianqiu, the Divine Wind Marquis, and Meng Qingwu standing around them. While they were enjoying the honey tea without saying anything, his voice changed.

“However, because this Source Energy Weapon has such a high meaning, there will be many great people moved by this, either in the country or outside the country. With just your strength, you will not be able to protect it. The best method is to sell the blueprints to the kingdom and use the power of the kingdom to protect them.”

The Divine Wind Marquis and Meng Qingwu were stunned. The Calm Martial Ruler had just come for the technology. The blueprints for this kind of technology couldn’t be measured with money. How could Chu Tian agree?

Gu Qianqiu angrily said, “In the end, you still want to steal Chu Tian’s research!”

“Great scholar, no need to be angry.” Chu Tian laughed, “Actually, if the Calm Martial Ruler wants to buy the blueprints, as long as the price is right, of course that’s possible!”

The Calm Martial Ruler wanted to test Chu Tian’s bottom line. For this kind of great invention, who didn’t want to keep it in their hands? In the end, Chu Tian agreed without even thinking about it. When would this fellow play a card that followed common sense!

“But I have to tell the Calm Martial Ruler, our technology will continue to improve. If you spend a high price to buy the current pistol blueprints, in just a few days, perhaps we’ll invent a better and strong pistol. Or we might even develop a new weapon like the submachine gun. You can buy one blueprint, but can you afford ten of them or a hundred of them?”

The Calm Martial Ruler’s brows knit together.

Truly, it hadn’t been long since Miracle Commerce invented the Source Energy Pistol. With the Source Energy Pistol finally going into mass production, they had already invented a new submachine gun.

“The people that want to buy this blueprint on the continent is not just your family. Since it will be released, then we’ll sell to everyone. As long as they can pay the price, it will be sold. How could Miracle Commerce be afraid of having no money? We just need to focus on improving the blueprints and we’ll be able to become the richest people on the continent. How does the Calm Martial Ruler feel about the Southern Summer Country’s competitive power on the continental level?”

You want to buy it? Alright!

I’m just afraid you won’t have enough money!

The Calm Martial Ruler was silent for a few seconds before giving a helpless sigh, “Then, what do you want?”

“To be honest, even if the Calm Martial Ruler does not want to hurt me, I still don’t believe in your character.”

“What’s the point?”

“Does the Calm Martial Ruler think integrity is important?”

“Of course!”

“When Thunder State was in trouble, the Calm Martial Ruler sent your ruler orders to Central State. This little one risked my life to solve Thunder State’s problems, but the Calm Martial Ruler did not act accordingly to the ruler orders.” Chu Tian gave a sigh, “You really disappointed me.”

This brat was seizing this chance to ask for rewards!

The Calm Martial Ruler did not even think about it, “Come, bring in the Six Leaved Profound Royal Iris for this ruler!”

A jade chest was placed in front of Chu Tian and a vigorous spiritual energy surged forward. From the quality of this aura, this was a top grade Sacred Medicine. This kind of medicine could not be grown in the Southern Summer Country and had to have been bought from another country. Its value was hard to measure and even a True Soul Realm expert would not have been able to obtain it!

“This ruler will award the others separately.” The Calm Martial Ruler gave a snort, “This should satisfy you!”

“Just a trivial top grade Sacred Medicine, this little one doesn’t care at all. I was just casually speaking, why is the Calm Martial Ruler this polite?” Chu Tian said this, but he immediately put the jade box away, “Since the Calm Martial Ruler has given me face, then I have to return this gesture.”

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a snort.

“I will build a weapon factory in Imperial City that will be much more detailed than the Central State factory. If I take the Calm Martial Ruler as a partner, then this matter will be much easier. What does the Calm Martial Ruler think about this?”

Chu Tian’s meaning was very simple.

The Central State factory would remain, but there would be an extra one in the Imperial City.

“The Central State factory will be controlled by Miracle Commerce and all the weapons produced will be managed by Miracle Commerce. The Imperial City factory will be responsible for supplying the military.” Chu Tian took out a scroll from his sleeves, “If the Calm Martial Ruler is not assured, then this initial stage pistol blueprint can be given to the Calm Martial Ruler for free to express Miracle Commerce’s sincerity.”

The Calm Martial Ruler was overjoyed.

But he was also very angry.

This brat had clearly thought it out and even planned everything, but he acted this play out. How hateful.

“If the Calm Martial Ruler does not have any objections, then let’s discuss the details.”

Miracle Commerce would open a factory in the Imperial City where Miracle Commerce and the Southern Summer Army would both control half of it. Miracle Commerce will provide technical support while the army will provide materials and protection.

Whether the Source Energy Weapons could be used by the Southern Summer Country.

That’s what the Calm Martial Ruler cared about.

Chu Tian’s plan satisfied the Calm Martial Ruler, so they didn’t waste time and immediately reached an agreement.

From now on, the Calm Martial Ruler was a partner to Miracle Commerce. The Calm Martial Ruler was an important minister who the Southern Summer King had a high opinion of. If they had the Calm Martial Ruler’s protection, it would be hard to move against Miracle Commerce in the Southern Summer Country. Of course, the pressing issue to be solved was the mess Chu Tian caused in Central State.

“This ruler can settle the matter of Central State and let you keep your influence here.” The Calm Martial Ruler put away the pistol blueprint, “But, you can’t remain in Central State.”

This was not him trying to make it hard for Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was not a noble and was not granted a marquis title nor did he own one, not having the power of a marquis. Even if the Southern Summer King was a magnanimous ruler, his heart could still be moved. The Southern Summer King had a strong personality and liked to have control, so how could he allow Chu Tian control Central State?

He was already prepared for this.

Who told Chu Tian to rule Central State alone?

The Imperial City was the most important city in the Southern Summer Country with resource from all eight states gathering there. So, if Miracle Commerce wanted to expand, they had to go to Imperial City eventually. Chu Tian’s group was already dominating Central State, so they had already set their sights on Imperial City.

“Once the royal proclamation comes, I will leave immediately.”

“It’s enough with you saying that. The next matter, let this ruler deal with it.” The Calm Martial Ruler stood up, “The Western Marquis is still a marquis. You have locked him up for so long, I think it is time to let him go.”

“No problem!”

Chu Tian did not waste time at all and immediately brought the Calm Martial Ruler to the Western Marquis. The Western Marquis had already been locked up for three days. His cultivation had been sealed and he was guarded by the five Yu Brothers. He was completely tied up at this moment, making him look like a large steamed rice dumpling.

“Sir Western Marquis, look who’s here!”

The Western Marquis was still a marquis, how could he have received this kind of humiliation. He immediately roared out, “Brat Chu Tian, if you kill me then kill me. Don’t shame this marquis!”

He did sound like a man of integrity.

These words were just to put on a front because the Western Marquis knew that Chu Tian would not move against him. When the Western Marquis had been captured, this matter had already become very messy. If the Western Marquis were to disappear, then the Shangguan Family might raze Central State City in their rage.


A palm was sent forth.

The shackles holding the Western Marquis shattered.

Boss Yu did not even see the enemy make a move.

The Western Marquis was slapped to the floor and spat out several teeths as his face was covered in panic. What is with this strength? Why was it this strong!

“Western Marquis, you have disappointed this ruler!”

A soft and severe voice entered into his ears.

When the Western Marquis looked up at the person in front of him, his pupils shrank and his voice trembled, “You, you…..You are…..”

The Calm Martial Ruler was very angry at the Western Marquis. If the Western Marquis had not commanded this large army, would matters have become this big? As for the matter of the revised letter, after the Calm Martial Ruler thought about it, it was most likely the work of someone from the Refined Ruler’s side!

This palm seemed like it was hitting the Western Marquis, but it was actually to punish and warn some people!

The brain of the Western Marquis had completely stopped working.

Why was this happening?!

Why did the Calm Martial Ruler appear here!

The Calm Martial Ruler, the leader of the Three Rulers!

His power and influence could be matched by no one, even the Southern Summer King could not win against him. Who would have thought that such a character would appear in a place like Central State.

When the Western Marquis reacted, he immediately clenched his teeth and said, “Why is the Calm Martial Ruler shaming me?”

“Shame you?” The Calm Martial Ruler slapped him and slapped the Western Marquis into the wall, “The commander in chief was seized and the army was captured, if it was a real battlefield, do you know the fate you will face? Bringing shame to the nation. Even if the enemy does not kill you, this ruler will kill you!”

Being under the Calm Martial Ruler’s killing intent, the Western Marquis began to tremble. He did not know why the Calm Martial Ruler was this angry, so he honestly said, “The Calm Martial Ruler’s words are right, but Chu Tian, he……”

“Shut up! The royal proclamation ordered you to Central State, but it did not ask you to send troops to the city. It was lucky that a catastrophe did not occur, otherwise how could the Southern Summer King let you off?” The Calm Martial Ruler coldly said, “Giving the Refined Ruler face, this ruler will not bother with you. I also hope that you’ll tell the Refined Ruler for me to know his limits and not to test this ruler’s bottom line!”

After saying this.

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a light snap.

Countless invisible blades cut apart the chains on the Western Marquis’ body.

The Western Marquis fell to the ground with no strength, standing up in an embarrassing manner. After bowing to the Calm Martial Ruler, he looked at Chu Tian with a gaze of hate.

Although he didn’t know what happened, with the current situation, it seemed like Chu Tian was relying on the Calm Martial Ruler. The Calm Martial Ruler had personally come to Central State which also showed how important Chu Tian was. With a great scholar, a Divine Wind Marquis, and a Golden Arrow Marquis…..Chu Tian had a strong backing, with plenty of experts!

The strength of the Western Marquis was not enough to deal with Chu Tian.

“Take your Southern State army and scram!” Chu Tian had no fear of the Calm Martial Ruler, “I’ve only given you a little lesson this time. Next time you pass Central State, you better take a detour, otherwise matters won’t be this easily solved.”

The Western Marquis left Central State in this embarrassing manner. After handling the matter of the Southern State Army, the Calm Martial Ruler left the Miracle Commerce headquarters, “This ruler should return to Imperial City. I hope you take care of yourself in Central State and don’t cause anymore problems.”

“This little one has never caused trouble, it has always been others bothering me.”

“I hope this is the case!”

The Calm Martial Ruler did not stay long, immediately leaving on the griffin.

The entire matter came to a close and Chu Tian let out a long sigh, feeling an unprecedented relaxed feeling.


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