Miracle Throne
Chapter 246: Qing State’s difficult situation
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 246: Qing State’s difficult situation

Chapter 246: Qing State’s difficult situation

Chu Tian covered his swollen face as he walked up the hill, immediately seeing a fire dragon slowly flying in the distance. This should be a torch wielding cavalry unit that should contain several thousand people, it really wasn’t small.

What was the cavalry doing?

Were they just charging in like this? This was too stupid, it was no different from seeking death!

When the several thousand cavalry reached the entrance of the Green Dragon Trail, there was already a large amount of Snake Scorpion Beasts spilling out of the Green Ridge.

The Qing State cavalry seemed like they understood the Snake Scorpion Beasts. These beasts were very dangerous, especially that poison mist that the controlled. If they attacked a nearby village or city, then it would be filled with casualties.

“This is a command for the army!”

“We must block the demon beast attack here!”

“Otherwise once they spread, the consequences will me dreadful!”

A single Snake Scorpion Beast could poison a small team. With the Snake Scorpion Beasts grouped up, they were easy to deal with, but once they were released and with the poison mist everywhere, how could they find them? Not to mention that it was night now and they couldn’t see the poison mist with their naked eyes.

“Shoot arrows! Shoot the arrows for me!”

“They are three hundred steps away! Kill them all!”

The Qing State cavalry gave up the charge advantage they had and everyone pulled out a bow, raising it to a forty five degree angle, launching a dense rain of arrows at the Snake Scorpion Beasts.


Several Snake Scorpion Beasts were hit by arrows.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts were filled with anger and stopped fighting for feed, charging at the cavalry soldiers. The Qing State cavalry did not dare be negligent and retreated while firing arrows. The dense rain of arrows fell, but this kind of defensive action was not effective dealing with the Snake Scorpion Beasts.

One, it wasn’t easy to kill the Snake Scorpion Beasts with all their quantity.

Two, the Snake Scorpion Beasts had hard shells that could resist the arrows.

Three, the Snake Scorpion Beasts were covered in poison mist and it was night time, so the archers could not see them and could only randomly fire. In this situation, even one arrow hitting out of ten was good.

The large amount of black poison mist spread forward like a large tsunami, surging forward at the cavalry soldiers.


“Retreat, quickly retreat!”

The cavalry leader raised his sword as he called out, immediately turning around. The other cavalry also began to retreat, but at this moment, a large gale suddenly blew forth and made the poison mist move faster, suddenly covering three-four hundred soldiers in poison mist.

The Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison could not be blocked. Once it touched their skin, it would seep through their pores and only a slight dosage would be enough to make a cultivator’s body turn numb!


“I can’t move!”

The cavalry all fell to the ground. Whether it was horse or man, they all felt their body twitch and lose all their strength.

The cruel Snake Scorpion Beast charged forward and used their strong pincers to tear these bodies apart, beginning to enjoy their flesh and blood. The most terrifying part of this slaughter was that this poison mist only paralyzed a person, but they did not lose consciousness. For a person that was poisoned by the Snake Scorpion Beasts, they could only helplessly watch their bodies being ripped apart and eaten.

The pitiful cries of made the hearts of the other cavalry soldiers turn cold.

“Damn beasts!” The cavalry captain saw the soldiers struggling on the ground and his eyes turned red with anger, “Kill! Kill! Kill! We must kill them all!”

The cavalry released the arrows once again.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts had hunted enough and as they prepared to enjoy themselves, these damn soldiers were attacking them which thoroughly enraged the Snake Scorpion Beasts. So, the Snake Scorpion Beasts put down their food and attacked the cavalry once again.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts were animals that lived in groups and had a very clear method of attacking. Once they left the narrow Green Dragon Trail, they immediately split up into several groups and attacked the cavalry from different directions.

The dark night was the best camouflage for the Snake Scorpion Beasts.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts were covered in a dark green mist that the naked eye could not see. When the cavalry attacked the Snake Scorpion Beast in front of them, they did not notice the other two Snake Scorpion Beast attacking them from the side.

“Ah! I’ve been poisoned!”

“Save us, the left wing was hit by the monsters’ sneak attack!”

“Save us, there are demon beasts attacking the right wing!”

The cavalry fell off their horses one by one. The continuous cries in the night made the other cavalry fall into chaos and they became disorganized. Scurrying around like headless chicken, they were finally surrounded by the Snake Scorpion Beasts and even the cavalry leader was killed.


“Run quickly!”

The several thousand soldiers came to help, but only seven-eight hundred of them escaped.

The other cavalry soldiers all fell under the poison, becoming food for the Snake Scorpion Beasts. The Snake Scorpion Beasts pulled the horses and human corpses back into the valley, with the poison mist covering them as they headed back into the path. The scene was covered in blood and broken armours and arrows, with not a single trace of anything else left behind.

Chen Bingyu and Chu Tian were standing on the hill so they had seen everything, yet they felt helpless.

It really was a terrifying demon beast!

This group of Snake Scorpion Beasts had occupied the Green Ridge and humans could not collect resources from it. It was no wonder that fatty was so willing to sell quality resources so cheap.

Chen Bingyu knit her brows and whispered, “Do we need to contact Central State and ask for reinforcements?”

“Did you see the Qing State army’s miserable state! Miracle Commerce’s fighters are precious and we can’t waste them here.” Chu Tian gave a sigh and said in a depressed manner, “We need to remain low key this time, who knows what trouble we’ll encounter.”

“What do we do?”

“The poison in your body has not been cleaned yet.” Chu Tian said to Chen Bingyu, “We can only go to into the city.”

It was as if Chen Bingyu forgot everything that happened and emotionlessly said, “We’re going to the Main City?”

“From the situation of the Green Dragon Trail, this Snake Scorpion Beast was not a situation that lasted only a day or two. I think that Qing State City is more anxious than us and will have a plan to deal with Green Ridge, so we will go and help them!”

It was as Chu Tian said.

Qing State City was more anxious than anyone else!

There were several thousand Snake Scorpion Beasts living in the Green Range!

These Snake Scorpion Beasts had not appeared in human territory before. In the past few months, it was unknown why there were several thousand Snake Scorpion Beasts in the Green Ridge, taking it over.

The Green Ridge divided the east and west of Qing State and the Green Dragon Trail was the most important transport path! If such an important transport route was closed, then all the resource harvesting businesses would stop. It would be a large effect to the people of Qing State and it could be guessed without any thought.

Qing State was naturally very anxious and had sent troops into the Green Dragon Trail many times, but they had only suffered losses and had not destroyed the Snake Scorpion Beasts. Rather a lot of people were eaten by the Snake Scorpion Beasts, making Qing State suffer many casualties!

This group of Snake Scorpion Beasts had made Qing State lose close to forty-fifty thousand elite soldiers!

This was why when Thunder State encountered a disaster, normally Central State, Southern State, and Qing State would all send help, but the Calm Martial Ruler’s orders only mentioned Central State and Southern State, not mentioning Qing State at all.

Because Imperial City also knew that Qing State was in trouble, so how could they be free to send help to Thunder State?

When Chu Tian entered Qing State City, the entire city was filled with depression.

After the tragic battle last night, with Qing State losing over two thousand elite soldiers, this was another misfortune falling on Qing State City. How could the citizens be happy after this?

They hadn’t had news of eastern Qing State in two months now.

Eastern Qing State was not linked to any other territories of the Southern Summer Country and depended on Green Dragon Trail for their commodities. It would be strange if they didn’t fall into chaos after two-three months! Qing State resources couldn’t be exported and rotted away in their hands. Mines and factories were closed with many people losing their jobs. The economy took a hit and many people had no food, how could they not rebel!

Old Fifth Yu anxiously ran in front of Chu Tian, “Chairman, we found him!”

“Is that so?” Chu Tian’s brows jumped up, “Lead me over!”

After ten minutes, Chu Tian walked into a rich merchant’s manor where a group of aggressive Giant Shark Gang members was wrecking everything . The guards had been beaten down and the maids on the ground all had pale faces.

“Get out there.” Boss Yu was carrying a fellow that was as fat as a pig, throwing him through the door, falling to the ground. He pulled out a long snow white blade from his waits and placed it on the fatty’s neck, “Chairman, when we found him, he was already preparing to run! We should just kill him!”

“Why are you people! Daring to commit murder in broad daylight!” The fatty Shen Yuan’s face was covered in fear. He lifted his black and blue face to see Chu Tian and Chen Bingyu walking in, “You, you, you….didn’t die!”

Chu tian said with a cold face, “Father not dying, you must be disappointed!”

“Misunderstanding, it was a misunderstanding!” The fatty knew why this group came to attack him, “What happened last night was an accident and I also lost several subordinates!”

Chu Tian gave a cold snort, “Is that so?”

“The demon beasts don’t attack regularly, coming every three-five days. I didn’t know it would be unlucky enough for an attack to come when you went to examine the mines!”

“Humph!” Chu Tian walked in front of the fatty, “You clearly knew of the demon beast danger, but you didn’t explain it to me. What explanation would you give me for this?”


If there weren’t demon beasts, who couldn’t father sell the mines to? Why would I want to sell them to you? Since it was sold for a low price, then you must accept the risks.

“Please calm yourself! Brother Yu, please calm yourself!” The fatty gave an awkward laugh and said, “The pause of production in the Green Dragon Trail is not false, but you know that Qing State will care about it and the Southern Summer Country will care. The path will be cleared eventually and mines in brother Yu’s hands will be worth money. Even if you don’t mine them, you can sell them for quite a bit!”

“Even so, you clearly knew the dangers but didn’t tell us, almost causing us to lose our lives. This is a terrible thing, so beat him for me!”

The Giant Shark Gang members beat him again.

“Stop, stop!” The fatty called out in a panicked voice, “I will take off another thirty million, we’ll call this an apology to brother Yu!”

A mine with a lowest estimate of three hundred and sixty million gold coins was being sold to Chu Tian for one hundred and fifty million gold coins, this price was considered quite low.

Just like the fatty said, the Green Dragon Trail would be cleared eventually. Qing State was the leading resource producer and if this stopped, it would affect the Southern Summer Country’s national strength and would not be allowed to happen.

Chu Tian impatiently waved his hand, “Looking at this pig is annoying, lock him up!”

“Spare me, spare me!”

Old Fifth Yu dragged the whining pig away.

Chen Bingyu was a little dissatisfied, “Why did you let him off?”

“He’s just a small character, he wasn’t intentionally harming us.” Chu Tian said this and then paused for a second, “Also, I have a plan that might need that fat pig’s help.”

“What plan?”

“Green Dragon Trail has been blocked for three months but there are not traces of it being clear, so this Green Ridge beast disaster will affect the city. This will cause the resources produced to fall and many lumber yards and mines will be dropping their prices. I think there will be many people wishing to sell off their family properties like the fatty.”

“Your meaning is to take this chance to seize the resources?”


“We didn’t bring that much money though.”

“We can’t buy them without money?” Chu Tian gave a laugh, “Come, we’ll go to the marquis’ palace!”


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